Thursday, 2 November 2017

Things not to say to your PT!!

Example 1:
Me: I didn't find that too bad today for once
PT interpretation: Heavier weights, higher level, less recovery time needed!

Example 2:
Me: my legs feel like bambi
PT interpretation: she needs to run really fast now!

Example 3:
Me: I'm squatting a bit lower aren't I  - that's progress
PT interpretation: she needs to squat holding a big heavy belgian bag!

Example 4:
Me: My heart is absolutely pounding
PT interpretation: excellent, let's keep it at that level!

Example 5:
Me: Have you just put the level up?
PT interpretation: she is finding this too easy if she can't tell!

Example 6:
Me: last set - hooray!
PT interpretation: right, one more set then!

Example 7:
Me: why can't I balance properly?
PT interpretation: she needs to do single leg pistol squats!

Example 8:
Me: god I hate jumping about
PT interpretation: she must jump, jump and jump some more!

Example 9:
Me: my arms are burning already!
PT interpretation: but not enough, feel that burn!

Example 10:
Me: Ooh I love this song
PT interpretation: go faster, keep up with it, don't stop!

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