Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Adele Day 6 - Make You Feel My Love

Day 6 of My Week with Adele and today I have chosen 'Make You Feel My Love'.

Adele recorded 'Make You Feel My Love' way back in 2008 for her debut album of the same year 19. Put simply, this is a beautiful simple example of how powerful and emotional a piano and pure vocal range can truly be.

Now, what surprised me on reviewing this gorgeous Adele tune, is that it is in fact a cover version - I had no idea whatsoever. But yes, it was in fact a Bob Dylan number, written by the great man himself, first sang by another great artist Billy Joel, and then by Bob himself.

Let it not be said that they are not all time greats, but Adele's version becomes something even greater. Interesting, other artists including Kelly Clarkson and Bryan Ferry have also had a bash at it. Strange but true.

So back to Adele's version. Originally, her version reached number 26, but its later features in shows such as X Factor took it up to number 4 in the UK singles chart. Adele manages to showcase her talent and vocals even on a cover version.

The video is simple, to match the arrangement - just her, singing in her flat on a gloomy day. Its as passionate and emotive as her vocals, without her really doing anything just being herself. With Adele, that's actually enough. Its mesmerising.

So there we have my sixth choice in My Week with Adele. Just one more to go.

In the meantime, for more of my singles of the week, my week with, more of Adele plus loads more just check out My Music page here. Happy listening :)

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