Thursday, 23 November 2017

Travel - My Top 10 places to visit in Autumn

Here is my list of tTop 10 places I have been to and would recommend to visit in Autumn. Some faraway, some close to home - something for everyone:

1 - Belfast. Belfast in Northern Ireland has so much to see and do. It was especially spooky going to see the Giant's Causeway and the Dark Trees on a blustery Autumn Day.

2 - Alberta, Canada. I was lucky enough to visit the Alberta area of Canada at the perfect time of year. Banff was beautiful. Lake Louise, with the first drifts of snow was spectacular. Glacial rivers, lakes and mountains are the epitome of a cooler destination and the Rockies take some beating. 

3 - Edinburgh, Scotland. Edinburgh is a superb destination any time of year, but when the weather starts to cool, its something special indeed. The vaults tour you can go on underneath the city becomes especially spooky when the nights draw in. 

4 - London, England. London is obviously the capital city, so you would expect it to hold lots of history and it certainly does not disappoint. From Jack the Ripper walks to the London Eye, its fantastic, and again, all the more spooky when its gloomy on those windy walks along by the river Thames. 

5 - San Francisco, USA. California is known as the Golden State, but catch the Golden Gate on an autumn day and you will see it rise out of the mist from the bay. Its a buzzing, vibrant place, but gets so hot in the summer months. I was lucky enough to go across to Alcatraz prison, and am so glad for the cool crisp air as it was baking even in those temperatures. 

6 - Queenstown, New Zealand. The South Island of New Zealand, scene of the Lord of the Rings. Queenstown is an absolute gem. Hemmed in by the Remarkable Mountains, and featuring a large glacial lake, its full of outdoor activities and places to eat and drink. 

7 - NYC, USA. New York, the Big Apple. Doesn't really need much introduction. Autumn to me is the perfect time to visit. 

8 - Dovedale Stepping Stones, Derbyshire, England. In summer, this is a pretty and fun place, with low waters. In autumn, when its foggy and misty, and the waters are rushing a little (but still not too deep) its more breathtaking. The stepping stones are fun, if a little scary, but just take care as they are a little slippy. 

9 - The Trentham Estate, Staffordshire. There are gardens where you can explore and gaze across the lake, past Perseus holding the Medusa. There is a little train, an outdoor entertainment area, and a barefoot outdoors activity. Then, there are the shops, and for the more adventurous there is a Monkey Forest and an Aerial Extreme. Or you can hike up to the monument on the wider estate. 

10 - Manchester, England. Finally, at number 10, its Manchester. An exciting, vibrant place, full of top shops, night life, places to walk and explore. In Autumn, it comes alive with street artists, and light shows before the madness of the Christmas season kicks in!! Full of culture and history, its a must. 

All photos used are my own. 

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