Friday, 30 September 2016

My beauty hit list - top to toe :)

My nails are in need of attention. The last time I was having them done, I got into a discussion with the customer next to me about waxing. She had just had her chin waxed.

Now my chin drives me bonkers. I literally have about 6 rogue hairs on my chin. They grow in the wrong direction and are really coarse because, wrongly, sin of all beauty sins, I have plucked out the pesky buggars!! 

This was years ago, when I was none the wiser. Now I know, but such as they are, they have to be removed. It simply never occurred to me to wax the area. 

I am now newly informed and as such, I shall be booking in for a chin wax. Also, an upper lip wax, and further an eyebrow wax and shape!!

Then, I am taking the plunge and sorting out my feet. Bit of dead skin, but mainly ugly nails. They need to be lovely like my hands. 

I also want a body scrub and a massage. Badly in need of that. 

Finally, I am booked in for a facial. If I was a bit slimmer, I would also be going for false eyelashes and a spray tan - but that will have to wait until I actually get my backside in gear!! I've lost some weight, but not where I want to be yet!! 

Enough to be going on with though even without that!! Happy Me!! :)

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