Saturday, 23 July 2016

11 Reasons to Stick to the Plan!!

Here are 11 reasons for me to stick to my diet:

Number 1
#Reason No 1 - I want to look good in a bikini!! 

This is my intention to think of a reason every day to stick to my diet. 

If I can keep that thought in mind for each whole day, I hope it will be enough to keep me motivated and inspired. . 

Number 2
#Reason No 2 - I want to be a Size 10/12

My intention to think of a reason every day to stick to my diet. 

If I can keep this thought in mind for each whole day, I hope it will be enough to keep me motivated and inspired.

Reason Number 2 is that I have reached a Size 12 once or twice, but never maintained it, and I need to be a bit smaller still. So size 10/12 is the goal. 

Number 3
Reason number 3 to stick to my diet: To fit into all those lovely clothes in my wardrobe!!

I have many items in my wardrobe that I can't currently wear. Some are mere pounds away from fitting, some I can barely get up to my knees!! Some do fit, but look awful because they fit in all the wrong places!!

It would be lovely to open my wardrobe and just be able to select an item, knowing it will fit me. It would make packing for holiday a pleasure, not a challenge!!

Number 4
My reason number 4 for sticking to my diet is to look good at work. I am fed up of wearing the same old clothes every day. I want to be able to wear what I want to wear, not just black and grey.

I want to be more stylish, more groomed, more put together. So my fourth reason is to look good at work.

Number 5
Number 5 on my list of reasons to stick to my diet is to have more confidence. When I gain weight, I feel self conscious, and horrible, and grumpy.

When I lose some weight, I have more confidence, I feel happier and better. So that's reason number 5!

Number 6:
I want to be noticed for the right reasons!! I am fed up of walking into bars, restaurants, offices and feeling eyes on me - for all the wrong reasons! I want to be the person that gets looks in a good way. So that is my reason number 6!!

Number 7:
Ok so number 7 is a bit different. This reason is a bit of a phobia I seem to have developed. I have a real issue with facing the mirrors at the gym. When I am working certain exercises, I am supposed to check my technique in the mirror. Not me, no way, never!! I will face the other way, or if I have no choice, I will look anywhere but at that damn mirror!!

So reason number 7 for sticking to my diet is to reach a weight where I am comfortable seeing myself in the mirror when I work out.

Number 8 :
When I am overweight in the summer when its warm, it makes me feel even more hot and uncomfortable. I lose weight to go on holiday abroad, and it feels so good being able to wear bikini's, shorts and skirts.

Unfortunately, when I get home to the UK, I gain weight and then when it gets warm here, I am not able to wear my summer clothes. This is ridiculous. So I am changing the pattern this year and I am going to be slim for the summer here for once!!!

I want to be cool, and look cool, not hot and uncomfortable!!!

Number 9:
Today, I want to get under the stone mark. I am sick of almost reaching goal, then never quite getting under that stone mark!!!!

Number 10:
As a woman, and just turned 40, the area around my middle is a problem. Always has been if I'm brutally honest, but now it bugs me more than ever!!

So, my reason to continue with this intense plan is that - I want that middle trimmed down and not bulging over the top of my waistbands!!
Its also a reason to do a lot of abs. :)

Number 11:
I have never been one of those women that throws on a pair of shorts in summer. At a push, I will don a pair on holiday where noone I know is likely to see me but I don't have the pins for shorty shorts.

I would love to have toned pins so that I can - so that's today's motivation :)

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