Sunday, 5 June 2016

What I'm Watching this Week

  • Banshee. Just on the last episode of Season 2 and it is such compelling viewing!! I mean literally, because we are watching boxsets, we are watching 2 or 3 episodes a night!! It is sexy, violent, and totally brilliant. The sheriff ( or rather the man claiming to be ) is hot. I mean in a rugged, tough kind of way. The baddies are bad, but the goodies aren't really good either!! This is amazing. And I still have another season to get through. Fabulous!! 

  • Films - so far this week I have watched Trainwreck which is really funny. Vendetta - Danny Dyer being very violent!! Black Sea - Jude Law being intense and scottish in a submarine. The Gallows - horror film, but not the best I have ever seen. Well, you need something when you are getting the ironing done!! 

  • Penny Dreadful. I am on episode 3, and my gosh what a show!! So far, there have been references to Dorian Grey, Frankenstein, vampires and the Egyptian book of the dead!! Blimey!! Not to mention Billy Piper, Timothy Dalton and Eva Green - some pretty big names, oh and of course, Josh Hartnett!! Its gruesome, brutal, exciting and bonktastic so far!! Think a Jack the Ripper setting, with a bit more glamour. Ace so far!! 

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