Friday, 5 April 2019

If I could be anything I would be....

,,,a female version of Kevin McCloud. He has my dream job presenting Grand Designs, but is also a bit of an entrepreneur being a designer, and owning a housing company. That would be my absolute dream.

However, there are other things I would love to do too. Here is my list:

  • Finding houses for people like on A Place in the Sun
  • Looking a auctioned homes like they do on Homes Under the Hammer
  • Finding the perfect home in the UK for folks like on Location, Location, Location
Better still, I would love to be the one buying the homes at the auctions, doing them up and growing a housing portfolio. Even better still, I would love to have a plot of land to design my own home. 

Next, I would love to get into writing of some sort:
  • Freelance journalist
  • Autobiographer
  • Magazine editor
  • Author of a book
I have always wanted to write. I love to read, and ever since I was a child, I had this notion of being a writer. Maybe this one is something I could start small on. 

Finally, here are my more obscure things I would love to do, even just for a short period:
  • Photographer - snapping away, would love this
  • Work in or own a garden centre - I love growing things
  • Designer - I would love to design clothes for real women, like me, with curves
  • Florist - working with beautiful flowers all day - lovely
  • Full time comper - this requires winning stuff. Not happening at the moment!!! 
So, all in all, I think I am more the creative type. However, its good to think through what you want to do, just in case that chance ever presents itself. I shall certainly not miss it if it heads my way any time soon. Here's to being Eternally Hopeful!! 

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