Wednesday, 8 June 2016

What I'm Watching This Week

  • Billions. 2 episodes in and I am 100% hooked. Damian Lewis is awesome in this. Immensely jealous of the house he bought, wishing I was a billionaire!! Betrayal, sex, money, power and corruption and we are set up for a fantastic plotline. I am loving this. 

  • Penny Dreadful. Episode 3, and this is one dark show!! We have Frankenstein and his monster. Seances, Jack the Ripper, vampires, Dorian Gray - on and on, classical and ghoulish references abound. This is scary stuff for sure, and wonderfully enticing!! Whatever will happen next? Who knows - it could literally, or should I say literaturally!! be anything!!

  • Films. This week, I have watched the TV film Cyberbully, which is really thought provoking. I have watched The Road to Paloma - a slow burner, but very good. I also watched The Giver, which was very good. I also watched the first Shrek again - I had forgotten how good it was!! 

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