Wednesday, 15 November 2017

My Battle with the bulge - today's efforts

I am trying at the moment, to battle the bulge. I realise its not all about exercise, it has to be a combination of eating less, eating right, being healthy, getting exercise and getting good rest, but for me, it has to start with the exercise. 

When I get my trainers on and get a good workout done, it keeps me on track with everything else. So here is my round up of this week's efforts so far:
  • Monday - gym session 
    • 1 mile jog, walking on incline, cross trainer, stepper and abs
  • Tuesday
    • Zumba 45 minutes
    • Garage sort out - 2 hours
  • Wednesday
    • 2 mile jog, interval walking, stepper, abs, push ups, tricep dips and squats

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