Sunday, 11 December 2016

What I'm Watching This Week

  • The Walking Dead. Well, we are now caught up and we are on Series 7 and I can say now, in all honesty, that I am utterly traumatised. I have watched all 6 previous series, and been fine. I have watched horror, scary stuff and gore and not been bothered really other than briefly. However, episode 1 of series 7 has left me feel something approaching PTSD. Brutal just isn't the word. Jees. 

  • The Apprentice. This year's hopefuls continue to be utterly hapless. There is noone standing out at all - quite the opposite. Confusing soup for soap, not being able to sell boats in a harbour - I mean really - have these people never watched the show before? Karen and Claude as Sir Alan's sidekicks are superb. Quality watching as ever. Orange gin anyone? Or may Giin? WTF?!!

  • I'm a Celeb. This year, the celebs were a nice bunch. No real bickering or arguing - still fascinating to watch. The standouts for me were Martin - so funny, so weird, and initially Larry but I've got to say, I've gone off him now - I think he is a bit of a bully to be honest!! But Scarlet was a worthy winner and I can't believe how different she looked with her face on at the coming out party. Good stuff this year. 

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