Monday, 26 December 2016

I am a Swan, but a bit of appreciation would be nice......

Yes, I am a swan. No, I haven't totally lost my marbles. What I am referring to is that when I am stressed, on the surface I am serene, I am composed, I look calm. What you don't see is my feet going like the clappers just beneath the surface keeping me gliding along without causing waves.

Us swans make it look easy. It really isn't though. It takes a lot of effort to keep going without going under. It takes a huge amount of energy and self motivation to keep those legs moving beneath the surface. You might take it for granted and think its easy. It is not easy.

What you need to consider when you encounter a swan is this - just because you don't see the stress, doesn't mean it isn't there. So please don't overload a swan the next time you encounter one. We are just as likely to drown as anyone else, we just do it with a bit more grace and dignity!! :)

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