Friday, 2 December 2016

This one is for my mum :) x

My mum said something to me a week or two back that really surprised me. She said she goes sewing each week, and is surrounded by people who are great at it - they can make anything, she said.

She continued to tell me that everyone she knows is good at something, but she, at just over 60 years old, has yet to find her talent in life - she doesn't think she is good at anything.

So, I am compiling this list for her, to make her realise she has already found her talent in life - being the best mum!! Here is my list for my mum - I will keep adding to it until I am happy with it, but this is the start:

  • Making hedgehog cake - chocolate button spikes - best ever!
  • Making gonks - little fluffy little monsters
  • Cooking chinese food - especially lemon chicken
  • Cuddles - still going strong on that
  • Motherly advice - always has wise words
  • Says it how it is - that is a skill right there!! 
  • Looking after animals - chickens, dogs, geese, rabbits, horses, cockatiels 
  • Rescuing animals - swan in the road? no problem for my mum! 
  • Maths - adding stuff up in her head had me very envious growing up
  • Generosity - its a rare occasion to come away empty handed from my mum
  • Christmas Dinners - best ever at mum's
  • Throwing Halloween parties - always amazing with the decor and food
  • Party food - 6 attending, food for 20 people!!
  • Making friends - so many, everywhere - new and old
  • Travelling - pretty much travelled the globe and still going
  • Looking after people - as a job, as a mum, as a sister, as a wife, as a friend
  • Managing money - mum was the budget holder growing up
  • Horseriding - back in the day
  • Gardening - she can literally grow anything - veggies, flowers - green fingers
  • Cooking in general - traditional, oriental - even sushi! 
  • Handwriting - the most beautiful writing
  • Finding bargains - charity shops, booters, always finding hidden gems

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