Thursday, 2 November 2017

2017 - Still got a lot to look forward too :)

It may be November, and the Christmas ads have begun in earnest, but there is still a lot to look forward to in our household. First up, these coming week we are hitting the gym whilst our free membership courtesy of a competition win last year, which ran until end of November, has now been extended so we can keep going until New Year! Free classes, pool, jacuzzi, steam room - lovely! Making the most of this me thinks!

This week, it was of course the scare fest that was Halloween. Not that Tuesday was a very good day for Halloween, but we still carved our pumpkins and watched scary movies so it was still fab.

Then its off to Manchester for the brilliant Jamiroquai! Legend. Really looking forward to it.  Staying over in the city for a mini break too which should be much fun. Hopefully get some shopping whilst we are there - not that I need an excuse!

After that, its bonfire night - we always head off somewhere for a bonfire and fireworks and the obligatory hot dog! I love fireworks - just hope it doesn't rain - we've been luck the past couple of years on that front.

We decided today that as a bit of an incentive to shift some pounds, and as something to look forward to as the nights get longer and the days get shorter, that we would get away for another holiday in December. Its got to be Gran Canaria - its our total favourite. Not booking it yet, going to do a last minute jobby, but its got me to the gym today so its already working.

As well as all of this, we have our lovely dog and we are planning lots of lovely walks for her, exploring places and pathways we haven't walked before. These past weeks have seen us go to Rudyard Lake, Tittesworth Reservoir and Consall Valley, not to mention lots of fields and canal paths. Just spending quality time together is lovely, but this time of year when the leaves are at their brightest autumn colours is fabulous.

I am looking forward to getting fit and losing weight again. Not just for my holiday, but because it feels good and makes me feel so much more satisfied and confident. Just opening the wardrobe and picking something nice, instead of what I can fit in always feels fantastic.

Then, after our holiday, it will be almost Christmas. For me I love the whole thing - putting the decorations up, being silly and childishly excited on Christmas Eve handing out Christmas Eve boxes. Christmas Day is just fab - we at my parents for Christmas Dinner this year so no cooking for us :)

We don't usually go out for New Year's Eve, we usually enjoy it at home and have a takeaway. I love it - watching all the fireworks and the look back at the year shows on the telly. Best way to celebrate New Year to my mind - in our lovely home together.

This year has had its ups and downs, but its going out with a high that's for sure. :)

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