Monday, 18 September 2017

My Week with Adele Day 3 - Chasing Pavements

It's Day 3 of my week with Adele and today its 'Chasing Pavements'.

'Chasing Pavements' was her second single to be released from her debut album 19 back in 2008.  This was the first song I ever heard from Adele, and even then, as young as she was - clue being in the name of the album, her vocals were solid.

Now, Adele as we know her has written of her personal life and pain, but apparently this song was based around a cheating boyfriend that she punched in the face. Get in there - you go girl.

This song is beautifully done vocally, and whilst it shows her talent, it only hints at the greatest to come from this true home grown success. The accompanying video is wonderfully choreographed, if a bit morbid - featuring a crash a sort of what could have been.

As with most of Adele's output, she wrote the song herself, walking home from said confrontation with the cheating boyfriend. Not only does she sound great, she is also the writer - wow.

I loved this song on first hearing it, and time has if anything done it justice - it sounds better than ever. If you haven't heard her early stuff, go and take a listen or just go and remind yourself how great she was even at the start.

Not the most morose of her songs, whilst the subject matter may have been the cause of a broken heart, the song itself is quite upbeat. Fabulous. Not surprisingly, the single reached number 2 in the UK Singles Chart.

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