Saturday, 31 December 2016

This year has been the strangest, the most emotional and the best year of my life

2016 has been eventful to say the very least. The year began, as ever, with my resolutions for the year. I've done quite well as it happens on those this year.

Then there was the anxiety of turning 40. However, once it actually happened, I can say in all honesty that its great!!

Then I got engaged, which was a huge shock as I had no clue whatsoever that was on the cards. Still in the midst of my birthday celebrations, the other half surprised me with this:

 We have had three amazing holidays - Mexico:


and Gran Canaria:

We have been to see the Kaiser Chiefs and ACDC:

We headed off to Watford for the Harry Potter Studio tour which was magical:

We have done lots of work on our lovely home and our garden. We have painted, weeded, pruned, fitted carpets - you name it!! We had a new boiler so this winter no panicking that its going to konk out when it goes sub zero temperatures!! 

In September, we had a new addition to the family in the form of our lovely puppy Coco:

September also saw my step daughter head in the big world for her first day of High School:

Finally, after 24 and a half years, I have decided to leave my place of work and head into the unknown. Turning 40 seems to have given me a newfound confidence to go out and boldy go into the world. Its really exciting!! 

So one whole month of 2016 still to go which means plenty of time for a few more adventures! 

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