Tuesday, 12 December 2017

And they call it puppy love ...

Back in September last year, the other half talked me into going to look at some puppies.

We had been having discussions about having a dog for, well, like for ever!! I had resigned myself to thinking that it would never happen. Then the other half started to talk about having one, and we finally agreed what breeds we both liked.

Not too big, but not too small. Not really hairy, but still lovely and soft to stroke and cuddle. In the end, we whittled the list down and after a bit of persuasion, we toddled off to look at a boy. When we got there, the boy had gone, but there was still a girl. I made the mistake of picking her up and that was it. There was nothing that would or could ever have parted me again.

I walked around with her in my arms, never put her down. She snuggled into me and it was love at first sight. My little girl came home with us that day.

We had nothing for her - we had to do an impromptu visit to the pet store to get her a lovely pink bed, food, toys. She immediately made herself at home!! No fears for our little girl! 

Straight away this girl had personality. That first night she let us know exactly what we were in for. She found her voice and she howled but it was short lived as she fell asleep after a few minutes. 

As with any puppy, house training is tough. we persevered, and now we are virtually there which is great. Even when she was teeny - just 10 weeks when she came home with us, one look at her cute face and she could get away with just about anything! 

She needed a name. It took us three days to agree and we called her Coco - after Coco Chanel of course. We got her a pink collar, then it was off to the vets to get her chipped and get her jabs sorted.

Coco was a bit nervous in the car at first, but that soon wore off. This girl is scared of nothing. We took her to her first puppy party and she ruled the roost.

At first, she wasn't allowed upstairs or on the furniture - that didn't last long. She is a very good girl though - she can do both paw shakes, she knows sit, stay, leave, lie down. She is still only a baby, but she's a clever little thing.

Taking her for walks takes a lot of time. We are stopped every few minutes by people wanting to fuss her. Being a Staffy, they have such a bad reputation but its the way they are raised that makes the difference. Our girl is a big softy.

Now we have her, I wonder how we went for so long without her. She fills the house - not just her toys everywhere, but its like having a little shadow as she follows me everywhere. She makes us laugh, she's so funny and the things she does keep us entertained for hours!! Looking back she has grown so much - she's quite a big girl now compared to the tiny thing we bought home. 

Coco has a big heart and an even bigger personality and we are totally in love with our puppy. I had no idea how much I had missed her until she arrived and now I literally count down the minutes when I'm away from her. She's my baby :) 

She loves the camera:

She's never happier than when she's cuddling up:

 And she loves her creature comforts:

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