Saturday, 19 January 2019

New Single of the Week - Mark Ronson - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart featuring Miley Cyrus

My first single of the week for 2019 is the very brilliant 'Nothing Breaks Like a Heart' from Mark Ronson featuring Miley Cyrus.

Right from the off this is Miley showing her country roots as she snarls "This world can hurt you, it cuts you deep and leaves a scar".  I first heard this and I loved it instantly, as I quite like a good country music track if truth be told.

Now what I had forgotten until I chose this song is that Mark Ronson is actually British - specifically from London. He has had so many collaborations, and I have liked a lot of them but this is something very different to the mainstream and I absolutely love it.

I suppose you could describe this song as country-pop or country-disco but its Miley's vocals that make this something special. She is one talented lady. Just 26 years old this American home grown talent is, but she is huge in the music world and this song has already reached the number 2 spot in the UK charts. There is every chance it is going to reach number 1.

The lyrics are so catchy to this "Well, there's broken silence, By thunder crashing in the dark (crash in the dark); And this broken record; Spin endless circles in the bar (spin 'round in the bar)" the way the lyrics repeat really builds the emotion and the tension.

The way she builds the volume and notes from soft to loud, high to low really makes you feel the power of the words "Things fall apart, but nothing breaks like a heart; Mhmm, and nothing breaks like a heart".

Its one of those songs that you find gets stuck in your head, and you are walking around humming it to yourself whilst hearing Miley in your head. Absolutely brilliant song.

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