Monday, 18 March 2019

National Days for March - Today is Awkward Moment's Day

  • 1st - Time for a Cuppa Day
  • 2nd - Old Stuff Day
  • 3rd - I Want you to be Happy Day
  • 4th - Pound Cake Day
  • 5th - Absinthe Day
  • 6th - Frozen Food Day
  • 7th - Cereal Day

  • 8th - Popcorn Day
  • 9th - Meatball Day
  • 10th - Pack Your Lunch Day
  • 11th - Worship of Tools Day
  • 12th - Alfred Hitchcock Day
  • 13th - Jewel Day
  • 14th - Potato Chip Day

  • 15th - School Meals Day
  • 16th - Everything you do is Right Day
  • 17th - St Patrick's Day
  • 18th - Awkward Moment's Day
  • 19th - Let's Laugh Day
  • 20th - Ravioli Day
  • 21st - Fragrance Day

  • 22nd - Goof off Day
  • 23rd - Chip & Dip Day
  • 24th - Chocolate raisin Day
  • 25th - Waffle Day
  • 26th - Spinach Day
  • 27th - Paella Day
  • 28th - Black Forest Cake Day

  • 29th - Smoke and Mirrors Day
  • 30th - Walk in the Park Day
  • 31st - World Backup Day

My Top 10 Butters

  • Lurpak
  • Anchor
  • Countrylife
  • Kerrygold
  • Yeo Valley
  • Tesco Finest
  • Netherend Farmhouse
  • Rachel's organic
  • Waitrose West Country
  • President

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Holiday in Gran Canaria 2017 - Looking Back IV

Freckles are starting to show after a few days 

Cotton wool clouds in a blue sky

Making the odd friend along the way

Enjoying quality time together

One of the best beaches in the world

Writing in the sand

Last beer under blue skies :( 

Feeling the water between my toes - memories forever. 

My Travels - Gran Canaria continued

In May 2014 we headed off to Gran Canaria. What a beautiful place. I love the canaries, but Gran Canaria is by far my favourite now. 

Holiday in Gran Canaria 2017 - Looking Back III

Still red hot before sunset

The turtles were out having an early evening sunbath

Had to take Boofle 

Arty shots as we strolled towards the sea front for the evening

The palm trees silhouetted against the evening sky was dramatic

Time for Tapas! When in the Canaries...

It has to be Canarian potatoes

Cocktail time - Long Island Iced Tea

Live music - right up our street - good times 

Holiday in Gran Canaria 2017 - Looking Back II

The skies were blue, the temperatures were soaring.

After a long first day and a good sleep - we treated ourselves to a full breakfast. 

Then stayed in the shade a bit - phewf it got hot around lunch time!! 

Glad rags on and ready to roll :) 

For more scrumptious food. 

Feeling very contented and very full, we walked back past the beach sculptures. 

Holiday in Gran Canaria 2017 - Looking Back

The obligatory glass of wine - in the morning - at the airport!! 

Starving on arrival - pizza - nom nom. 

The place was fab - beautiful flowers over the balcony and 2 balconies

Slightly tired from the early start - so I put a bow on and headed out to explore! 

Made it to the first evening so glammed up! 

And headed for a chinese. And more wine. 

It was divine food. 

And much needed - chow mein - my favourite. 

Selfie time. 

Back to the apartment for poses by the pool and a big sleep :)