Tuesday, 5 November 2019

10 Scary Films for Halloween #7 - Carrie

10 scary films for Halloween number 7. Carrie. 

Carrie is a famous and classic horror film. It a Stephen King book adaptation, along with another of my favourite scary films - Salem's Lot.  I remember watching this for the first time, and though it's clearly an old film - 1976 can you believe, the scares still shock. 

The portrayal by Sissy Spacek of a young girl - Carrie - growing up with no-one to tell her about life as a woman is so convincing. You feel the emotions with her, and its painful at times and despite knowing all is not going to end well you cant help rooting for a different outcome for her. 

At 17, Carrie, is an isolated figure - no friends, no boyfriend and no life experience. When she experiences her first period (at 17??) she has no idea what is happening to her, as her obsessively religious mother has told her nothing of life. Walking from the showers, naked and terrified, the other girls taunt her by throwing tampons at her. As Carrie gets more upset, a light bulb explodes. 

Her teacher tries to teach the girls the wrong they have done, by making them pay in exercise in PE. One of them though, Chris, is having none of it, and ends up being slapped by the teacher. She storms off, not caring that she can't go to prom as punishment. Chris persuades Sue to ask her boyfriend Tommy to ask Carrie to the prom. Carrie refuses at first, but after he seems so sincere, she accepts, despite her mother's forbidding. 

Chris meanwhile, conspires with her boyfriend Billy to seek revenge. Billy (Travolta) slaughters a pig, and he and Chris hoist a bucketful above the stage. Carrie arrives, with Tommy, looking beautiful. Chris though, has rigged the prom king and queen vote, and they are named as the winners. 

As they take the stage, Sue has sneaked in to make sure Carrie is ok, as she is actually the nice one. She notices a rope, leading from the booth where Chris is hiding. Unfortunately, the teacher sees Sue and mistakenly thinks she is there for no good reason, and escorts her out before she can warn Carrie. 

Chris pulls the rope, drenching Carrie with blood. Its horrific. The bucket knocks out Tommy. Chris and Billy leave, laughing, as Carrie sees everyone laughing at her, just as her mother warned. She unleashes the full force of her rage. 

She blocks the exits and turns the hose on the room, knocking them over, using her mind. A fire starts, and everyone inside is killed. Chris and Billy witnessing this, get in their car and try to escape. They see Carrie as she leaves and try to run her over. She flips their car, it explodes and they are killed. 

Carrie gets home, and showers herself clean. She sobs to her mother, and briefly, her mother softens. Only briefly though, as she then talks of how Carrie was conceived, by rape, after her father got drunk. She stabs an unsuspecting Carrie. Her mother is mad. Carrie, scared, terrified, unleashes her rage once again and all the knives in the kitchen impale her mother like she has been crucified. The house begins to tremble, and falls upon both of them. 

The ending is the biggest shock. Sue dreams that as the sole survivor of the prom, she is visiting the graves. As she does, a bloody hand shoots from the ground and grabs her, and she wakes up screaming. 

This is a scary film, and despite it being 1970's when it was released, it is still scary. There have been loads of remakes, and re-tellings of this tale, but this original is still by far the stand-out of them all.

So there we have it, number 7 of My Films for Halloween. You can check out the others over at My Music page by clicking here.

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