Saturday, 23 September 2017

My Top 10 Old Fashioned Sweets

  • Aniseed balls
  • Humbugs
  • Barley Sticks
  • Butterscotch
  • Chocolate limes
  • Kola cubes
  • Mint imperials
  • Pear drops
  • Sugared almonds
  • Chocolate eclairs

His Wishlist

  • Dashcam
  • Drone
  • Barbour coat
  • Gin
  • Spa break
  • Holiday in Gran Canaria
  • Thai Massage
  • Boxing match tickets
  • Pyjamas
  • Gazelles
  • Boxers
  • Aftershave
  • Botox
  • Pedicure
  • Perfect steak
  • City break
  • Patio heater
  • Rattan garden set
  • Gin and tonic cupcakes
  • Home cooked meal
  • Winter BBQ

Friday, 22 September 2017

Win a Case of Wines Worth Over £75! | Novel Wines

Win a Case of Wines Worth Over £75! | Novel Wines

Gran Canaria 2017 - LBD !

So early in 2017, we headed off to Gran Canaria once again. This time we decided to try self catering accommodation and the place was lovely. So many yummy restaurants and bars its a shame to go all inclusive or half board and miss out.

However, there is always a need to dress appropriately, and this year once again saw me in another variation of the obligatory LBD:

My idea of a perfect menu

I like food, but I would not describe myself as a "foodie" as such, on account of being quite picky about things.  I often find myself going out for meals and having a limited choice on the menu given that some places don't cater for us not quite veggie but a little wary of meat eater types - I actually don't think we have a category - awkward maybe??

You go to the traditional pub menu and your choices tend to be lasagne, chilli, or chicken breast or burgers. For the more up market venues, you do get gourmet burgers, chicken skewers or mexican food like fajitas. I don't always want a veggie option, but what I cannot cope with is steaks, and meat on the bone or anything I have to fight with - fish with bones in, or crab, lobster etc...

My ideal menu would probably be Italian overall - lots of choices for me - gnocchi, pizza, pasta, bruschetta - mmmm. Mexican is also good, as is curry and balti. Chinese - again, lots of choices. Its when you go to a "non country" type restaurant that I struggle, and I like to go to somewhere more varied. Much as I love Italian, Indian, and Chinese, I would prefer to mix and match.

With this in mind, I have come up my ideal menu, should I ever have the choice to create it!

My perfect menu:


  • Potato skins
  • Nacho's
  • Crispy aromatic duck and pancakes
  • Onion bhaji
  • Poppadom and choice of dips
  • Pate and toast
  • Garlic mushrooms
  • Bread board with oils and vinegars
  • Staffordshire oatcakes with choice of fillings
  • Chicken Tikka Massala
  • Gourmet burger with stilton
  • Chilli Burrito
  • Red Thai Curry
  • Gnocchi with three cheese
  • Cajun Chicken breast
  • Sizzly chicken skewers
  • Lemon chicken
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Mushroom stroganoff
  • Sausages and mash with gravy
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken
  • Chilli con carne
Desserts and Afters
  • Cheese board
  • Hot chocolate fudge cake
  • White chocolate cheesecake
  • Chocolate sundae
  • Death by chocolate
  • Apple crumble
  • Jammy doughnuts with cream
  • Sticky toffee pudding
  • Pancakes with toppings
Speciality Drinks:
  • Speciality milkshakes with real choc choices
  • Irish or liqueur coffees
  • Speciality coffees - mochas, latte, cappucino
  • Spritzers
  • Cocktails

What would you do??

What would you do if you won the lottery? I'm talking a big win here, like £1m. A life changing amount? I think most people have a vague notion of what they might do. We are all different, and I suppose it depends on your own time of life, status and aspirations.

For me, it would be property. I would do the usual stuff - new car, home improvements, a holiday. I would look after the people that matter to me.

I certainly would not broadcast it to the masses. All manner of folks I'd not seen in years would no doubt come out of the woodwork!! Again, it would be those that mattered, and even then, quite possibly, I wouldn't actually tell people.

You can imagine it can't you? "I've won the lotto" would prompt everyone to speculate over how much. If I said "I've won a million, people might expect a certain £ share of it. Now, depending on how many in the family and friends network, that could cause some issues. So no, I wouldn't give away the details.

What I would do, is buy some properties. A flat in Manchester and a flat in London as bolt holes when we go to gigs, shopping etc.. That way, everyone benefits, and it could earn a crust whilst its not in use.

What next? A property in the canaries is a must for me. Winter sun - no place better or closer. I would love to spend winter in the Canaries, and back to blighty for what passes as summer here!!

I'm thinking a little gites in the south of france would be amazing too. On top of this, I would have a Personal Trainer every day, a dietitian to sort my meals and help me to get the weight off, and also every beauty treatment suitable to make me look the best I can, including some laser treatment!!

So that would be my plan, dependent on how much and when it might happen.

So what would you do?  :)

Set your goals then keep them quiet!!

Here's the thing. I am blogging about this issue, but this time, I am not going to share my goals and plans with anyone else. Sounds a bit bonkers? Let me explain.

I am what you might call a yo-yo dieter. So what tends to happen is this - I lose weight, I go on holiday, I put weight on. I get back off holiday, gain a bit more, then lose it again. Then it might be another holiday, or Christmas and I gain weight again. And so it goes on.

Those nearest and dearest around me are, I have no doubt, at the wise old age of 41, heard it all before. My grand statements of how I am going to reach goal this time. I am also in no doubt, that they don't buy into anymore - they know it will be the same old same old. Maybe so, maybe not.

This time, I have decided to keep my goals to myself. To keep my ambitions hidden until I start to achieve them. At that point, I won't need to bore them with my antics. At that point, they can see for themselves.

So forgive me if you've heard this all before, but I have to tell someone!!! That means you this time :)