Saturday, 31 January 2015

Waiting for the sofa!

This is my new sofa. Technically, one of my new sofas - I ordered 2!!

It said they would take up to 12 weeks. Its now been 3 and a half. 

I am getting a bit naffed off waiting for my sofas. Lovely though arent they? 

Very excited x

Day 6 of My Week with Kate Bush - 'This Woman's Work'

Day 6 of my week with Kate Bush and today its 'This Woman's Work".

'This Woman's Work' was released in 1989. It was the second single from her album 'The Sensual World', also released that year.

Now this is a sad song. It starts with Kate singing "oh-oh-ohhh" several times in quite a high note. Its soft piano music and her lyrics are so emotional. Apparently she wrote this for the film 'She's having a baby' and its written from the father's perspective.

Her voice sounds almost angelic on this song. She sings so deeply, so thoughtfully, so gently. Lyrics such as "I know you have a little life in you yet, I know you have a lot of strength left". So thought provoking.

The video stars Kate and Tim McInnerny (Lord Percy off Black Adder). He is pacing the floor of the waiting room, presumably at the hospital. We see Kate collapse, and him race to the hospital. Then he waits for news. He imagines the nurse coming to him to tell him bad news. Then we see the nurse, smiling, put her hand on his shoulder. You can only assume from that expression that its good news.

This is an emotional song, and an emotional video. Very beautiful and haunting though. It reached number 25 in the UK singles chart, but its stood the test of time.

Its been used in the film it was made for, She's Having a Baby, but also the NSPCC adverts, and loads of TV shows here and in the US. As a result, its been back in the charts again a few times, once peaking at number 3 in the download charts.

This is a great song. Take a listen, remind yourself how good or if you have never heard it, let me know what you think. You can check out more of Kate and loads more over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

My New single of the Week - Take Me to Church - Hozier

My single of the week is Hozier with 'Take Me to Church".

First of all, this is not new. This single has been around a good long while, but has been a real slow burner. It was first released back in 2013 in his homeland Ireland.

On our UK charts, its been around for about 6 months now, but has only recently hit the top 10. So far its peaked at number 3.

I think his vocals sound a bit Elton John on this track. 'Take me to Church" seems to be about love. It also seems to be making a bit of a stand but then music has always been a way for artists to express their religious or political statements. Personally, I just think it a great song.

I'm not going to include a link to the video for this one, as its a bit adult. Its shot in black and white and features a same sex male couple being victimised by homophobics. Its not pleasant watching at all.

If you love someone, you love them. Its not a choice. That's what this song is about in my opinion.

I love some of the lyrics "She's the giggle at a funeral", and "I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies", "I'll tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knife".

This is a great song to belt out when you're driving. It has that catchy chorus and its also good if you don't know the proper lyrics as you can easily make up your own to fit!!

Great song. Let me know what you think of it.

You can check out all my previous singles over at My Music page here. Happy listening :)

Survived my Personal Training Session :)

I went to my PT session with mixed feelings today. Wanting to go because I want to be fit and hot hot hot! Not wanting to go because its hard work and makes me feel hot hot hot and sweaty sweaty sweaty!!

Today's hellish session took every morsel of willpower I possess. He made me feel sick and almost like giving up. Just once I had to say I couldn't carry on - that was the stairmaster. I didn't let it beat me, but got back on and dug in. It was horrendous though today.

This is what he put me through today:

  • Stepper x 4 mins
  • Clean and sweeps - 15 rep, 10 rep, 5 rep x 3 sets
  • Rower - 500m, 400m, 300m sprints
  • Stair master - 3 x 2 min sprints 
  • Leg raise with weight bar - 3 x 20 reps
  • Treadmill - 3 x 90 seconds sprints on an incline
  • Lunges with weight bar - 3 x 20 reps
  • Treadmill - 2 min run to finish on an incline
I have never felt more knackered ever in my life. Feel good that I survived. One day rest tomorrow, then back to back sessions on Mon and Tues. Eek!! I will have a gym body. I will !! :)

So its month end - let the comping begin!!

I love month end. It does turn me into a right nerd though! I sit glued to the screen, comping away. Hopefully I shall win something as having a very dry spell on the wins front just now.

If you want to check out my twitter RT's - you can find me @rahrah21  over on twitter.

Enjoy & good luck :)

PT today - 1.15pm - looking forward to it!

PT today at 1.15pm. Should have been last night at 5pm but the white stuff put pay to that. So its today.

On the one hand, I'm looking forward to it because I know its a step closer to my body being toned and fit. On the other hand I am dreading it, because my body is not toned and fit and its going to hurt!!

I also have a session on Monday and Tuesday back to back to completely finish me off!!

I am nothing if not a glutton for punishment!! On the plus side, scales down another pound this morning so feeling motivated. :)

Friday, 30 January 2015

31st Jan tomorrow - month end comps!!

As a comper, the end of the month is a significant event. Just letting you know as there may be a few appearing here on my blog.

Why don't you give one a go? Let me know if you win! :)

New single of the week - coming soon!!

To remind you, here are all my previous choices :

#35 Jamie T - Rabbit Hole
#34 Rae Morris - Under the Shadows
#33 Echosmith - Cool Kids
#32 Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk
#31 Take That - These Days
#30 Tom Odell - Real Love
#29 Parra for Cuva - Wicked Games
#28 Ben Howard - I Forget Where we Were
#27 Charli XCX - Break the Rules
#26 DJ Fresh feat. Ellie Goulding - Flashlight
#25 The Magician - Sunlight (feat. Years and Years)
#24 Meghan Tailor - all About That Bass
#23 Ten Walls - Walking with Elephants
#22 Calvin Harris & John Newman - Blame
#21 Taylor Swift - Shake it Off
#20 David Guetta - Lovers on the Sun
#19 Saint Motel - My Type
#18 Zhu - Faded
#17 Milky Chance - Stolen Dance
#16 Rixton - Me and My Broken Heart
#15 Budapest - George Ezra
#14 Little Mix - Salute
#13 Lana Del Rey - West Coast
#12 Indiana - Solo Dancing
#11 Coldplay - Magic
#10 Kaiser Chiefs - Coming Home - reached no 31.
#9 Katy Perry - Dark Horse - reached no 4.
#8 feat Miley Cyrus - Feelin Myself - reached no 2.
#7 Vance Joy - Riptide - reached number 10.
#6 Gorgon City - Ready for your love (feat MNEK) - reached no 4.
#5 Clean Bandit - Rather Be (feat Jess Glynne) - reached no 1.
#4 Lorde - Royals - My Single of the Week - reached no 1.
#3 Happy - Pharell Williams - reached no 1.
#2 Wilkinson - Afterglow - reached no 8.
#1 Sail by Awolnation - reached no 17.

My Week with Kate Bush so far

Been a bit of a delay between Day 4 and Day 5 so here's a reminder:

Week 21 - My Week with Kate Bush
The Man with the Child in his Eyes
Hounds of Love
Don't Give Up
Running Up That Hill
Wuthering Heights
Kate Bush

What I'm Watching this Week

  • Fortitude. This fabulous new drama started last night. Starring Michael Gambon and Christopher Ecclestone it got off to a fantastic start. Set in a small town in the Arctic, there are more polar bears than people here. Already there has been murder and adultery. Great start!
  • Eastenders. The Dean saga rolls on. Boy he is one bad bad lad. Nasty - needs his come uppance and soon. Danny dyer should just thump him and be done!
  • Celebrity Big Brother. The madness continues. Perez "the Perez Show" Hilton continues to annoy the hell out of me. Nadia is so full of herself. Katie Price is beyond dull, which is a huge disappointment and Katie Hopkins is surprisingly nice. 
  • Location, location, location. I am increasingly longing for another property. I can't actually afford one yet, but I want one none the less. So I watch Phil and Kirsty and I love it. 
  • A Place in the Sun. Another on the wanting another property topic. I would love an apartment or villa abroad. So many beautiful places out there. Stuff of dreams. 

Another for the wishlist

I set myself a wishlist at the start of the year. I've just added another - a lovely hardbound note pad. I have such a stationary obsession! Leather or material covered - lovely. 

Here is my full wishlist:
  • Jeans
  • Faux fur jacket
  • Audi TT
  • Coco Mademoiselle EDP
  • New bedding
  • Yankee Candle
  • Curtains
  • Spa facial
  • Pedicure
  • Spray tan
  • Belly button piercing
  • Dress
  • Bikini
  • Lingerie
  • Chanel No 5 EDP
  • J'adore EDP
  • Body butter
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach bag
  • Flat cap
  • Barbour Jacket
  • Great red lipstick
  • Clarins Eau Dynamiste body lotion and body wash
  • Macbook Air or Macbook Pro
  • hardbound notebook

Joan Collins on Benidorm - legend

Joan Collins is on this evening's episode of Benidorm. I just said how great she looks for her age, and tried to guess how old she was.

I looked it up. She was born in 1933. That means she is 82 years old this year!!! She looks fabulous.

Some of it may well be good make up and lighting, but I don't care  the woman is simply fabulous. Who says you have to give up and grow old. Not a chance.

Joan Collins - legend.

Day 5 of My Week with Kate Bush - The Man With the Child in his Eyes

Day 5 of my week with Kate Bush and today its 'The Man with the Child in his Eyes'.

'The Man with the Child in his Eyes' was Kate's second ever single. It was released in 1978, and was taken from her debut album The Kick Inside, also released that year.

This is a beautiful song. Lots of piano and orchestra instruments make it very atmospheric and absolutely breathtaking. Kate's voice sounds deeper than on the album's debut single Wuthering Heights. She has such range of vocals.

Her voice sounds much softer, much more ethereal on this. The single reached number 6 on the UK singles chart.

Unbelievably, Kate Bush wrote the lyrics to this at just 13 years old. It turns out, 30 years after the event, that the song was about her then boyfriend. This was revealed when the handwritten lyrics were put in for sale in 2010. Amazing that the secret held on for such a long time.

Whether that's true or not, this is a wonderful love song. The video that accompanies this see Kate, sitting on the floor in a leotard surrounded by smoke / dry ice singing. It ends with her curled up in foetal position. Well, it was the 70's!

Another great song from this phenomenal talent. Come back soon for Day 6, or if you can't wait you can check out Days 1-4 and loads more over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

3 Day Diet - The Result

This week I tried the 3 day diet for the first time ever. I was sceptical if I'm honest, as this diet claims to have you lose a lot of weight, and quickly. Up to 10lbs in fact, but that's for those that have a significant weight loss to shift.

I fall into the category of overweight, but not sure that I was ever going to lose 10lb. I only want to lose 3 stone, so that would be going some. I decided to give it a go however, and I haven't cheated at all.

I'm pleased to say I have lost 3 1/2lbs in my 3 days. That's pretty good. Especially as this is not my first week on my diet, so its not expected to lose that much in week 4.

I was hungry, but now I know it works, I will do this again. Especially just before I go on holiday. Those last few pounds are always tricky, so I will be repeating this. Just hope I get the same or better results!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

New single of the week tomorrow

Yes, tomorrow I shall choose a new single of the week. But for now, you can listen to my choice for this week - Rabbit Hole by Jamie T. Enjoy ;)

End of the 3 day diet - phewf!!

It is the end. Finally. The end of the 3 day diet. I have not weighed myself since Tuesday morning, so I have absolutely no idea if I have lost anything at all.

I know this though - if I have not lost any weight, I shall be a very unhappy bunny indeed. Its been pretty hard core to be honest.

Take today. Breakfast was 5 small crackers and a teeny bit of cheese and a small apple. Lunch was a hard boiled egg and 1 round of toast. Sounds appetising?

Let me tempt you with this evening's menu. For my evening meal tonight it was quorn steak pieces, beetroot and cauliflower. Yum!! Not.

At least I was allowed some cantaloupe melon and half a cup of vanilla ice cream for afters.

Those scales had better have dropped tomorrow morning!!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The 3 Day Diet - half way through now :)

I decided to try the 3 day diet this week. So Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday is my Three Days.

The 3 day diet, also known as the Military Diet is intense. I hadn't realised how hardcore it is.

Take today for instance. This morning for breakfast was a black coffee, half a banana, a round of toast and a boiled egg. Not too bad. For dinner it was 5 crackers and cottage cheese. This evening it was one hot dog sausage with carrots and broccoli followed by another half a banana and some vanilla ice cream.

Its such a strange combination of food. Goodness knows how they devised it. My other half has done it before and is doing it with me, so at least we are hungry together.

It sells itself as a quick win and claims you can lose up to 10lbs. I will be happy with 4 or 5 personally, but it remains to be seen if I lose any.

One more day to endure. Let you know if it works!!

Don't miss my single of the Week - Rabbit Hole by Jamie T

My single of the week this week is the fabulous Rabbit Hole by Jamie T. Check it out here.

Or you an find all my previous singles of the week and loads more over at My Music page here. Happy listening :)

Sorry for the lack of posts this week :(

What a week its been. Starting with technical issues courtesy of Sky broadband going on the blink. Followed by the laptop playing its usual games.

Then came the gym - 2 back to back sessions wore me out. Mon and Tues evening - phewf. Even with stiff legs, a very sore toe still and a painful hip!! Yes, that's how I roll.

Last night though, I started with the sniffles and felt ridiculously tired. I went to bed at just after 10pm. That's unheard of for me. I'm a real night owl normally.

I woke up this morning feeling even worse. This was most annoying given the amount of sleep I'd had. Tonight I feel absolutely rotten. Cold, can't get warm, head full of cold. Urgh.

However, back to business as usual now. Sorry about that but boy its been a rough couple of days. :(

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Aching all over & feeling good !

Its the morning after the first PT session. I would describe my aching muscles on a scale of 1-10 at around 11 right now!!

There isn't a muscle in my body that doesn't feel stiff or sore. Its most unpleasant. However in a sort of twisted logic, I kind of like this feeling.

I still am overweight, I still don't look any different, but this feeling that I have worked hard and will have a banging body hopefully not too far in the distance is making me feel positive and determined.

Positive that this was the worse session because I was so unfit. Determined to continue and never have to go through the "first" session ever again!!

So am going for a slow long walk shortly, to get my stiff sore legs moving again. :)

I have lost 10lb :)

I started this health kick on 5th Jan as part of my new years resolutions. Also because I go on holiday in March and my ass is much too large currently.

So I weighed in at 14 stone 10lbs. Not good at all.

As of this morning, I have lost a huge 10lb since 5th Jan - 20 days and 10 pounds. I'm pretty pleased, but I would like to lose that much every 20 days which is a big challenge.

I now have exactly 2 stone to lose in 8 weeks and 2 days.

I can do this!! :)

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Which boxset to choose?

Last year, we started to watch boxsets. We started off with Prison Break which was fab. Then we watched the first series of The Blacklist. Then the ultimate cult TV series - Lost.

Then Christmas came. Now its the New Year and we have some decisions to make. Which boxset to watch next?

Here is my shortlist:

  • Penny Dreadful
  • The Walking Dead
  • Falling Skies
  • Gomorrah
  • Sherlock
  • Revolution
  • Game of Thrones
  • Downton Abbey
I just need to decide now. So much to choose from - no doubt it will be something completely different in the end, but nevertheless these I still must watch. 

I am a boxset night owl after all :)

My first PT of 2015 - it was horrendous :(

1pm today I went to the gym for my first Personal Training session of 2015. 9 hours later I am feeling everything burn!

This is what he put me through today:
  • Cross trainer warm up 
  • TRX reverse lunge 15 each leg
  • TRX squat x 30
  • Box step x 30
  • TRX reverse lunge knee lift x 15 each leg
  • TRX squat x 30
  • Box step x 30
  • TRX reverse knee 15 each leg
  • Rex squat x 20
  • Box step x 30
  • Cross intervals 2 min 80rpm
  • Weights x 20 reps
  • Tricep dips x 15
  • Cross interval 90 seconds 80 rpm
  • Weights x 15
  • Tricep dip x 15
  • Cross interval 1 min 80 rpm
  • Weights x 15
  • Tricep dip x 15
  • Burpees 3 x 10 repa
  • 3 x 1 min rope pull
There were points during my session where I felt sick. Where I just wanted to stop. Where I just couldn't carry on. But somehow I did. 

Today was far from my best performance. I got really frustrated with my inability to do better, as when I last saw my PT, I was slimmer and fitter. Fast forward 4 months and I am 2 stone heavier and out of shape. 

First session survived though. It made me vow one thing - I will never, ever let myself get this way again. Its too hard climbing back on the wagon. 

First one done. Aching everywhere. Still glad I've been even if it does hurt :)

Day 4 of My Week with Kate Bush - Hounds of Love

Day 4 of my week with Kate Bush and today its 'Hounds of Love'.

'Hounds of Love' as released as single in 1986. It was taken from her album also called Hounds of Love released the previous year in 1985. The single was the third from the album.

This is such a catchy pop song. Its also quite dark and eccentric. It starts off with "its in the trees, its coming". I wondered what was coming next when I heard this in my younger years!!

It turns out that the Hounds of Love are not scary at all. She means how it feels when you start to fall in love - like you are being chased by dogs. Not entirely sure I have ever fallen in love and compared it to being chased by dogs, but then again I am not Kate Bush.

Regardless what its actually about, this is a great song. It has that "oh-ooh, oh-ooh, oh" notes repeating throughout it, quite dramatically, and that's the bit you find you get stuck in your head.

Kate's voice in this is much lower, much more seductive than some of her previous songs. She sings 'when I was a child, running in the night, afraid of what might be' sounding scared. Then later, she becomes stronger 'It's coming for me through the trees, help me someone, help me please'.

Then she blasts with 'Take my shoes off, and throw them in the lake, and I'll be two steps in the water'. I can only assume she means her shoes will be in the water, or her feet will be without her shoes. Who really knows? Kate?

Back to the song. This is fabulous, catchy, well written and amazingly sung.  Her voice is at its best on this. It reached number 18 in the UK singles chart.

The video sees Kate looking serious in her glasses. She's then rescued by a dapper looking guy who leads her away through the woods. They enter a house and there is a party. Eventually she goes to him and they tango. She lets her hair down and lets it take hold of her as she leaves with her man.
She looks sensational - tweed jacket, red lips, long dark hair flying behind her.

If you missed days 1-3 you can find them at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

Need a new laptop :(

The IT saga continues. Now recovered from the coffee scare and everything working again or at least as much as it was.

However, it still keeps freezing - not just the internet, but everything. Spreadsheets, word - the whole thing just stops working. Then I get messages saying something snapped. I tell you what will snap if it keeps doing it - my temper!!!

So annoying. Been one thing after another with this laptop. It is just over 3 years old now, but for heavens sake!!

If it was reliable, I could get so much more done. Going to save up for a Macbook now for sure. This is getting beyond annoying now. :(

Friday, 23 January 2015

Comp at 100!

Don't forget lovely people - competition starts at 100 likes. Currently on 71 over at Rah Louise at Google+. :)

Only going to see Paloma !!!

Oh my word 2015 is going to be the best year of my life!! Its brewing to be such a fabulous year.

Today, we booked another gig - Paloma Faith this time. At Cannock Chase in July!!

So exciting. I absolutely love Paloma. Her style, her voice, her music. Fabulous.

It all came about because my other half was on the t'internet the other night and spotted that she was touring the forest sites. Delamere and Cannock to name but two.

Delamere sold out straight away, but I tried Cannock and success!! Obviously being a forest site, its standing only, but I don't mind. I can boogie on down!!

So that's something else to look forward to. What a year its going to be!! Happy days :)

2015 Resolutions update

2015 Resolutions:

Number 1 - To reach my Goal weight.
Started at 14st 10lb. Now 14 0.8lb. Total loss of 9.2lb so far. Not bad.

Number 2 - Be Debt Free
Its reducing.

Number 3 - Get Super Fit
Been to the gym 3 times this week so far, 3 times last week and start PT tomorrow.

Number 4 - Save save, save
Its increasing.

Number 5 - see my friends
Seen 3 old friends so far.

Number 6 - image overhaul
No progress yet, but am looking more groomed

Number 7 - drink less
Not drinking any alcohol week nights or Sundays.

Number 8 - drink more water
Increased but not quite there yet.

Number 9 - more pampering
Not yet!

Number 10 - matching under garments
Not yet!

My Week with Kate so far

Week 21 - My Week with Kate Bush so far:

Don't Give Up

Running Up That Hill

Wuthering Heights

My Week with Kate Bush Day 3 - Don't Give Up

Day 3 of my week with Kate Bush and today its 'Don't Give Up'.

'Don't Give Up' was a duet between Kate and Peter Gabriel. Peter wrote the track and it appeared on his album 'So'. It was released as a single in 1986.

This single reached number 9 in the UK singles chart. I think it should have been higher as its one of those songs that is remembered.

Its been a long time since I listened to this, and its immediately struck me how beautiful this is. From the opening with the low key drums and beat, slow paced, to the start of first Peter on vocals then Kate.

Peter Gabriel has a great voice. He sings a melancholy tale in this, of despair and loneliness. Kate in contrast sings 'Don't Give Up' and gives him hope. The contrast of their voices - almost light and dark, hope and despair are so perfectly matched its almost tear jerking.

The video sees Kate and Peter holding one another. They rotate as he sings, then she sings. He looks handsome she looks beautiful. Its such a simple concept, but emotionally powerful and sensuous.

Don't Give Up is a love song, but not the traditional kind. They aren't soppy or filthy, just a woman supporting her man in his time of need. Simply gorgeous this track.

If you missed day 1 & 2 you can find them plus loads more over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

8 1/2 weeks

8 1/2 weeks. No, not 9 1/2 weeks - filthy minds you lot! 8 1/2 weeks until I go off on my holidays. Not sure if I have even mentioned where I am going yet - more on that later.

For now, my focus is on the time I have left between now and then to get my ass in shape. 8 1/2 weeks. 8 weeks and 4 days to be precise. I can work wonders in that time - perhaps not to reach goal, but damned certain I shall look better than I right now!

60 days. I can get approx 40 gym sessions in. Going some, I grant you, but you have to aim high.

I also need to book in for facials, hair cuts, spray tans and nails. Its going to be a tough 8 1/2 weeks, but it will so feel worth it when I look fit and healthy.

That's the plan. Pushing myself now. If it was easy, everyone would be slim. I shall be a gym bunny. You just watch me.

What I'm Watching this Week

This week I am watching:
  • Benidorm. This series is hilarious. The Oracle has returned - watching him burn his feet trying to walk over hot coals was fabulous. Matteo looks very suave in a suit. Joyce Temple-Savage dancing on the stage at the end - priceless. Loving this series. Back on form. 
  • Broadchurch. The second series proves to be just as good as the first. So much suspicion, so much mistrust. You just never know who did what, or if you can trust anyone. David Tennant is so good in this as the dishevelled cop. Brilliant crime TV. 
  • Coronation Street. That big crash was the highlight of the week. Steve finally came clean about his depression. Tracy Barlow finally came good and rescued Carla from the wreck. Will Sinead walk again? Great stuff. Sad news about Anne Kirkbride aka Deirdre though. 
  • Eastenders. The storyline of Shirley being Mick's mum finally comes to a head, as Linda tells her family about the rape and Dean. Real gripping viewing this week. Good stuff. 
  • Celeb Big Brother. What an utterly bonkers series this one is proving to be. Perez Hilton and Nadia Sawalha are just beyond vile. Katie Hopkins is surprisingly more appealing than I ever would have believed. Cheggers is possibly the nicest man on the planet. Callum Best is also much more of a class act than I thought and is coming over very well indeed. Best series ever. 

My single of the week - Jamie T - Rabbit Hole

My single of the week this week is 'Rabbit Hole' by Jamie T.

This single was released on 1st December 2014. I heard it for the first time just this week though, and immediately fell for it.

Its taken from Jamie T's third album, Carry On the Grudge, also released in 2014.

Jamie himself is from London, Jamie T  - the T stands for Treays. He was born in 1986, and has been on the music scene quite some time. He released his first album back in 2007.

Now, this song is a quirky little number, and is infectious. It gets lodged in your head, and you find yourself singing to it, albeit with no idea at first what he was even singing!!

The lyrics are, in my opinion, something to do with Alice in Wonderland. I say this based upon these lyrics "Alice in the palace to crumble" and the fact that he is singing about rolling down rabbit holes. Regardless, it sounds fab even when you sing the wrong words!

The video is just Jamie playing his guitar, with a lady who appears alongside him. In the background are stills of roads, country lanes etc.. Random lyrics pop up on the screen like graffiti. Its quite cool to be honest.

This single is a bit indie, a bit pop and extremely catchy. All kind of Arctic Monkeys meets Pete Doherty cool vocals and guitar. Go take a listen and let me know what you think.

You can find my previous singles of the week over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

(video published on youtube by JamieTVEVO )

Don't Stop me now - G "does the Queen sing this?"

A holiday ad just came on the TV. The music was 'Don't Stop me Now'.

My other half says to G - do you know who sings this?

G - aged 9 - has no idea of course. My other half says 'it's Queen'.

G says - "what? Does the Queen sing this?"

Honestly, you just couldn't make it up!! So cute :)

Thursday, 22 January 2015

My Week with Kate Bush day 2 - Wuthering Heights

Day 2 of my week with Kate Bush and today its 'Wuthering Heights'.

'Wuthering Heights' is arguably Kate Bush' most famous song. It was also her debut single unbelievably. She was just 19 years old when this accomplished self written song hit the top spot in the UK singles chart.

It was taken from her debut album 'The Kick Inside'. The album and the single were both released in 1978. The album itself was a phenomenal hit, reaching number 3 in the UK albums chart.

Lets start with the artwork for the single and the album. I remember the picture of Kate in a sort of kimono attached to an oriental designed kite. I remember thinking how sinewy and beautifully elegant she looked. Looking at it now, she was ahead of her time. Striking looks, unassuming guile, pure raw talent.

The video sees Kate in a floaty white dress, in a studio with lots of dry ice. She moves sensually, and at times, almost balletic as she really emotes the song. Very 70's but somehow still appealing and mesmerising.

The story we all know. Cathy and Heathcliff of course being the leads from Bronte's book. The song begins 'out on the wiley, windy moors, we'd roll and fall in green.' 'You had a temper, like my jealousy, too hot, too greedy'.

She continues 'Heathcliff, its me, Cathy, come home, so cold'. The way her voice rises and falls it really is dramatic. You feel the cold when she sings 'so co oh oh old, let me in your window'. Somehow, she completely summarises the epic love story with her lyrics and vocals.

Wuthering Heights is potentially one of the greatest songs of the 70's, not to mention one of the all time classics. It is perfect in its simplicity, but so deep in meaning. Lots of piano's plinking away at the start, building to a crescendo as the drama builds.

Such a powerful song. I had forgotten how great it was, as it has been years since I last heard it. Take a listen, and remind yourself or just enjoy for the first time. A true classic.

Check back soon for my next choice, or if you just can't wait that long, you can find plenty more over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

What's on my playlist this week?

Each week I tend to listen to different tunes dependant upon what I am doing, where I am. So I've decided to share them each week. It will be good to look back on how my music choices change, and how the weather and my fitness attempts influence what is making me tap my foot each week.

So this week, my Top 10 tracks for my playlist are:

  • Foo Fighters - All My Life
  • ACDC - Big Gun
  • Stereophonics - Dakota
  • Lana Del Ray - Blue Jeans
  • One Republic - Counting Stars
  • Radiohead - Creep
  • Hozier - Take Me to Church
  • Blank Space - Taylor Swift
  • Chandelier - Sia
  • Plan B - Deepest Shame
I have quite diverse taste in music, and this week's top 10 showcases that perfectly. They are all on there for different reasons. Some old, some new - all fabulous. 

I love music. You can find more of my previous choices and singles of the week at My Music page - just click here

Day 1 of My Week with Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill

My week with Kate Bush begins and for Day 1 I have chosen 'Running Up That Hill'.

'Running Up That Hill' was released as a single in 1985. It was taken from her album Hounds of Love also released in 1985.

This single reached number 3 in the UK singles chart. It was actually the lead single from the album, but apparently there was a bit of a tussle with her management company who wanted to release a different song first. As with all things Bush, she got her way!! Powerful lady this one.

For me, the power of this song is her voice and the lyrics of course, but what hooks you in is the music. It has that "de de dum, de de dum" like a heartbeat running through it. It is just so atmospheric, so enticing, so utterly beautiful.

The video is equally beautiful. Such a simple concept - Kate and a male dancer in grey leotards, just being gymnastic with one another. They dance, they sway, they lift, they caress. It is just sensual. It also made me realise that the video to Pink's song Try has quite clearly been influenced - the similarity is striking.

Kate looks almost impossibly pretty and ethereal. Her long brunette hair loose as she moves so elegantly, so effortlessly. As more dancers pass her as she moves alone in the opposite direction, I can also see the influence behind Rae Morris's video to 'Under the Shadows'.

I think its fair to say that there is only one Kate Bush, No other artist even comes close, She has the most haunting and sensual voice I have ever heard. Beautiful, mesmerising, and her range is breathtaking, especially in her early days.

On this track, she sounds powerful as she sings "if i only could, I'd make a deal with God, and I'd get him to swap our places". The song seemingly about how men and women don't know what its like to be in each other's place.

This is such a wonderful song and such an emotional one. I think its also worth mentioning that its been covered by several artists, not least remixed by Kate herself. My favourite cover is the one by Placebo which was used in the O.C. and I think they did it justice by retaining its original emotions.

Please go take a listen and remind yourself of this amazing piece of music history.

Check out My Music page by clicking here if you can't wait for my next song and need more to keep you going! Happy listening :)

Session 2 of the week done :)

I did my second session of the week at the gym last night. Two down, two to go. My session consisted of:

  • 1 mile jog (120 cals burned)
  • 10 cal warm up walk and 20 cal incline
  • Stepper for 100 cals
  • Bike for 70 cals
I also did 120 abs and 20 push ups. Not bad, but it absolutely killed me. Second session on the bounce though, so felt quite proud of myself. 

I strapped my toes together, as my little toe is still so sore. I am persevering, but its throbbing today as a result. 

I have two choices. I either have a fat swollen toe from doing the exercise, or a fat backside from not doing. I choose a fat toe every time!! 

Gym again tomorrow. :)

One more for the wishlist

Following my near fatal laptop mishap last night, I have decided to add a new item to my wishlist.

I spent quite some time looking at new laptops, recommended laptops, best buys etc.. The top budget laptop and by budget, I don't consider this to be cheap at all is the Acer Aspire. I already have this model, just a much older version and have had loads of issues with the power supply and battery life.

So I looked at the other models and really, nothing much to separate them. I need a fast processor, as I always have lots of apps open, loads of internet pages, plus various office documents.

I started to look at the more top end market and stumbled upon the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. Not a huge amount of difference in price between the two, but the Air is more portable with better battery life.

They look amazing though. Also a bit show-offy!! I am adding them to my wishlist. Obviously my laptop has lived to see another day, so not urgent but definitely the next model I want.

You can see my full wishlist here. :)

My Week with - the story so far

My Week With...

Week 20 - My Week with Kylie
Spinning Around
Can't Get You Out of My Head
Where the Wild Roses Grow
All the Lovers
I Believe in You
Kylie Minogue

Week 19 - My Week with Amy Winehouse
Love is a Losing Game
Back to Black
Our Day Will Come
Tears Dry on Their Own
You Know I'm no Good
Amy Winehouse

Week 18 - My Week with Foo Fighters
My Hero
The Pretender
Learn to Fly
All My Life
Best of You
Foo Fighters

Week 17 - My Week with Justin Timberlake
Cry Me a River
Sexy Back
Holy Grail
Rock Your Body
Take Back the Night
4 minutes
Justin Timberlake

Week 16 - My Week with Calvin Harris
Feel So Close
Acceptable in the 80's
You Used to Hold Me
Sweet Nothing
Drinking from the Bottle
Calvin Harris

Week 15 - My Week with Madonna
Into the Groove
Hung Up
Like a Prayer
Beautiful Stranger

Week 14 - My Week with Arctic Monkeys
I Bet That You Look Good on the Dance Floor
Snap Out of It
Fluorescent Adolescent
Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High
Don't Sit Down Cause I've Moved Your Chair
One For The Road
Arctic Monkeys

Week 13 - My Week with REM
Everybody Hurts
Losing My Religion
The Great Beyond
The One I Love
Bad Day
Its the End of The World As We Know It

Week 12 - My Week with Coldplay
The Scientist
Fix You
A Sky Full of Stars
The Hardest Part

Week 11 - My Week with Britney
Hit Me Baby One More Time
Piece of Me
Scream and Shout
Oops I Did it Again
I'm A Slave for U
Britney Spears

Week 10 - My Week with the Rolling Stones
I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Ruby Tuesday
Paint it Black
Start Me Up
She's A Rainbow
Gimme Shelter
The Rolling Stones

Week 9 - My Week with Rihanna
We Found Love
Love the Way you Lie
Russian Roulette

Week 8 - My Week with Robbie Williams
She's the One
Rock DJ
Come Undone
Robbie Williams

Week 7 - My Week with Kings of Leon
Wait for Me
Use Somebody
Molly's Chambers
Sex on Fire
Kings of Leon

Week 6 - Pink
Who Knew
Just Like a Pill
So What
Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
Raise Your Glass
All About Pink

Week 5 - My Week with Take That
Never Forget
Rule The World
The Flood
Greatest Day
Back for Good
Could it Be Magic
It's Take That!

Week 4 - My Week with Beyonce
Beautiful Liar
If I Were a Boy
Love on Top
Single Ladies (put a ring on it)
Crazy in Love
R&B / pop icon - Beyonce!

Week 3 - My Week with Oasis
The Importance of Being Idle
Half the World Away
D'You Know What I mean
Go Let it Out
Some Might Say
Live Forever
Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Classic Rock & Roll Music - Oasis

Week 2 - My Week with the Stereophonics
It Means Nothing
Local Boy in a Photograph
Mr Writer
Maybe Tomorrow
Pick a Part That's New
the Bartender and the Thief
Classic Music - Stereophonics

Week 1 - My Week with Blondie
Blondie - Heart of Glass
Blondie - Call Me
Blondie - Atomic
Blondie - Sunday Girl
Blondie - Dreaming
Blondie - Hanging on the Telephone
Blondie - Rapture
Classic Music - Blondie

Last play for this week's single of the week from Rae Morris - Under the Shadows

Tomorrow I shall choose a new single of the week, so this is my last play of the fabulous Under the Shadows by Rae Morris. Check it out here. Happy listening :)

Lucky break

Phewf. My laptop has come back on again after its caffeine fix last night. 24 hours of being upside down seems to have done the trick and its working again.

My keys are a bit stiff but they seem to be loosening up now I'm typing. The whole thing smells like a coffee house, but other than that it seems to have escaped unscathed.

I thought it was a goner last night. Cups of coffee are not supposed to be dropped on them. Thank god there was only a little bit left in the cup.

If it had been a full cup, I think it would have been good night Vienna for the old laptop. Need to stop being so damned clumsy.

Having a right unlucky streak at the moment, so this at last, was a lucky break. In the last few weeks my mum has broken her wrist, I have broken my toe, I have dropped a coffee on my laptop, and cut my toe open.

When we moved house I dropped my notebook, cue £70 repairs. Last week my car door whipped open in the wind and I chipped the edge of the door.

I keep banging into things, dropping things - its doing my head in!!

Hoping that this latest mishap is the last one and I am certainly due some luck. Not had a win now for approaching 2 months. Not impressed. I need a break of luck - or a lucky break. I am due one!!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Coffee and laptops don't mix

I am posting from my ipad as I have had a disaster of epic proportion. I had finished my evening meal, picked up my plate and my coffee cup and somehow knocked the mug over.

It's hit the screen upside down and the bit of coffee in the bottom splattered all over it. I thought I had got away with it at first. Alas I think it's buggared. 

Coffee was dripping from the keyboard and mouse pad. Then it powered off. It won't come back on. 

I need to let it dry out a bit but I think it's a goner. Oops. What do I do now??? Need to check my insurance I think. I can't believe such a tiny bit of coffee could cause such damage!! 

Not happy :(

Big monthly healthy shopping order done :)

Well, I have just finished placing my order for my shopping online. Mostly frozen stuff this month, and healthy stuff.

Healthy cereal, fresh salad, frozen veg, low fat meals for when I am starving and in a rush!! No added sugar cordial, low fat fizzy drinks, berocca, eggs and fruit. Lots of low fat mince and quorn, low fat bolognese sauce, tomatoes to make our own.

I've ordered low fat desserts and fresh fruit - bananas and berries. Peppers and mushrooms to make something yummy. Chicken for sandwiches, low fat soups, weight watchers soups.

This month I have no excuses at all. My cupboards will be fully stocked again, the freezer bursting at the seams.

I am hammering the gym now, so I need to sort out the balance of my diet and drink more water, less pop and coffee.

This is a positive start. Plus its so much less hassle than getting trolley rage in the supermarket!! Thursday evening its arriving, between 8-9pm. I just hope this snow does one by then!!

Healthy eating here I come. Time for a new eating plan. :)

Monday, 19 January 2015

My Week with Kate Bush begins

I have chosen Kate Bush as the artist I am going to spend my week with. By spending my week with, what I mean is finding out more about her, looking back at her career and generally learning more about her.

Then, I shall choose just 7 of her songs, one per day aka a week. I shall review each song and then decide at the end of my week which is my top song.

So without further ado lets get started and get to know more about this great British artist.

I grew up with Kate Bush. My dad was a huge fan, and as a 70's child, she was at her prime when I was young. Even then I realised she was something out of the norm and quite extraordinary.

Catherine Bush was born in Kent in 1958. She was signed at the unbelievably young age of 16, but it took a couple of years before her debut album was produced and launched. That album was 'The Kick Inside', and was released in 1977 when she was 19 years old.

Its fair to say that Kate Bush was destined for fame. She had penned some of the songs on the debut album when she was in her early teens, along with literally hundreds of other songs. No shortage of talent here.

She was signed to EMI, but so the story goes even then Kate had the final say in which song would be the lead single from her debut album. 'Wuthering Heights' was released in 1978 and it was a number hit in the UK charts. What a song it was - her high pitched and haunting vocals soared over the powerful music.

'Lionheart' was her second album, released in 1978. The 'Kick Inside' had reached number 3 in the UK album chart. 'Lionheart' reached number 6.

'Never for Ever' followed in 1980. Being the 80's, this album sounded a bit more electronic and clearly us Brits loved it. This was her first album to hit the number 1 spot. By this point she was co-producing and had set up her own company Kate Bush Music.

Her next album was produced by Kate herself. Her 1982 album 'The Dreaming' is I think best described as eccentric. It was a number 3 hit in the album chart, but didn't sell as well as most of her work.

'Hounds of Love' was her next album in 1985. She had continued with her tendency to want to be in control, having had her own studio built. 'Hounds of Love' was a massive hit reaching the number 1 spot in the UK album chart, earning her lots of accolades.

EMI released her greatest hits album in 1986, called 'The Whole Story'. She also released a duet with Peter Gabriel the same year, 'Don't Give Up'.

1989 saw her released the album 'The Sensual World'. This album hit number 2 in the UK singles chart. She followed it with 'This Woman's Work' box set in 1990, which included all her previous albums, B-sides to date.

1990 saw her release her own cover version of Elton John's 'Rocket Man'. In 1993 she released 'The Red Shoes'. This one reached number 2 in the UK album chart.

Between 1993, she took some time out. From what I gather, it was never her intention to stay away from the spotlight for so light, but nevertheless it was 2005 before she released her next album, 'Aerial'. It reached number 3 in the UK album chart and was quite the comeback album.

In 2011 she released her next album 'Director's Cut'. In short, it was kind of a revamped version of some of her earlier songs. Next came '50 words for snow'. It features Stephen Fry reading 50 words for snow as one collaboration. Her son appears on the song called 'Snowflake'. Well, I did start by saying Ms Bush has a leaning towards eccentric did I not?

Kate Bush has been around for a very long time, which in itself is an achievement. She's released 10 studio albums, over 30 singles. She has received and been nominated for practically every music award, including Grammy's, Brits and Ivor Novello, and a CBE.

She has the most distinctive voice I have ever heard. She was much higher and a bit more screechy in her earlier stuff, and seems to have deepened over the years in both voice and topic. Her songs are not pop, not folk, not jazz, not anything in particular, at times mixing all influences together. She is someone who is not afraid to try new things and to experiment.

Visually she is striking. Dark hair, petite features, porcelain complexion. She is a natural beauty, but has that quirky style that makes her unique.

I'm looking forward to spending the week with Kate Bush. Its going to be an adventure.

Check back soon for Day 1's choice. You can check out my previous artists to keep you entertained whilst you wait over at My Music page - just click here :)

Broadchurch - uneasy watching this week

This program has me on the edge of my seat every episode. Tonight's episode though - phewf!!

Absolutely glued to it. So many people behaving suspiciously. So many turns and twists.

Ok, so some of the timing might be slightly out. Trials don't happen so fast for instance. But its incidental. This is a great show and its nigh on impossible to work out where the plot is going.

Who dunnit x 2! Danny for one, and then Sandwell is increasingly on the radar. Regardless who dunnit, they are all suspicious!

Still absolutely none the wiser as to what is happening, who did what, who is guilty or who isn't.

I love this show!

The Ice Diet | Magic

The Ice Diet | Magic win the ice diet book

First gym session of the week done

Most disappointed with the scales this morning. Scales just not playing nicely, so no choice but to up my game. This has resulted in actually going to the gym on a Monday. Voluntarily!

I jogged a mile, still going slow because of my daft toe injury, but building it up gradually. Then I did 100 cals on the stepper followed by some ab work. To finish I did some tricep dips, push ups and 50 cals on the cross trainer.

In total, 300 cals burned on cardio plus floor work. As I sit now, (watching Corrie) I am up to 10,200 steps. Smashed my 10000 steps goal too. Result!!

Those scales had best start to shift soon. Gym again tomorrow. Going all out for it now. I simply cannot go on holiday overweight. Not going to happen!!

Gym bunny? Why yes. Yes I am! (I will look like one too eventually!)

Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Wishlist

  • Jeans
  • Faux fur jacket
  • Audi TT
  • Coco Mademoiselle EDP
  • New bedding
  • Yankee Candle
  • Curtains
  • Spa facial
  • Pedicure
  • Spray tan
  • Belly button piercing
  • Dress
  • Bikini
  • Lingerie
  • Chanel No 5 EDP
  • J'adore EDP
  • Body butter
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach bag
  • Flat cap
  • Barbour Jacket
  • Great red lipstick
  • Clarins Eau Dynamiste body lotion and body wash

So who's looking forward to Monday?

This point on a Sunday is the last point of the weekend. Its gone, its all over. Monday morning looms large in my thoughts.

Does anyone look forward to Monday morning? I'm sure there are some that absolutely love them. I don't mind my job to be honest. Its just that I prefer my bed.

I would prefer to get up when I feel like it, not because I have to. Especially this time of year when its still dark outside when the alarm goes off.

Its so cold and miserable out there. I would prefer to be able to warm up a bit first. You know, a leisurely coffee, an hour in my dressing gown chilling.

Alas this is not to be and its another Monday to contend with tomorrow. Up early, shower, put my war paint on and off I will go again.

Ahh weekend. Good bye. See you in another 5 days :(

Sunday afternoon chores

I have spent a good couple of hours cleaning the house top to bottom. I have dusted. I have hoovered. I have bleached. I have scrubbed. I have wiped. I have mopped. I have washed.

The house is once again sparkling clean. The house once again smells divine. As an added touch I have lit the Yankee Candles.

I love how it feels when its at its best. Ok, Sunday's should be spent doing more fun things I grant you, but its a great feeling now its all done.

I am also determined to get my steps up on the pedometer. This was another reason to throw myself into the house work. Not enough though - still need to do another 6000 steps today.

So the plan is to jump on the stepper every half hour and do some steps. I'm also going to throw some ab work into the mix - it all helps after all.

I also need to take my make up off and do a face mask. I want to look as good as I can. Nobody said it was easy!

Anyway, best go - time for more stepping! Wish me luck :)

Saturday, 17 January 2015

3rd gym session of the week done. boosh!

Been to the gym again today. Third time this week. Getting easier, albeit still hate going!

Today I jogged, a little faster, but still slow for a mile. I walked on an incline, I went on the stepper and I cross trained.

I did some ab work and some press ups and tricep dips. I'm so desperate to be a gym bunny.

I want to be one of those women that turns heads. I probably do already but for all the wrong reasons! Hot in the wrong way I am at the moment.

I will be a gym bunny. I will have a gym body. I will!! 3 sessions done. Boosh!!

don't miss my single of the week - Under the Shadows - Rae Morris

Check out my review here.

My Favourite Pics of me

Arrghhh!!! Perez Hilton is the devil!!!

Oh my god. My other half absolutely loves Big Brother. As such, I find myself getting more into it each year, as I have no choice but to watch it.

There have been annoying housemates in the past, but dear lord the celeb version takes some beating.

Last year was bad enough but Perez Hilton? I hate that man!! He has no talent, no personality, he is just a vile awful vicious human being.

I do not understand why he is still allowed to be in there. Awful man. Awful. I actually want to throw stuff at my TV. Argghhh!!

Friday, 16 January 2015

My next week is with ..... Kate Bush!!

I have decided, and my decision is to spend my next week with the one and only Kate Bush!!

This lady is talented, eccentric and a total one off. This is going to be epic! :)

Winter Days - Vintage Books competition

Winter Days - Vintage Books

Contenders for my next week with.

I have chosen some fabulous artists already. I am struggling a bit to decide who next. Here are the contenders:

  • U2
  • Bjork
  • David Bowie
  • Spice Girls
  • Depeche Mode
  • Ellie Goulding
  • Kate Bush
  • Abba
  • Eminem
  • Katy Perry
  • Goldfrapp
  • Mariah Carey
  • David Guetta
  • Paloma Faith
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Lady Gaga
  • The Police
  • The Who
  • Whitney Houston
  • Queen
  • Kasabian
  • The Killers
  • Taylor Swift
  • One Direction
  • George Michael
One of these will be the chosen one. Clock is ticking. I will decide tonight as I am deliberating far too much now! :)

Gym Session 2 this week - smashed it!

Last night I went to the gym again, with my bashed up toe! It fared pretty well to be honest.

I managed to jog a mile for the first time this year. The first time for about 3 months or more to be entirely truthful. Boy it hurt though. Not so much my toe - more everything else just about!

When did I get so unfit again? I did half the workout I was doing previously and it was twice as hard!!

So I did my jog. I did some stepper work, and some cross trainer. I did some ab work. I say some - it absolutely killed me!!

I know it will get better. I know I will able to do more. I know I will be fitter and healthier and it will help the weight loss. I also know it hurts.

I also know that I now ache like hell and its going to get far, far, far worse before it starts to get better again! Got to persevere. That means going again this weekend. Bring it on!

Who shall I spend the next week with?

I've already spent 20 weeks with different people. Artists, bands, male and female - its been fabulous!! Now its time to decide who is next.

Here is the list of who I have already spent my weeks with:

Week 20 - My Week with Kylie

Week 19 - My Week with Amy Winehouse

Week 18 - My Week with Foo Fighters

Week 17 - My Week with Justin Timberlake

Week 16 - My Week with Calvin Harris

Week 15 - My Week with Madonna

Week 14 - My Week with Arctic Monkeys

Week 13 - My Week with REM

Week 12 - My Week with Coldplay

Week 11 - My Week with Britney

Week 10 - My Week with the Rolling Stones

Week 9 - My Week with Rihanna

Week 8 - My Week with Robbie Williams

Week 7 - My Week with Kings of Leon

Week 6 - Pink

Week 5 - My Week with Take That

Week 4 - My Week with Beyonce

Week 3 - My Week with Oasis

Week 2 - My Week with the Stereophonics

Week 1 - My Week with Blondie

Going to have to give this some more thought. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Its the Weekend :)

Oh I am glad its Friday. The whole weekend is stretching ahead. Lots planned, but glad to say nothing at all planned for tonight. Just relaxing with my feet up for once.

It is freezing too, so even more pleased that I haven't got to venture out for anything at all. The other half in a bit of a grump mind you, so me thinks lots of comping this evening for me!

This weekend, weather dependent, I have stuff to do outdoors. Namely cutting back shrubs, pulling out dead plants, and generally having a bit of a garden tidy up.

I've arranged to go and see an old friend who I've not seen in forever. I need to go see my mum and dad, especially as she broke her wrist at Christmas in the snow rescuing an old lady. (more on that rescue mission later).

I also need to go to the gym. My legs still ache from last nights not so marathon but still incredibly impossibly hard session, but it has to be done.

I have ebay items to wrap ready for posting. I have ironing to be done. I need to take my measurements to track my progress. I also need to make sure that I get my 10,000 steps up so at some point I need to squeeze in going for a walk or a jog.

Lots to do. What are you plans for this weekend?

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Watching Ghost

 I haven't seen this film in such a long time. It really is such a great film.

Patrick Swayze is so handsome. Demi is so young. Then there is that pottery scene, and that song.

Just brilliant. I had forgotten how good it was. Thoroughly enjoying myself.

My single of the week - Rae Morris - Under the Shadows

I heard this for the first time a few days ago, and its been stuck in my head ever since. My new single of the week - 'Under the Shadows' by Rae Morris.

This one is quite literally hot off the press. Its brand new, only released in the last few days (early Jan 2015). To me it sounds like a cross between Bjork and Kate Bush. That is no bad thing.

Rae Morris, real name Rachel Anne Morris, is a British artist - from Blackpool in fact. You wouldn't know it from her vocals. No sign of an accent, just beautiful breathy wonderfully emotion filled and deep vocals. She has a voice I could just listen to over and over again. Yes, its that good.

This isn't her debut single - she's been releasing EP's and singles for the last couple of years. This single though, is going to be huge!! Its from her debut album 'Unguarded' which is out later this month.

The video is classy. Just Rae with her gorgeous curly locks in a flowy white dress singing. She looks to be in some sort of stately home or ball room or some such glamorous location. Dancers pass her by, and all in all, its actually beautiful to behold and is well suited to this gorgeous song.

Rae has lent her voice to the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club and Clean Bandit, but here, on her own, she is wonderful. I absolutely love how she sings, whilst it goes sort of "whoo ooh ooh, whoo ooh ooh" in the background. It really is very atmospheric and really does remind me of Kate Bush his like 'Running up that Hill', but not in a copycat way, or trying to imitate. It just, to me, sounds like Kate may have been an influence.

I see this lady being huge in 2015. Go and listen to this immediately and please let me know if you love it.

If you want more singles of the week, and more music, go check out My Music page here. Happy listening :)

(video published on youtube by Rae Morris)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

10 weeks maximum challenge

In just under 10 weeks from now, I shall be on my holidays. We are going to the fabulous Morocco.

Now, with this in mind, I am now on a 10 week challenge. The challenge being to get as much weight off and to get as fit as I possibly can in 10 weeks.

Now, last Monday, the 5th January 2015 I weighed in at 14 stone 10lbs. This was a shock. I am not down playing it - I was appalled.

When I went on holiday last time, in August 2014, I was 11 stone 13lbs. That means I have gained 2 stones 11lbs. Eeek!!

Clearly, I'm not going to shift 2 stone 11lbs by my holiday this time. I can shift a lot of it though. I am determined to go for it as much as I possibly can.

Lets be realistic. This morning, I weighed in at 14 stone 4lbs. That means 6lbs are gone, leaving 2 stone 5lbs to move.

Breaking it down to what is a sensible weight loss, that would be a loss of 2lb per week. 2lb per week for 10 weeks would mean I lost 20lbs. 20lb is 1 stone 6lbs, which from where I am today would take me to 12 stone 12lbs. Far too heavy. Far far far too heavy.

In holiday terms - that is too much excess baggage. 2lbs a week therefore is not going to cut it. No sirree. Nope. Not good enough. Not even close. So what will it take?

Ok, best to start with the aim I guess. I would be ok going on my hols at maybe a couple of pounds over 12 stone. Provided I hammer the gym, hammer the abs and generally am fit and more toned than my current pilsbury doughboy physique.

The dream would ideally be to hit 11 stone 13lbs of course. So lets go there first. What would I need to lose to get there?

  • From today, this would require 2 stone 5lbs. That is 33lbs. 10 weeks - 3.3lb per week. That's some going. 3.3lbs per week. 
Lets consider a more realistic approach then and see what I might be able to max at if I give it my all. Aim for 12 stone 2lb. I would be ok with that. 
  • From today's weight, that is 2 stone 2 lbs. I would need to lose 30lbs. That is still 3lbs per week. 
However, my plan is more realistic than that. If I can go like the clappers at it this week, and manage to shift a few more pounds than I need on average per week, that would give me a buffer. So if I lost 4lbs this week, I would be 14stone dead on. 

That would leave 26lbs to lose in 9 weeks. If I then aimed for 3lbs next week, that would knock it down to 23lbs. If I then alternated for the next 8 weeks between 2 and 3lbs loss per week, that would need to 3 weeks at 2lbs loss = 6lbs and 5 weeks at 3lbs loss = 15lbs. 

All that would add up to another 21lbs or a stone and a half. That would put me at 12 stone 4lbs. That would be just 2lbs off target, but I would be more than happy with that believe me!!

Can I shift 4lbs in this next week? Hopefully. Can I shift 3lbs a week for 6 weeks, and 2lb per week for 3 weeks? I can try. I will try. I am going to do all I can to get to target. 

10 weeks challenge. Hard work, yes. Worth it? Hell yes. Watch this space. 

Another item for the wishlist

I've thought of another great addition to my wishlist. Its one of my all time favourites.

  • Clarins Eau Dynamiste body lotion and body wash
I absolutely adore the smell of the body wash and the body lotion in this range. It smells clean and fresh. Its just beautiful and refreshing and leaves my skin so smooth and lovely. 

So another definite for the wishlist. Hopefully I will soon reach a milestone where I can reward myself with this. Even more inspired now :)