Sunday, 18 March 2018

My New Single of the Week - Sigala featuring Paloma Faith with Lullaby

For my single of the week this week I have chosen the lovely 'Lullaby' by Sigala featuring Paloma Faith.

Up until I chose this song as my new single of the week, I thought Sigala was a) probably female, and b) probably dutch. Not sure why but now I am aware that Sigala is a) male and b) English. So there you go. Sigala is actually Bruce Fielder and he comes from Norfolk. He is a DJ, producer and remixer, and he has done quite a few collaborations, but in my humble opinion, this one is the best yet.

Paloma Faith - full name Paloma Faith Blomfield, is also a UK artist. She has had so many hits over the years, but some of her best work is when she collaborates - this one also, in  my opinion, her best yet.

'Lullaby' is upbeat, dancey, giving a nod to summer but not a full on dance rave fest - more subtle and beautiful and melodic. Co-written by Sigala and Paloma, but also Jess Glynne another fabulous artist, they have managed to produce pop/dance perfection here.

This is a song about love, but its not mushy, just lovely. The lyrics 'Won't you sing me your sweet lullaby?Just the sound of your voice is the thing that I need' are really catchy and beautiful. Paloma's vocals are pitch perfect on this track. I can see this being big in the summer, and sticking around as it just has that lazy sunshine feel to it.

Highly recommended this one. So there we have it my single of the week. If you want more music stuff, just check out My Music page here. Happy listening :)

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