Monday, 30 April 2018

WIN a relaxing spa break in the North York Moors

WIN a relaxing spa break in the North York Moors: ENTER APRIL’S COMPETITION to be in with the chance of winning a luxury two-night stay for two at the Feversham Arms Hotel & Verbana Spa in the heart of the North York Moors.

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Win A Mia Tui Jennie Travel Bag For Holiday Organisation & Style!: Organiser handbags are endlessly useful when you're a busy mum. Here's your chance to win a Mia Tui Jennie Travel Bag in my latest giveaway. The Jennie can even be attached to your suitcase so you have everything you need in one place.

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Win Amphora Aromatics’ Aromatherapy Blends and a Ceramic Diffuser - Mr and Mrs 50 Plus: Amphora Aromatics is one of aromatherapy’s best kept secrets.  As one of the UK’s largest suppliers of essential oils and aromatherapy products, the company has more than 30 years’ experience sourcing the highest quality ingredients from independent producers across the globe.

Songs for April

  • The Jesus and Mary Chain - April Skies 
  • Deep Purple - April
  • Queen - April Lady 
  • Aretha Franklin - April Fools 
  • Simon & Garfunkel - April She Will Come 
  • Tony Bennett - April in Paris
  • Frank Sinatra - I'll Remember April
  • A-ha - Soft Rains of April
  • Nat King Cole - Lost April
  • Soul Asylum - April Fool

National Days for April - Today is Honesty Day

  • 1st April - April Fool's Day
  • 2nd April - Children's Book Day
  • 3rd April - Find a Rainbow Day
  • 4th April - Tell a Lie Day
  • 5th April - Caramel Day
  • 6th April - California Poppy Day
  • 7th April - No House Work Day
  • 8th April - Zoo Lover's Day
  • 9th April - Winston Churchill Day
  • 10th April - Sibling's Day
  • 11th April - Pet Day
  • 12th April - Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
  • 13th April - Scrabble Day
  • 14th April - Dolphin Day
  • 15th April - Rubber Eraser Day
  • 16th April - Orchid Day
  • 17th April - Bat Appreciation Day
  • 18th April - Juggler's Day
  • 19th April - Garlic Day
  • 20th April - Look Alike Day
  • 21st April - Astronomy Day
  • 22nd April - Jelly Bean Day
  • 23rd April - Lover's Day
  • 24th April - Pigs in Blankets Day
  • 25th April - Penguin Day
  • 26th April - Pretzel Day
  • 27th April - Tell A Story Day
  • 28th April - Superhero Day
  • 29th April - Dance Day
  • 30th April - Honesty Day

Win one of five midweek breaks at Bluestone in Pembrokeshire

Win one of five midweek breaks at Bluestone in Pembrokeshire: Win one of five midweek breaks at Bluestone in Pembrokeshire

My Book of the Month for April - She Did It - Mel Sherratt

My book of the month for April is by Mel Sherratt with 'She Did It'.

This is the first Mel Sherratt book I have read, despite having once upon a time actually worked with the talented lady! Now I have read this one, I am ready to devour her every output. What a read this is!!

I won't spoil it for you, as its got some serious twists and turns, and the end - wow! What I will say is that the plot revolves around two main characters - those being Tamara and Esther. Set in London and its surrounding area, its about the present, but totally moving due to the past to an inevitable face down.

Its interesting in that despite being a rotten apple, one of the characters is revealed to have been treated very badly indeed in the past, and both have their share of skeletons in the cupboard.

Tamara may well have status, but her money is running short. In Esther, she sees a capable, enthusiastic new employee that opens up the career opportunites she needs. In Tamara, Esther sees a gullible woman, willing to employ her despite her fake references and hidden agenda.

Even within a setting where its clear that all is not going to end well, and the term friendship is perhaps not the most appropriate description of their relationship with each other, its still shocking how things develop.

This is a great psychological thriller, well written with a fabulous story arc and great twists. Highly recommend this and off to read more from Mel. Great read.

Win an Inntravel holiday for two to Piedmont, Italy

Win an Inntravel holiday for two to Piedmont, Italy

WIN £5,000 to invest in an investment company

WIN £5,000 to invest in an investment company: THE ASSOCIATION OF INVESTMENT COMPANIES (AIC), in association with Moneywise, is offering readers the chance to win £5,000 to invest in the investment company of their choice.

My Travels - Hoar Cross Hall - Inside the Venue - Part II

Each hallway was lined with thick patterned carpets

There were real fireplaces polished up and detailed with ornaments

Stately carved chairs dotted about everywhere add to the elegance

I adored these love chairs

Huge wooden doors welcome you inside

Beautiful urns are there to great you on arrival

The whole place is full of atmosphere and history

In the original wing, a beautiful wooden stairs case winds its way to the first floor

The original wing has such class 

Wonderful mirrors adorn the walls

Chandeliers hang suspended from the ceilings

There are even suits of armour! 

My Travels - Hoar Cross Hall - Our room

My Travels - Hoar Cross Hall - Inside The Venue Part 1

Hoar Cross Hall is one impressive building

Dark wood, library shelves lined with books

Huge windows dressed with elaborate furnishings

Leather sofa's

Beautiful tables and chairs

Dark wood floors and chaise longues

Plush carpets underfoot

Glass tables and comfy seating

Fabulous lighting

My Travels - Hoar Cross Hall - The Grounds Part II

Around every corner was another beautiful statue

The weather could not have been better

This beautiful bench was the perfect spot for the best views

The hall loomed up as we walked back

The trees reminded me of Harry Potter

The whole place felt magical

Statues of deer and stags adorn the front lawn

Kissing statues - so romantic

It was so well looked after

This is the raised glass dome for the spa below