Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A Look Back at My Week with The Kings of Leon

My Week with The Kings of Leon is at an end. Seven days, seven tracks. In conclusion, I can say that I have learned a little bit more about this band than I knew before, but, in all honesty, not all that much.

They sound great for sure. However, for the most part, their songs lack some meaning - or at least its not apparent or obvious in anyway. They don't make great videos - they are just what it says on the tin. A rock band. They are about the music. That's great because the music is great. Its hard to really feel that you know this band though, and that's a bit of a shame really.

So, to the tracks themselves. Great music, great vocals - seven great songs, all different, but all with that distinctive sound. Now to put them in order of my preference then. Here goes:

In at number one its Molly's Chambers
Number two Radioactive
Number three Sex on Fire
Number four Pyro
Number five Use Somebody
Number six Supersoaker
Number seven Wait for Me

I have enjoyed it, but now for the next choice. Music is great, and I am thoroughly enjoying spending a week with a different band. It gives me the chance to really listen to the music, to try and feel it, understand it, or just enjoy it for what it is. I have uncovered gems I had forgotten about, or some that bypassed me altogether.

Now the difficult part - who to choose next? If you can't wait for that, then check out My Music page. Happy listening and watch this space for who it is going to be next! :)

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