Tuesday, 19 December 2017

What I'm Watching This Week

  • Corrie. Anna has escaped, and is on the run. Meanwhile, Phelan is still waging his one man war against her - surely he is on borrowed time. Chesney is really being annoying - his hatred of Daniel is making him even more annoying than usual. Thank goodness Faye has finally started to be sensible again. Drama on the cobbles - great stuff. 

  • Breaking Bad. Now, this is one of those shows where you weirdly find yourself rooting for the bad guys. Now on series 5, the final series, its not without shocks still when bad guys however, meet their maker. I don't think I'm really plot spoiling for a show that has been finished a few years, when I say that Gus' demise was truly shocking. With half his face blown off, he still straightened his tie before collapsing. Fantastic show. 

  • Strictly. I am loving Strictly this year. I think Alexandra is amazing, but who know Debbie had those moves at her age? Crikey!! The dresses, the dances - it makes me want to get my frock on and show my moves. 

  • Peaky Blinders. Only on episode 3 but goodness me!! Cilian Murphy is amazing. As an Irish actor, his accent from the Midlands is perfect. Violent, northern and gritty - loving it so far! 

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