Monday, 17 July 2017

How do you top up a spray tan mid hols?

So, I'm on my holiday which is fabulous darlings. I always have a spray tan pre-hol, as sadly I am not blessed with olive skin, nor does my pale fair skin cope well with the sun or actually ever tan.

I face the choice of at least looking tanned to begin with via a spray version, but then fade slightly as the week goes on, or just go pale and interesting. Generally, people cannot help but advise on how you might best catch the sun which is considerate but really unwanted advice. I don't want to lie in the sun baking thanks all the same!!

So, I have my spray tan. I love it. But with the applying of sun cream, showering, in and out of the pool, in and out of the sea, plus applying lots of moisturiser and after-sun it fades. So here is my question - how do you top-up mid holiday?

I have tried this before with a light tanning cream, but it took soooo long to dry that I was walking around the apartment like John Wayne for over an hour because of the humidity. So what to do? Should I try the aerosol version? Should I try St Tropez or Loreal? So many options out there, that I just don't know what to try! Any tips would be very much appreciated!! Drop me a comment if you would be so kind!! :)

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