Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Weigh in - not happy and 5 hours of gardening :)

Wednesday weigh in and I was very hopeful. As you might have seen, I have worked my butt off this week exercising, doing jobs, doing housework, generally being active. We have walked our girl in lovely places, we have been outdoors, and I have eaten well and healthily.

The scales then? Nothing. Not lost anything at all. I was sooo disappointed I can't even begin to tell you. But then I had to deal with it and move on. It was either that or eat cake. Which would guarantee a move on the scales - just not in the direction I would want.

I have no clue why I haven't lost weight. It is just so unfair. But I decided that instead of cake, I would take it out on the garden. Not my garden this time - a friend's garden. 5 hours of gardening later, and I feel more positive. I also feel a little sunburned and very scratched but we worked wonders!

There is definitely truth in what they say - you have to keep trying. No alternative really, and at least someone has a nice garden now! :)

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