Friday, 15 July 2016

What I'm Watching this Week

  • Ray Donovan. We have stumbled upon this great drama starring Liev Schreiber. He stars as Ray, who is a bit of an Equaliser come fixer type of character, but with more drinking and sex!! Some seriously dark storylines in this, but the cast is great. His dad is played by the great Jon Voight, and his boss and friend Ezra is played by the brilliant Elliot Gould. This is absolutely great TV and half way through series 1, I am hooked. 

  • Corrie. OMG for a moment there, I thought Sarah was going to spill the beans over what really happened to Callum!! Phewf. But then I read that Kylie Platt is going to be going out of Corrie by dying no less!! Flipping eck!! Just when you think its all going to be ok!! Good stuff from the cobbles this week. 

  • The Euros. Sad for Wales as they lost to Portugal. I really believed they had a fighting chance, but luck just didn't turn for them. They have nothing to be ashamed of though, unlike England's fiasco. They can come home with heads held high and proud. I didn't want Portugal to win, but in the end, I felt a bit sorry for Ronaldo, so glad they did!! 

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