Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Fairy Hunting

We live not to far away from a place called Trentham Gardens. We regularly go walking there as it is beautiful. Earlier this year, they scattered a few beautiful fairy sculptures around its grounds. So we went Fairy Hunting. 

It was a beautiful day, with perfect blue skies, so the fairies looked amazing, sparkling in the sun light and twinkling against the blue. 

There were fairies in the trees, fairies peering over fences. 

Then there were the dare devil fairies, dangling precariously from overheard suspension cables! 

Then there were the attention seekers - the "look at me" ones that were just plain posing. 

All of them absolutely beautiful. I was mesmerised by them. Despite being a grown up, there is something in these sculptures that made me believe in magic again. Its good to have a bit of magic in your life, and growing up is way overrated anyway. I recommend Fairy Hunting x

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