Tuesday, 12 December 2017

What I'm Watching this Week

  • Breaking Bad. Finally watching this iconic hit, and having devoured series 1, its my newest addiction. I had absolutely no idea what it was going to be about, but drug dealing certainly wasn't what I thought of! That said, its weird with some shows where you end up willing the bad guys to get away with being, well, bad guys! This is one such show, and it is great let me tell you. Roll on series 3!

  • I'm A Celeb - gosh! My money, if I was a gambling person, it would have been on either Toff or Jamie to win from about 2 days in, and turns out that I predicted the winner and second place in those two right there!  So thrilled for Toff, but am going to miss this show so much!! 

  • Stranger Things. Just watched the first series of the 80's set Netflix series and am hooked! As a child of the 80's its so atmospheric and reminiscent of the films and TV shows I grew up with - think The Goonies meets ET, Spielberg and Stephen King. Its brilliant. I can see me watching this back to back! 

  • Emmerdale. Moira still struggling with post baby depression, but finally, after some emotional scenes with his mum Faith, he has finally stepped up to Daddy duties. Robert has been caught out, but compared to evil Lachlan he seems like a pushover. And as for Debbie - yes, Tom seems a bit sinister but good lord the woman is morose! Will Robron be back on now Aaron is on side again - ooh I hope so! 

  • Corrie. Now then Pat Phelan - threatening Anna with prison surely won't want her to have any relation connection with you, but now the truth is out about Gary and his baby. Oh dear. Now Rosie knows Pat went in the office - she may play a bimbo but surely she can remember that crucial detail. And as for the most unholy priest every - seriously Billy? 

  • The Walking Dead. Finally bang up to date, and suddenly wondering exactly how Negan is going to get his comeuppance. Not happy at the tiger Shiva meeting such a horrible end. Even Daryl and Rick came to blows which I never thought would happen. Come on now guys - Negan has to be on borrowed time I hope! And as for the leader of the female group - she should be made to pay for their betrayal, not to mention that hair!!

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