Friday, 31 October 2014

10 Scary Halloween films - 9 down 1 to go

9 down, one more to go:

#1 Jeepers Creepers
#2 Salems Lot
#3The Conjuring
#4 Insidious
#5 Drag Me to Hell
#6 The Blair Witch Project
#7 Carrie
#8 Psycho
#9 Fright Night

Just 1 more scary film to go :)

I got the keys now!!! Woohoo!!

Well that's it - the house buying bit is over. We are now in proud possession of the keys to our lovely new house. What a lot of keys there are too!!

I got the call, and hotfooted it down to the estate agents to pick up the keys. From there, it was sraight to the house and then the real work began.

Six hours later, 3 loads of boxes loaded up and unpacked. The house is amazing. Better than I remembered, just beautiful.

I looked out of the bedroom window and what did I see? Cows. Cows, in a field, surrounded by countryside. Our house. Wow. Happy happy now. :)

Waiting for the phone to ring :)

I am trying not to pace. Trying and failing. I am waiting for the phone to ring to tell me that I can go and collect they keys for our new house!!

I hate waiting for the phone to ring. I keep staring at. I keep checking its working. I keep checking its charged.

I am pacing pacing pacing. I hate waiting!! :)

My Week with Justin Timberlake Day Five - Rock Your Body

Day Five of My Week with Justin Timberlake and today its 'Rock Your Body'.

Rock Your Body was released in 2003. It was taken from his debut album Justified which was out the previous year 2002. Claim to fame here, not only was Timbaland involved again, but also Pharrell (Happy) Williams. Not bad for a debut album output!

I've already chosen Cry Me A River from this album, but this one couldn't sound any different! Its much more pop - dance, than the slower, more edgy Cry Me a River. That's a good thing though, as he doesn't just release the same song with different words unlike others I could mention!

The video features lots of dancing - very much boy band moves in this one, he clearly is still NSYNC at this point in his style and moves. Do not like what he is wearing at all. Its like JT before the stylist. He looks much better suave and sophisticated, but there is an unknown appeal to JT even here, albeit a bit try hard to be cool at this stage.

JT is quite high pitched in his vocals in this track - think Michael Jackson vocals. Ironic that JT has a collaboration with MJ post his passing, as he was clearly influenced by the late great Michael even back then.

This is a catchy little number, and it does make you want to dance. It hit the number 2 spot in the UK singles chart, so it was another big hit for him, although it just missed the top spot.

Cheeky little lyrics to this one "better have you naked by the end of this song" for one!! Little scamp!! Rather than being offensive though, JT has an appeal that allows him to include such lines without being A-cheesy, or B-rude. He is just cheeky. I like that.

All in all, this is a great track. It still sounds good, and I excuse his naf dancing as he was only young and it was his first solo album, and he is much better at it now!!

Just two more songs to go in My Week with Justin Timberlake - come back tomorrow for Day 6. If you can't wait, check out My Music page by clicking here for loads more music stuff. Happy listening : )

I move today, I move today, I move house today!!!!

Oh gosh, its here, the day I get the keys. The keys to my new house. Our new house. Its today!!! I move today, I move today, I move today - whoop!!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

10 minutes until "I move today"

OMG!! Its been 3 and a half months since we viewed this house. It was 3 and a half months to go, then 3 months, then just 2 months.

We went on holiday mid August, thinking "less than 2 months" when we get home. Then it was "we move next month". Then we were counting in weeks, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Then it was 7 days, 6 days, 5 days, 4 days, 3 days, 2 days and then tomorrow.

Tomorrow. 10 minutes until it is today. Today I say, today!!! Actually, in the time its taken me to write this 8 minutes. 8 minutes!! :)

More things done - tick 'em off

We have sorted a few more things today - ticking them off the list.

The chest freezer is ordered and is coming Tuesday. So is the new washing machine - a big black 9KG jobby!! Woohoo!! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get so excited over appliances!!

Loads more still to do, but by golly we are cooking on gas now!! :)

What I'm Watching this Week

This Week I am watching:

  • The Missing. The first episode of this new drama started this week. Starring James Nesbitt, its all about their son going missing whilst on holiday in France. Its started brilliantly, but its very dark and brooding, as you would expect given the topic, but its been done well, not over the top. Nesbitt is fantastic as the father, but all the supporting actors are brilliant. Totally flawless, and you can't help but be moved. 
  • Coronation Street. The aftermath of Peter's conviction and that shock confession. Compelling viewing this week. I do find it far-fetched that Deirdre wouldn't be at her own daughters' wedding though. Good to see a face from the past in the form of Cilla - Ches and Fizz's mum. Corrie is great at the moment. 
  • Lost. We are now half way through series 2 and things are getting weird. The others are coming on strong now. A weird computer inside the hatch, that has to have Hurley's lotto numbers input every few hours. Weird black smoke, more survivors from the other side of the island. Babies, pregnancies - all fascinating if totally confusing. I am enjoying it immensely!
  • Homes under the Hammer. Probably because home moving is on our minds, but we have been watching loads of these. Ideas for what you can do with homes to inspire us. Its a fascinating look into the auction world. 
  • Halloween scares - watching lots of scary stuff - well , it is Halloween tomorrow ! 

Cars full of boxes - ready to roll

We finished work, came home and the hard work began. The physical work. First up, the 4x4 was loaded up with as many boxes and stuff as we could fit into it.

Next, it was the other half's car. Both are now packed to the rafters, and ready for the big day tomorrow.

We should, all being well, and according to the bank, their estate agent and the solicitors, be able to collect the keys by 12 noon. That's less than a day away now!!!!

The garage is almost half empty now, and everything is planned. Boxes are labelled, and depending on the label, depends where its going to be put tomorrow!!

I feel restless now - I want to be in that house, not this one. Just one more night, I keep telling myself. Just one more, then its ours. :)

My Week with Justin Timberlake Day Four - Holy Grail

Day Four of My Week with Justin Timberlake and today its 'Holy Grail'

Technically, this is a Jay Z track, but it features JT so I wanted to include it. Its taken from his 12th, yes 12th album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. Its another track produced with Timbaland, like many of JT's own tracks.

Its rap, combined with JT's distinctive high singing voice. Its got a sample from one of Nirvana's tracks, 'Smells like teen spirit' adding to its particular cool appeal.

This is a song like nothing I had heard before, and nothing I have heard since. These two are so different, and the result so strikingly unusual but somehow it works. I'm not a Jay Z fan, but I do appreciate his talent, and the blend of the two styles here appeals to me.

The video is amazing. Jay Z and JT featuring separately, but its full of powerful images and the vocals are kind of distorted and slowed down, giving something different again. Its very gothic - guns, candelabra's, chandeliers, and very moody - with both of them looking very stylish in their own ways.

This song reached number 7 in the UK singles chart, so it was another hit for the two of them.

JT shows he is versatile, and it is a great track. If you can't wait for tomorrow's choice, then check out my previous choices and loads more music stuff over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

Scary Halloween films - 8 of 10

We are up to 8 of my 10 scary Halloween films. Here we go so far:

#1 Jeepers Creepers
#2 Salems Lot
#3The Conjuring
#4 Insidious
#5 Drag Me to Hell
#6 The Blair Witch Project
#7 Carrie
#8 Psycho

Just 2 more to go. I shall post one this evening, and the final one tomorrow, Halloween itself. :)

Keys tomorrow!!

It feels so good saying that. We get the keys - tomorrow!! Not next week, next month - tomorrow!!

Everything crossed. I just hope it doesn't go to the wire and that we get the keys early in the day, that would be the dream.

Its just so nerve wracking, but definitely on the home straight now. Keys - tomorrow!! Epic :)

My single of the Week - Ben Howard - I Forget Where We Were

My single of the week this week is from the lovely Ben Howard with his new song ' I Forget Where We Were'.

I am a little obsessed with this somewhat melancholy sounding single from Ben Howard. Its the lead single from his album of the same title, which was released this month, October 2014.

Information on this single is a little sketchy. Its been on Radio One's playlist this week, so I can only assume its a new single, but can I find the release date? Nope.

What I can tell you is that this is a beautiful, melancholy, guitar filled lullaby-esque output, totally different to his first album outputs. I'm not sure its going to be a huge hit, as its quite non-mainstream.

You can listen to it by clicking on this video. There isn't an official video yet, but you can here this lovely song.

Ben's vocals are haunting. This is such a move away from his first album. Its melancholy, but not 'make you sob into your hanky' sad.

I was going to post this earlier on Weds evening, but have been trying to get more information. I nearly changed my mind and picked a different single, but have stuck with it as I love it far too much.

I shall post more when I can find more. In the meantime, you can also check out My Music page by clicking here. Happy listening :)

video published on youtube by BenHowardVEVO (official audio)

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

We won't get the keys until late on Friday :(

I found out today that we will not be getting the keys on Friday morning. We have to wait until the bank and the solicitors do their thing, everything clears, and then collect the keys from their estate agents.

I am so impatient to be in the house now, that even though its only a few hours later than we hoped, it feels like a setback.

Trying not to be dejected - just want those keys!! :)

Tonight's Personal Training - I survived !

It was PT again, less than 24 hours on from the last one. I already felt stiff legged, and aching so it was going to be a challenge. I still did not know what I was in for!!

This was tonight's torture:

  • Full squats with jumps (30 reps x 3 sets) using TRX ropes
  • Ball lifts and squats (20 reps x 3 sets)
  • Rowing - 30 second full sprints x 4 reps
  • Studio work - box jump and burpees - 10 reps x 3 sets
  • Side steps up and down the gym - 3 sets
  • Duck walks up and down the gym carrying weight - 3 sets
  • Side steps up and down the gym - 3 sets
  • Cross trainer - intervals - 3 sets
  • Full squats - 15 reps x 3 sets
  • 800m run on treadmill
  • Clean and thrust with dumbell - 3 sets each side of 15 reps each
  • Lunge jumps - 20 reps x 3 sets
It was really hard. I was sweating profusely again. He pushes me so hard. I just need to sort out my diet now. I am getting stronger, I am getting fitter, I now need to get slimmer. 

The challenge is on. 

My Week with Justin Timberlake Day Three - Mirrors

Day Three of My Week with Justin Timberlake and today it is Mirrors.

Mirrors was released in 2013, and was the second single from his album The 20/20 Experience, which was also released in 2013.

This is more a ballad than my day one and two choices, but showcases his vocal talent much more. Mirrors is a love song, about two people being each other's other half. Its quite slow tempo, and very emotional.

The video is lovely, and quite choked me up. Its an older couple, who are flashing back to their life together, and its lovely. They see themselves younger, at their own wedding, dancing, crying, and then dancing together as their older selves. But the she is on her own, old, and he is gone.

It then snaps to Justin himself in a house of mirrors, looking into the mirror at his other half, as the kind of morph together.

This is a beautiful track, and is another in collaboration with Timbaland. Apparently it was inspired by JT's grandparents.

The lyrics are beautiful. 'the vacancy that sat in my heart, is a space that now you hold', 'we're making two reflections into one', and my favourite 'yesterday is history, tomorrow's a mystery, I can see you lookin' back at me, keep your eyes on me'.

Absolutely no surprise that this went straight in at number one in the UK charts. The song itself, is an epic 8 minutes long. Its a bit like two into one as well, like the reflection he sings about. It starts as the Mirrors I know, then breaks into JT doing a bit of a different version in the last minutes, at the same point in the video where its just JT and the mirrors. Very clever.

I liked this when I first heard, and still do. It gives you something different - its like although JT is now a brand he gives it something new each time, keeps it fresh, keeps it exciting. This is a ballad, but being JT its sexy, its a bit R&B, its very soulful, and its edgy.

Take a listen, remind yourself how it goes, and let me know if you love it. So that's day three. If you can't wait for the next one, you can find loads of music stuff over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

2 Days until the keys

Its getting close now. 2 days until the keys, assuming everything goes ahead as it should. 2 more days!!

I am barely able to sleep my mind is so full of things to do, things to organise, and to be honest, just plain and simple excitement!! My house!! I can't wait to step through the door for the first time knowing it is mine.

I'm like a child, giddy with excitement. 2 days, just 2 more days. :)

Halloween films - 4 to go

So far, we have 6 Halloween Movies to care us:

#1 Jeepers Creepers
#2 Salems Lot
#3The Conjuring
#4 Insidious
#5 Drag Me to Hell
#6 The Blair Witch Project

4 more to go as we count down to Halloween. woooohhhh. :)

57 Sleeps until Christmas!

I just discovered it is now just 57 sleeps until Christmas. 57 sleeps!! Scary but true. Just thought I would share that gem with you, even before we have Halloween and Bonfire night safely tucked away for another year.

PT again - what have I done?

I'm up and at 'em but already I am feeling the aches from last nights' PT session. I have the joyous prospect of another session to look forward today!! What have I done?

The mere thought of anything energetic right now is making my muscles throb!!

On the plus side, at least by persevering, I am one step closer to where I want to be. Slim and fit. Just wish it wasn't today. Arghhh!! :(

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Its almost month end - that means comp time!!

If you follow my blog, you will already know that I am partial to a good competition. I think the correct term is that I am a bit of a comper, in so much as I can be with a full time job and a packed full life anyway!!

Month end is a particularly active time for us compers, and as such, you will see many more comp posts than usual over the next few days until the 31st.

I have to say, my luck is on the up of late - just last week I won a bed, which is fab!! So don't assume noone ever wins these things - they do!!

So why not try your luck and enter one of them yourselves? Good luck :)

Tonight's Personal Training - hell on earth

It was the first of my two back to back PT sessions tonight. Lets just get it over with shall we? Tonight, I was absolutely useless. This is the gruelling schedule he put me through this evening :

  • Stair master - double steps at steady and fast pace intervals - 3 sets
  • 20 lunges on the spot - 3 sets
  • 20 kettle bell swings - 3 sets
  • 15 squat and box jumps - 3 sets
  • 10 burpees with press ups - 3 sets
  • 3 min run on treadmill
  • 30 squats with kettle bell - 3 sets
  • Box jumps - alternating - 3 x 45 seconds continuous
  • Cross trainer intervals - 3 sets
  • 20 kettle bell swings - 3 sets
  • 20 leg raise abs - 3 sets
  • 30 leg cross abs - 3 sets
I struggled tonight, really really struggled. After the 3 gruelling bouts on the stair master, and the lunges in between, to say that the muscles in my behind were painful and burning would be the understatement of the century. 

After the hellish stair master, it hurt doing anything at all. I had tears in my eyes at one point. My PT even took pity on me - something he never does. He put me on the treadmill for a couple of minutes to run it off. It worked, to a point. I could still feel it, but it was less severe and I was able to carry on. 

It just absolutely exhausted me tonight. Muscle burn, stitch, and general fatigue. This was a real tough one. The worst part? I've got to do it all again tomorrow night!! Arghhhhh!!!! 

Last chance for Charli XCX Break The Rules - This week's single of the week

Today is the last day of this week's single of the week. Don't miss it - just click here.

New choice tomorrow.

If you can't wait, you can check out my previous choices over at My Music page here. Happy listening :)

Day Two of My Week with Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back

Day Two of My Week with Justin Timberlake and today its 'Sexy Back'.

Sexy Back was released in 2006. It was the lead single from his second studio album, also released that year, Future Sex/Love Sounds.

This track was another he produced with Timbaland, and the result is fantastic. This is a step away from his pop band come R&B sound, and a move more towards rock. The distortion on his vocals adds to that effect.

Make no mistake though, this has an absolutely thumping bass. Apparently JT wanted to experiment, wanted to do something different, to make something that sounded different. I think we can safely say it was a successful experiment.

Its full of booming bass, thumping pulse, synthesiser sounds, JT's slowed and distorted vocals, not his usual high singing range, and then Timbaland kind of rapping / commenting in the gaps in vocals. It sounds messy by description, but to the ear - fabulous. Its a foot tapping, body rocking track, and it is sexy. Damn right he's bringing sexy back with this, to coin the phrase.

Unsurprisingly this track hit the top spot in the UK singles chart, and was a smash pretty much everywhere else too! This being the lead track from his second album, it was like "boom" JT is back. What a follow up album!!

The video is JT being cool again. Good lord this boy has some moves. It features him and a very sexy lady, in a club and seemingly spying on each other. They get hot and steamy together, and it ends with them kissing, with the kiss frozen on the screen. JT looks hot.

This is an odd track in that it doesn't have a chorus, doesn't have an obvious hook really, just that phrase "I'm bringing sexy back".  It sounds naughty though with lyrics like "I'll let you whip me if I misbehave" and "turn around and I'll take up the slack". Phewf!! Naughty boy JT. Sexy back indeed!!

Crikey what a song. I need to go take a cool shower now. Go take a listen, remind yourself how fabulous this is, or if you've not heard it, go listen how fabulous it is!! Either way, drop me a comment. Back shortly when I've cooled off.

If you can't wait, you can find loads more music over at My Music page. Just click here. Happy listening :)

Halloween films - 5 of 10

So far, we have 5 Halloween Movies:

#1 Jeepers Creepers
#2 Salems Lot
#3The Conjuring
#4 Insidious
#5 Drag Me to Hell

5 more to go as we count down to Halloween. woooohhhh. :)

3 Days until the keys!

I just realised that its now only 3 days until we get the keys!! Oh my, 3 days.

My head is crammed with ideas and jobs to be done, but instead of stressing me I am just plain old excited.

I have a lot to do mind you. The insurance is sorted, cashback cock up aside. Grrr. But the list is still long.

Removal men, moving boxes, emptying the garage, painting at the new house, cleaning the old one. Phewf.

This on top of all the address moves - I've made a start at least. Getting meter readings, changing everything over.

Not to mention the new stuff we need. I want to replace the pillows, duvets etc.. as we have a new mattress for one bed, and a brand new bed too, so don't want crappy old pillows!! That's tonights task. Assuming I am still compus mentos enough after PT!

Busy busy, but happy :)

Awake, up and refreshed after my early night :)

My goodness what a difference in me this morning. Yes, still not thin- you don't sleep your weight off in one night! (I wish).

However, this morning, for the first morning in a good long while, the alarm went off at 7am and I got up at 7am. So far, I am showered, washed, moisturised, gym bag packed, work snacks packed, breakfast done, vitamins taken, Berocca waiting.

This at just 7.20am. I couldn't face the scales - that can wait for another day. However, with PT tonight and tomorrow, by Thursday the weight should be showing improvement.

Last night I was off the booze. Not a drop, as it was getting too much of a habit. Its the calories more than anything, followed by how bloated and dehydrated it makes me. So staying off it again tonight too.

This morning I feel properly awake. Its a good feeling. :)

Monday, 27 October 2014

The Night Owl sleeps

I usually am the night owl of our house. Its not unusual for me to be up until the wee hours of the morning.

Not tonight!! This is my last post this evening as I have to go to bed. My eyelids are heavy, my attention is waning. I'm giving in for once.

Night night. x

My first 5 singles of the week

I have looked back at my first 5 singles of the week. I wanted to see how they had fared. Here they are, with their chart number alongside.

Clean Bandit - Rather Be (feat Jess Glynne) - reached number 1.

Lorde - Royals - My Single of the Week - reached number 1.

Happy - Pharell Williams - reached number 1.

Wilkinson - Afterglow - reached number 8.

Sail by Awolnation - reached number 17.

Its fascinating to go back and see how they went on. Some went straight in at the top, others lingered there, others still never made it. I am going to take a look back on all of them in time, as I love music.

Got to start this diet again you know :(

I sit here of an evening, typing away, doing my thing. Most evenings, I feel pretty positive. Most days, I love life, love my life, and am happy.

My weight though, directly correlates to my mood and positivity. I feel over weight and its making me feel miserable.

Its not even about appearance, its everything. I get in the shower, and I feel like a hippo wading in the water hole. I get dressed and feel like a frump. I go out and feel rolls of fat and I hate it, hate it hate it.

I need to work out how to get my head on right. Eating is just the physical part. Its the emotional part of me that's at the wheel at the moment.

I have this constant battle of eat it because it tastes good, or don't eat it and remember how good slim feels. Taste is winning at the moment, and am at a loss how to get myself motivated again.

Any tips ?? x

My blogging adventure - the story so far

A little over 12 months ago, I decided to have a go at blogging.  I posted my very first post and began to experiment with how my blog looked.

I must confess to having no idea what I wanted to blog about, or what, if anything, I could offer. I looked at the blogs out there that were successful and what they wrote about.

I noticed people labelled themselves as foodies, or blogging mummy's, or fashionistas. What I wanted to blog about didn't seem to have a label. So I blogged a bit more, and learned a few tricks and tips along the way. I learned how to link to other posts, how to create pages, and a little bit about promoting it.

12 months on, and whilst I wouldn't say my little old blog is a success as such, I would say its a real enjoyable habit now. I have discovered that I am probably a lifestyle blogger, if anything. I write a bit about music, about fashion, about dieting and just, well, life really.

I'm getting a bit of a structure and organisation now, but nothing onerous. I try to post my single of the week each wednesday, and my posts about what I'm watching on Thursdays. I am carrying on with choosing a new artist and reviewing seven songs in my week with, I'm now on week 17.

To be honest though, some days I blog a lot, some days a little. It depends what I'm doing, what catches my attention. Its like I am writing for me, about things I enjoy, and hoping that some of you will enjoy it too.

I enjoy writing, always have, and I find blogging a really rewarding activity. Its not about how many followers for me, its about enjoying it, and learning new things and getting better at it. Here's to my little blog - The Eternal Hopeful. That's me you see. I always have a goal, a plan, a to do list - Eternally Hopeful. :)

Back to back PT is looming :(

I have PT tomorrow. 5pm. I have PT on Wednesday at 6.15pm. Its going to be hardcore!!

The problem is this - I have piled weight on. I am stronger and fitter, but fatter. Its not good really.

PT back to back is going to absolutely kill me, but no choice this week. I feel disgusting though. Back to back PT is my punishment this week.

Punishment for the wine, for the beer, for the peanuts and the crisps!! :(

My single of the week - how successful #5 - Rather Be

Rather Be from Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne was my fifth single of the week. You can read the review in full by clicking here.

So how did it do? Number one of course.

I don't seem to have included a link to the video, so you can check that out here.

For more music stuff, you can check out My Music page - just click here. Happy listening. :)

Official video published on youtube by Clean Bandit

My Singles of the Week - the full list

Singles of the week:

Charli XCX - Break the Rules
DJ Fresh feat. Ellie Goulding - Flashlight
The Magician - Sunlight (feat. Years and Years)
Meghan Tailor - all About That Bass
Ten Walls - Walking with Elephants
Calvin Harris & John Newman - Blame
Taylor Swift - Shake it Off
David Guetta - Lovers on the Sun
Saint Motel - My Type
Zhu - Faded
Milky Chance - Stolen Dance
Rixton - Me and My Broken Heart
Budapest - George Ezra
Little Mix - Salute
Lana Del Rey - West Coast
Indiana - Solo Dancing
Coldplay - Magic
Kaiser Chiefs - Coming Home
Katy Perry - Dark Horse feat Miley Cyrus - Feelin Myself
Vance Joy - Riptide
Gorgon City - Ready for your love (feat MNEK)
Clean Bandit - Rather Be (feat Jess Glynne)
Lorde - Royals - My Single of the Week
Happy - Pharell Williams
Wrecking Ball Live Lounge - London Grammar
Wilkinson - Afterglow
Sail by Awolnation

My Week with Justin Timberlake Day One - Cry Me A River

Day One of My Week with Justin Timberlake and to start us off its 'Cry Me A River'.

Cry Me a River was the second single from Justin's debut solo album, Justified. The single and the album were both released in 2002.

JT co-wrote the song, which was produced by Timbaland. Its well known now that this track was written in reference to JT's failed relationship with Britney.

Justin has already earned his credentials as a vocalist when he released this, but by gosh he sounds pitch perfect on this, and there are some serious high notes!! Its not just another pop release though, he really established himself as an artist in his own right with this album, and this song in particular.

The style is like a pop style of R&B, more funky than full of bass, but the same vibe. Justin doesn't sound like the usual R&B singers though, he brings a definite edge and coolness to it.

Its very clear though, from the lyrics, that this is about heart break and hurt. You can feel it in the words, and you can hear it in his voice. Its a pop number with a dark brooding pulse this one.

"Told me you loved me, why did you leave me all alone." He kicks in with it "you were my sun, you were my earth". "Your bridges were burned, and now its your turn to cry". Pretty raw stuff.

The video is one of the best I have seen. JT, looking lets face it, pretty damned hot even then before he became so stylish and groomed. Standing in the rain, he breaks into the property by throwing a stone at the window. Its his exes place, and he vents his anguish.

Its a little creepy, as she doesn't know he's been in there. By the end though, she knows - he has left a video of him with his new girl. Quite apparent that he was the victim of her betrayal and is getting his own back.

I love this song, love the video, and to be honest, love JT a little bit. Its refreshing that he chose to go down this path, rather than just do cheesy predictable pop like others from boy bands have tried to do. He stood out as a talent here.

Fabulous song, not dated one bit. Go take a listen now. Drop me a comment if you will.

Cannot wait for Day Two, but if you can't either, there is plenty more music over at My Music page to keep you good. Just click here. Happy listening. :)

Is Rob actually going to confess tonight?

C'mon now Corrie. Peter didn't do it. Carla didn't do it. We know "who dunnit". So when is he going to confess?

Its driving me mad to know how its going to come out. Hoping its in full public, but its Tracy's reaction I want to see!!

Cashback disaster!!

I am so annoyed right now. I have recently started to use Top Cashback, and have used it this evening for my new home and buildings insurance.

I had already got quotes from loads of insurers, but the one I chose had a great cashback offer, so I logged in and linked to the site. I have now got my insurance sorted, paid for it, only to realise that top cashback expect you to link for your quote as well as your eventual purchase.

Thats £60 cashback I have lost out on. Gutted!! On the plus side, my insurance is sorted at least, which is good, but honestly, talk about annoyed!! :(

My Week with Justin Timberlake begins

This week I am spending the week with Justin Timberlake. Would it be ridiculous to scream now? Wahhhh!!! JT - legend. Excited much. If only it was actually with him, instead of just his music (sighs).

Anyway, back to it. Focus. Justin Timberlake - full name Justin Randall Timberlake. JT was born in 1981, and comes from the USA, specifically Memphis, Tennessee. He was destined for fame, being a member of the famous Disney - Mickey Mouse Club as a nipper.

He went on to join NSYNC in the 90's which was when I first heard of him, although I have to say NSYNC wasn't my thing back then.

Whilst the band took a break, JT released his first solo album, Justified in 2002. There was quite a gap until his second album in 2006, Future Sex/Love Sounds.

JT then focused on his acting for a bit before bursting back in 2013 with his third album The 20/20 experience. The following year, 2014, saw a fourth album The 20/20 experience - 2 of 2.

In his personal life, JT famously had a relationship with Britney, but is now happily married (sorry ladies) to the very beautiful Jessica Biel.

JT is now as famous for his film roles, which include The Social Network, Bad Teacher and Friends with Benefits. He has established himself as a talented actor, as well as a great musical star. He's also a bit of an entrepeneur with various business interests to his name.

All in all, very much not just a pretty face this boy made good. I'm excited to get into his music over the next 7 days, and to get to know more about this multi-faceted artist.

Check back later for my first pick to start us off on Day One of my Week with Justin Timberlake.

If you just can't wait, you can find loads more music and reviews over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

Coming up this week...

Its Monday, so I thought I would post a little "coming soon" kind of post to tempt you.

This week is Halloween, so I shall be posting more scary film reviews, and closer to the spooky day some pumpkin carving fun and finally a Halloween playlist.

As well as that, I shall be enjoying a week with Justin Timberlake - seven songs, seven days.

My current single of the week - Charli XCX with the fab 'Break the Rules'  runs until Wednesday when I shall be choosing a new single of the week.

I shall keep you updated with the imminent house move of course, and the new house progress.

I shall do my usual weekly "What I'm watching on Thursday" when I share what's great on TV at the moment in my humble opinion.

Finally, the usual reports of my progress, or lack of at the moment, on the diet and exercise efforts. Work in progress this one, work in progress!!

Plus any competitions I discover on my travels I shall continue to share with you.

Packed week as ever. Catch you later :)

Things to do today :)

Moving house makes for much work let me tell you.

Today's tasks include:

  • Arranging the home and contents insurance for the new house
  • Ordering the new bedding
  • Boxing up some more toiletries
  • Ringing the solicitors
  • Checking the inventory for the current place
  • Choosing the paint for the new house
That's just today. The full list is bordering on ridiculous now. So many addresses to change over, so much to move, to organise. Phewf!! 

This time next week is the big move - all the furniture, so by comparison today is a walk in the park. 

My Week with Justin Timberlake - begins today :)

Later today, I shall start off my week with Justin. First up will be a bit more about him, followed by my day one pic.

Seven songs, seven days. Can't wait. If you can't wait until then, go check out my previous choices - 16 of them, plus more over at My Music page. Just click here.

Bloated and over-indulged

I woke up at the usual time this morning, but I felt rotten. Not ill, nothing so easily explained. Nothing so readily able to dismiss as not my fault.

Alas, this is self inflicted. Bloated, over-indulged and over-eaten. I am rapidly becoming the pilsbury dough - girl. This must stop.

I'm still going to Personal Training, twice a week, but at the moment those are the only exercise, other than packing the house up of course.

However, its the food and drink that I'm majorly overloading on. Too much, too often. I feel and look overweight and pudgy. This stops.

House move or no house move, this is not an excuse. Starting today - self control.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Do not miss my single of the week.

My single of the week this week is from Charli XCX and 'Break the Rules'.

You can find it by clicking here.

For more music you can check out My Music page here.

My Next Week With is ... Justin Timberlake!

Right then, decision made. Justin Timberlake is my next 'My Week With'. I am beyond excited to spend a week with this guy. He is just the coolest. 

So, seven songs, seven days and lets see if he is really bringing sexy back shall we? :)

Who will be with me next week??

I'm wondering. Who shall it be? Foo Fighters? Guns N Roses? U2?

Kate Bush, Kaiser  Chiefs, Katy Perry? The Cure, The Who, Adele?

Decisions, decisions. Maybe Amy Winehouse or Whitney? Michael Jackson or The Spice Girls?

Perhaps a bit of The Beatles or The Eagles. I love music, and so many choices!!

Will announce who is next soon.

Special Harry Potter Halloween story!

I just had to share this. I just stumbled upon some really exciting news! JK Rowling is writing a Halloween story, about none other than Harry Potter!!

Apparently, its going to be about Delores Umbridge. I am beyond excited!!!! :)

Feeling butterflies

I just had the strangest sensation - butterflies. You know that feeling pre-interview, or pre-exam? Nervousness, with a twinge of anxiousness, but it feels sort of exciting? That's the butterflies I am feeling right now.

I just thought about how dark it was going to be, when I finish work, now the hour has changed. I thought about how it makes you feel like snuggling up on the sofa on a Saturday night, with a nice bottle and a good film. Then, I thought about next weekend, and how it will the last one here at our home. That kicked in the butterflies.

Next Sunday will be our last night in this house. On Monday, the big furniture will be moved out, and set up in the new house. Sky, phone and broadband will all switch off here on Monday. So Monday night we will be sleeping in the new house for the first time.

My Favourite 'My Week with' Track

I have now completed my 16th 'My Week With', this week of course was Calvin Harris.

For each of my 16 Artists, I had a favourite of the seven songs I chose. These are the favourites for each week.

Week 16 - Calvin Harris - Summer
Week 15 - Madonna - Frozen
Week 14 - Arctic Monkeys - One for the Road
Week 13 - REM - Everybody hurts
Week 12 - Coldplay Yellow
Week 11 - Britney - Baby One More Time-
Week 10 - The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
Week 9 - Rihanna - Love the Way you Lie
Week 8 - Robbie Williams come Undone
Week 7 - Kings of Leon -Molly's chamber
Week 6 - Pink - Try
Week 5 - Take That - Rule the World
Week 4 - Beyonce - XO
Week 3 - Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle
Week 2 - Stereophonics - Dakota
Week 1 - Blondie - Sunday Girl

So now, just for fun, I've decided to put them in ranking order too, so I can decide which of my favourites for each of them are my overall favourites, and which aren't!

Here is my top 16:

In at number 1 : Week 5 - Take That - Rule the World
Number 2: Week 8 - Robbie Williams come Undone
Number 3: Week 2 - Stereophonics - Dakota
Number 4: Week 12 - Coldplay Yellow
Number 5: Week 13 - REM - Everybody hurts
Number 6: Week 6 - Pink - Try
Number 7: Week 14 - Arctic Monkeys - One for the Road
Number 8: Week 16 - Calvin Harris - Summer
Number 9: Week 7 - Kings of Leon -Molly's chamber
Number 10: Week 3 - Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle
Number 11: Week 9 - Rihanna - Love the Way you Lie
Number 12: Week 15 - Madonna - Frozen
Number 13: Week 1 - Blondie - Sunday Girl
Number 14: Week 10 - The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
Number 15: Week 4 - Beyonce - XO
Number 16: Week 11 - Britney - Baby One More Time-

So my overall favourite at the moment then, is Take That and Rule the World. Some great tracks, from great artists though. The thing with music is that you can change what you love, as music is all about how you feel, and what you feel changes. I could do this again 12 months from now and choose a totally different order. I might just do that!!

You can check out all the tracks over at My Music page by clicking here. Happy listening :)

My Week with Calvin Harris is over

My Week with Calvin Harris is at an end. I've chosen my seven tracks, reviewed each one and its been fun. I've learned some things I didn't know, and have really listening to my choices. I feel I know Calvin just a little better now.

All that remains to be done, is to choose which of my seven is my favourite. So without further ado, here is my seven in order of my ranking. Which will be top?

In at number 1 : Summer
Number 2: Sweet Nothing
Number 3: Feel So Close
Number 4: Bounce
Number 5: Drinking from the Bottle
Number 6: Acceptable in the 80's
Number 7: You Used to Hold Me

So the number one spot has been taken by 'Summer', even though its winter. Now my next job is to pick who to spend the next week with!!

I've really enjoyed my week with Calvin, I hope you have too. You can find more artists over at My Music page by clicking here. I shall be back soon to announce who will be next. Happy listening :)

My Week with Calvin Harris Day Seven - Drinking from the bottle

Day Seven of My Week with Calvin Harris and my final choice is 'Drinking from the Bottle'.

Drinking from the Bottle was released in 2013. It was another single from his album 18 months. This track features Tinie Tempah as well as Calvin himself, and was the sixth single from this album.

This single reached number 5 in the UK charts, although it is a great dance track. Like some of the others,  its probably because by this point, CH fans would have already purchased the album.

This one is very dark and features references to drinking - obvious from the track title really, and also references to clubbing and hints of drugs and over-indulgence, plus its quite sexual.

The video is for adults only so I haven't included a link for this one! Its all barely clothed ladies shaking their butts, drinking, and yes, the devil!! Very clearly not about clean living, but suits the track well.

Its catchy, and Tinie's rapping adds some kudos making this a killer track. The booming bass and dance pulse make for an energetic dance track, another good output from Calvin. That said, by track seven this week, I'm beginning to think they are all blending into one, as there is a similar sound and vibe on his stuff, new and old.

Good to listen to and would be a good song for the gym. Let me know what you think and drop me a comment. You can find days 1-6 over at My Music page, plus loads more, by clicking here. Happy listening. :)

Don't miss my single of the week - Charli XCX - Break the Rules

Don't forget to check out my single of the week - this week from Charli XCX with Break the Rules.

You can find it by clicking here.

For more singles of the week and music, you can check out My Music page - just click here. Happy listening. :)

House of Boxes

You've heard of the house of wax right? Ours is currently a house of boxes!!

In the downstairs rooms, they are piled high - heavy ones at the bottom, light ones at the top. Piles and piles of them. Rolled up and taped rugs, pictures off the wall, ornaments packed safely away and everything all ready to be moved.

In the rooms upstairs, there are bare walls, bare floors, bare shelves - its like its not lived in anymore. So we have this bizarre combination of piled with stuff versus empty depending which part of the house we are in.

Only one more week to go though now, as we get the keys on Friday!! It cannot come soon enough. :)

My Favourite tracks of My Week With ...

Each week, after my seven choices, I choose my number one. I thought it would be fun to look back at the songs that made it to the top each week.

Week 15 - Madonna - Frozen
Week 14 - Arctic Monkeys - One for the Road
Week 13 - REM - Everybody hurts
Week 12 - Coldplay Yellow
Week 11 - Britney - Baby One More Time-
Week 10 - The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
Week 9 - Rihanna - Love the Way you Lie
Week 8 - Robbie Williams come Undone
Week 7 - Kings of Leon -Molly's chamber
Week 6 - Pink - Try
Week 5 - Take That - Rule the World
Week 4 - Beyonce - XO
Week 3 - Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle
Week 2 - Stereophonics - Dakota
Week 1 - Blondie - Sunday Girl

15 weeks, and 15 top songs for each. I think I might put them in order to see whose song makes it to the absolute top of the pile (so far!). I love music, and am really enjoying this little project of mine.

You can see the full reviews over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening. :)

Did you enjoy your extra hour sleep?

The clocks have gone back, so now its officially winter. However, it did give me a lovely and well needed extra hour of sleep.

Did you enjoy your extra hour sleep? I did, but I also had to sleep on the sofa bed last night. No, we haven't fallen out!

Basically, my big old sleigh bed has now been sold, and as the new one isn't arriving until next week, its the sofa bed for us this week. It wasn't too bad to be honest, but I will really appreciate a proper bed again when I am in one!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

67 followers - @ 100 there will be a competition for you :)

Thank you first of all, to all 67 of you who have chosen to follow my little blog here. Very very much appreciated.

To show my thanks, when we reach the milestone 100 followers, I have a lovely prize for you to try for. I will reveal more once we get closer to that magic number.

100 followers - 33 more lovely people to follow me, then a lovely prize is up for grabs. With being such a small blog the odds are high of a win for you  :)

Last night's PT

It was PT again last night. It was hard, as usual. I was knackered, as usual. I ache all over today, as usual!!

This particular session was even more hardcore than usual and consisted of:

  • running
  • pushing
  • cross trainer intervals
  • rope pulls
  • walking lunges with weight
  • side squats with weight
  • wood cutter chops with pulley weights
  • box steps ups - one leg and knee raise
  • box step ups - alternating
  • squat thrusts
  • squat thrusts and squat stands
It was really hard. I think my PT is getting a bit frustrated though. I'm so much stronger and fitter, but I am not losing weight, I am maintaining. I need to lose weight now. Getting ridiculous!! but I am so much stronger, and fitter. I can do so much more. I just need to get my diet under control. 

My Blog - A look back at the week

Its been a packed week this week. Lets take a look back at the highlights.

  • I started to look at scary films for Halloween - 10 films. You can see the first three over at My Film Reviews page here
  • I chose Calvin Harris to spend the week with. You can see my song choices over at My Music page - just click here
  • I chose my new single of the week - Charli XCX - Break the Rules
  • I continued my efforts to get fit - you can see one such ordeal here - PT
  • I finished my homework - The Longboat
  • I created a new page - Crafty
  • I got closer to my new house - next week
  • I watched some great TV - What i'm watching
It has been a busy week indeed!! :)

My Week with Calvin Harris Day Six - Sweet Nothing

Right then, day Six of my Week with Calvin Harris and today its 'Sweet Nothing'.

Sweet Nothing was released in 2012. It features Florence Welch - she of Florence and the Machine. It was the fifth single from his album 18 months, also released in 2012.

Now lets start with Florence. Dead god that woman can sing!! Her vocals are just awesome. Apparently Calvin chose Florence and practically had to pursue her to try and get schedules to fit! I for one am very glad he did, as the result is mind-blowing!! Calvin was part of the team that resulted in the Florence and her machine single 'Spectrum', so its no surprise that he wanted a piece of that.

This song, a dance track with a thumping bass, is the perfect vehicle for Florence's particular vocals. This song was made for her, and she for it. Florence own music never seems to be so current, so mainstream, and I am surprised how well she suits this, but it sounds so good.

The video is brilliant too. Florence on stage, a bit 'androgynous' in a suit and her hair scraped back. Its some sort of seedy bar where girls serve drinks dressed in their lingerie. Soon enough, she's stripping down to her undies herself and belting out the vocals. Calvin is in it too, and they both look fabulous. The story seems to be her break-up with a violent guy who actually gets his comeuppance.

Unsurprisingly, this hit the top spot in the UK singles chart. I loved it then, and I love it now. Go take a listen, and let me know what you  think.

If you missed Days 1 - 5, and for loads more music stuff, go check out My Music page by just clicking here. Happy listening. :)

Reading Gone Girl

I decided to read Gone Girl. All this fuss about the film and hype about how great the book is, that even though I missed it first time around I really wanted to read it before I watched the film.

I'm into it now, and its intriguing. So far, I'm still at the point where its all rosy between them, but with hints that all is not well.

If this is anything to go by, the film must be amazing. Determined to read it all before I give in and watch it. Its been a while since I read a book when I was not on a beach somewhere and its quite nice.

Friday, 24 October 2014

My packed full schedule!!

Crikey have I got a busy couple of weeks ahead of me!! This, in addition to work and life in general, not to mention all manner of cleaning, moving and trips to and from the new house and the old one!!

PT today - Friday.
Sleigh bed being collected on Saturday (sold)
Pick the new washing machine and get it ordered - Saturday
Buying loft boarding and new pillows and duvets - Sunday
PT - Tuesday
PT - Wednesday
Load up the first of the boxes - Thursday
Keys to new house - Friday
Start the painting at the new house - Friday
Get the loft boarded - Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Removal man - Monday
Bed arriving - Tuesday
Sky engineer - Wednesday!!
Unpack everything the other end (goodness knows how long!)
Thurs - Sunday - totally empty the house and clean top to bottom before handing the keys back!!

Its going to be tough!! I cannot however wait to be in there now. 

My Single of the Week - 1-4

So far, I've taken a look back at my first 4 choices for my single of the week. Its interesting to see how they fared.

Lorde - Royals - My Single of the Week - reached number 1.

Happy - Pharell Williams - reached number 1.

Wilkinson - Afterglow - reached number 8.

Sail by Awolnation - reached number 17.

If you want to see what I said about these songs, then click on the links :)

My Week with Calvin Harris - Day Five - Summer

Day Five of My Week with Calvin Harris and today's pick is 'Summer'.

This single was released early in 2014. It was the second single from his fourth studio album Motion. This was a huge hit, and went straight in at number one in the UK single chart.

Summer is a dance track, lots of catchy electronic synth sounds, and an upbeat vibe and pace. Its a return to Calvin on vocals too, and he sounds sexy and croaky on this. He sounds sultry, and it just oozes sunshine and laid back easy days.

The video features Calvin driving various sports cars, lots of pretty ladies in their lingerie and finishing with a huge party. Its as laid back and summer feeling as the song. It also features Jason Statham in a blink and you'd miss it cameo - he's driving the other car when they race.

This is a real energetic upbeat track, that sounds great, is catchy and looks great too. Go take a listen and remind yourself how this song can make you think of summer even when its dark and wet outdoors!

Go take a listen, and let me know what you think. You can find Days 1 -4 of my week with Calvin Harris plus loads more music stuff over at My Music page by clicking here. Happy listening. :)

My favourite 'Week'

I'm currently on Week 16 of My Week with. I came to think that it might be fun to decide which has been my favourite week so far. So here is my list in order of my preference - my favourite at the top.

Number 1 - Week 12 - Coldplay
Number 2 - Week 6 - Pink
Number 3 - Week 14 - Arctic Monkeys
Number 4 - Week 3 - Oasis
Number 5 - Week 8 - Robbie Williams
Number 6 - Week 4 - Beyonce
Number 7 - Week 7 - Kings of Leon
Number 8 - Week 15 - Madonna
Number 9 - Week 5 - Take That
Number 10 - Week 9 - Rihanna
Number 11 - Week 2 - Stereophonics
Number 12 - Week 11 - Britney
Number 13 - Week 13 - REM
Number 14 - Week 10 - The Rolling Stones
Number 15 - Week 1 - Blondie

So, my favourite week with has been my week with Coldplay. That said, I have enjoyed every one of them, but you have to have a favourite don't you? The thing with music is that it can change, it is influenced strongly by how you feel at any given time.

15 weeks done, week 16 underway. Check them out in full and more over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

My Week with So Far - start to finish

Here are my 16 choices so far for 'My Week With'. Its been interesting, and fun. I have found some real gems I had forgotten, some new (old) tracks I had never heard, and I now know much more about these artists than I did.

Week 16 - Calvin Harris 
Week 15 - Madonna
Week 14 - Arctic Monkeys
Week 13 - REM
Week 12 - Coldplay
Week 11 - Britney
Week 10 - The Rolling Stones
Week 9 - Rihanna
Week 8 - Robbie Williams
Week 7 - Kings of Leon
Week 6 - Pink
Week 5 - Take That
Week 4 - Beyonce
Week 3 - Oasis
Week 2 - Stereophonics
Week 1 - Blondie

The most difficult part of this whole experience has been choosing the next artist. There are so many great artists out there, that just picking one is hard.

I full intend to keep going with this, to build up a library of my week with choices, and my favourite within for each.

I really do love music. If you do too, go take a look at my page here.

My Single of the Week - how successful? #4 - Royals

Royals from Lorde was my 4th single of the week choice. You can check out that review by clicking here.

I don't seem to have included the video though, so you can catch that by clicking Video.

So how did this one do? Number 1, that's how! :)

(video published on youtube by Lorde )

Thursday, 23 October 2014

My Week with - a look back - Week 11 - 15

Week 11 - 15 of My Week with series saw me start with Britney Spears at week 11. I followed Britney with Coldplay, as you do. From there it was REM, then the Arctic Monkeys.

Finally, at week 15 I chose Madonna. Week 16, after much deliberation was Calvin Harris, and that is where I am now, week 16.

You can can check out the full week with these great artists by clicking on each link below.

Week 15 - Madonna
Week 14 - Arctic Monkeys
Week 13 - REM
Week 12 - Coldplay
Week 11 - Britney

I find it fascinating listening to 7 songs from each artist, then deciding which is the best. It really makes you think about what you enjoy and why.

You can check out the full details over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

This time next week !!

It just occurred to me that exactly one week from now, it will be the last night before we get the keys to our new home!!

Friday the 31st October we collect our keys. Gosh its so exciting!! Every time I think about it, my stomach does a flip.

I can imagine us in there now, where our stuff will go, what it will feel like. One more week. After all this time, its just one more week. Happy happy happy. :)

My Single of the Week - Charli XCX - Break the Rules

My single of the week this week is 'Break the Rules' by Charli XCX.

Break the Rules was released in the UK just last week (Oct 2014). It is the second single from her album Sucker, the first of course, being the huge 'Boom Clap'. Her album is due out in December.

That first single was the first time I heard of her, but this young pop star has actually been around a while and has some serious credentials to her name already. Born in 1992, but already on her second studio album (not counting her first debut which wasn't on a main label).

Not only now releasing her own stuff, she co-wrote and features on the Icona Pop hit 'I love it', but  is also featured on Iggy Azalea's hit 'Fancy'. Impressive.

The video is very "cool kids".  Despite the fact that she is British, the video is all American. Its quite clearly influenced by film, especially the Carrie scene. Rose McGowan features, and is seen tipping a bucket over them at prom. Its not blood this time though, just pink gunk!! Cool reference though. Adds to the edgy appeal of this young talented artist.

Weird fact from the web - she has a condition called synesthesia - she sees music in colour. Her real name is Charlotte Emma Aitchison.

This track is pop, but its also quite dark. She's no Disney girl this one. She's real. There's a lot of bass and dance to this one, and her vocals are outstanding. She's got quite a deep voice, which belies how young she is. She sounds more mature than her years.

Even at my ripe old age (late 30's before you ask), this makes me want to rebel. I'm not sure singing I don't want to go to school would work for me, but I appreciate the sentiment!! We all want to break the rules sometimes now don't we!?

I absolutely love this song. Its excellent, its catchy, its cool, its down with the kids but appealing for the more mature amongst us. She has kudos, she has style and she is edgy. Two smash tracks back to back - I reckon this is going to the top for sure.

Brilliant, just brilliant. Go take a listen and let me know what you think. I love comments.

For more singles of the week and music stuff, go check out My Music page by clicking here. Happy listening :)

(video published on youtube by officialcharlixcx)

My Week with - a look back Weeks 6 - 10

Looking back at Weeks 6 - 10 of 'My Week with" adventure, its clear to me that there is no pattern to my choices. Week 6 I chose Pink, but I followed that up with the Kings of Leon. From there it was Robbie, followed by Rihanna and then the Stones.

You can check out the full week with each of them, by clicking on the links below.

Week 10 - The Rolling Stones
Week 9 - Rihanna
Week 8 - Robbie Williams
Week 7 - Kings of Leon
Week 6 - Pink

I thoroughly enjoy listening to music, and its great to take a closer look at bands and artists I know but have never taken the time to appreciate fully.

You can see more of My Music over at my page by clicking here. Happy listening :)

My Week with Calvin Harris Day Four - Bounce

Day Four of My Week with Calvin Harris and today its the single 'Bounce'.

Bounce is a Calvin Harris track, but it features Kelis on vocals instead of himself. Bounce was the first single from his album 18 months. The single was released in 2011, the album the following year in 2012.

Interestingly, before releasing this album, Calvin claimed to be done with singing. Instead he chose other artists on his tracks. This single was the first released when he was not the vocalist.

Kelis, it has to be said, is a great choice. She sounds fab against Harris' quirky and in fact "bouncy" track. Its another dance-pop number, but you can tell when you hear a CH track. It has all these electro sort of synthesiser sounds, a good beat, a pulse if you will, but somehow his tracks always sound different to the general dance output.

The video is some young men and women, chilling out, sitting on battered sofa outside, and generally chilling, before we see Kelis dancing and being filmed, whilst one of the guys tries to dance around behind her! Its ok, its nothing memorable. The song is better.

I loved this song when it came out, and had it as my ring tone for a period. It was good to listen to again, as its been a while since I heard it. It still sounds as great as it did then. Go take a listen and let me know what you think.

You can check out more of My Week with Calvin Harris, and others, over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

My Week with - A look back weeks 1 - 5

as I move through My Week with - Week 16 - Calvin Harris, I thought I would take a look back over my previous picks. Week 1 began with Blondie. From there, it was Stereophonics next, followed by Oasis.

I then chose Beyonce, followed by Take That. You can check them out by clicking on the links below.

Week 5 - Take That
Week 4 - Beyonce
Week 3 - Oasis
Week 2 - Stereophonics
Week 1 - Blondie

Its funny how you soon forget, and its fascinating to reflect back on why I chose these particular artists.

All my choices, along with singles and all manner of other music stuff can be found over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

What I'm Watching This Week

This week I am watching:
  • Dead Set. This is a five episodes mini series from Charlie Brooker. Think Big Brother crossed with 28 days later. Reality TV and Zombies. Starring Davina McCall as herself back when she was still BB host, the role she plays here until she gets zombiefied!! The main star is Jaime Winstone (yes, Ray's daughter). She plays Kelly, who works behind the scenes on the BB set until the epidemic strikes and everyone gets turned into a fresh eating zombie of course!! Its on Sky Boxsets especially for Halloween, and we are working through them. Be warned - this is gross, gruesome and not for kids or squeamish types! 
  • The Apprentice. My absolute favourite program continues to be fabulous. Its on Wednesday's at 9pm, and this week's episode saw the demise of 2 more candidates. One of them didn't even need bringing back in, she had a melt down on the spot and advised a clearly taken aback Sir Alan that she knew she hadn't done well. Had she not been fired, this one would have resigned, not a doubt. I love watching these so called entrepreneurs making utter prats of themselves, all ego, tailoring and attitude!! Karen Brady and Nick Hewer are brilliant aides to Sir Alan, with the sarcasm and facial expressions! Fab. 
  • The Leftovers. This series is getting deeper by the week. Hate crime, murder, weird cults and that's even without the mysterious disappearances years earlier. Not making much progress on what happened, but its becoming ever more intriguing. You have to concentrate on this one, as its easy to get totally confused as to what is going on. Justin Theroux is outstanding. Brooding, confused over his wife's behaviour and the cult she is a member of "The Guilty Remnant", he is trying to keep it together. Really interesting and weird in equal measures. I'm liking this a lot, even if I have no clue where its heading! 
  • The X Factor. Cheryl wearing strange Kermit the frog clothing and behaving like a spoilt child. Simon - a welcome return to the show, still bringing that extra something to the panel. Louis with his daft comparisons, and Mel with her sense of humour. I love this show. Totally over Cheryl mind you, she seems to be like a nasty version of her previous self, but the talent this year is high. That's the important bit. Brilliant watching, brilliant guest stars, brilliant talent. Utter fun. 
As well as all of the above, I'm getting Halloween ready watching spooky movies this week. Also just one week away from the new series The Missing which starts on the 28th October. TV is great at the moment. 

My week with Calvin Harris so far

We began by looking at this successful artist and getting to know a bit more about him here.

Day One's choice was Feel So Close

Day Two was Acceptable in the 80's

Day Three was You Used to Hold Me

Day Four? You will just have to wait and see. You can check out my previous "My Week With" choices though, by checking out My Music page here.

PT this evening :)

It was PT this evening. First in a while where I have not had a damned muscle pull or some such other ailment!!

It felt good to be injury free for once. Short lived though as post PT I felt the aches and pains just about everywhere.

What did I end up having to do then? I shall tell you:

  • 500m fast row
  • 20 squat thrust lifts
  • 15 dead lift rows
  • 400m fast row
  • 20 squat thrust lifts
  • 15 dead lift rows
  • 300m fast row
  • 20 squat thrust lifts
  • 15 dead lift rows
  • 12 plank rotate - elbows to hands x 3 sets 
  • 30 side step with weight bar lunges x 3 sets
  • 2 minute 80 rpm on cross trainer x 3 sets
  • 30 squat thrusts x 3 sets
  • 15 burpees with stand x 3 sets
  • 20 squat thrust lifts
  • 3 sets of 12 plank rotate
Hard slog tonight. Very hard, and sweated loads. Back into it now, and after the day I have had, I needed to vent!! Next session is Friday. Looking forward to it :)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

My single of the week - how successful? #3 - Happy

Happy by Pharell was my 3rd single of the week.  Check out that review by clicking here.

I don't seem to have linked to the video, so you can check that out now by clicking here if you wish.

Back to the single, how did it do? Number one of course this one. Never going to be anything but the top spot was it!! Happy listening :)

(video published on youtube by PharrellWilliamsVEVO )

My Week with Calvin Harris Day Three - You Used to Hold Me

Day Three of My Week with Calvin Harris and today I have chosen 'You Used to Hold Me'.

This single was released in 2010. It was the fourth single from his second album, 'Ready for the Weekend' 2009.  It reached number 27 in the UK singles chart. That's actually not too bad for a fourth single!

Once again, this track features CH on vocals. Its very catchy, and has a very dance feel to it. Its got lots of bass, lots of drum and is up tempo. The hook is the title 'You Used to Hold Me', and there isn't much more than that in the way of  lyrics. No deep meaning here!

The video is enjoyable to watch. Calvin in a massive monster truck with huge lights racked on top, and lots of very fit and toned ladies dancing around to the track.

It is catchy and very dance, but its not an anthem. Its exactly what you expect, no more, no less. Calvin Harris singing a dance track, that's catchy and full of bass.

Take a listen, and let me know what you think. If you can't wait until tomorrow's track, you can find more music over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

Scary Movies for Halloween

Later I shall be posting my first Halloween themed scary movie review. Pop back this evening if you fancy a scare! :)

Last chance - single of the week - Flashlight

Last chance to check out this week's single of the week - Flashlight, DJ Fresh feat. Ellie Goulding.

Picking this week's choice later, and will post tomorrow.

Check out more on My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

My New Page - Crafty :)

Given my thorough enjoyment of making the longboat this last couple of weeks, I have now added a new page - Crafty.

I shall add to it any projects, crafts etc.. that I make or enjoy from this point. It seems a shame not to keep it in a place where I can enjoy it.

Check it out by clicking here:)

Spooky Film Time - Halloween

Its that time of year when you just have to watch something scary. Starting from tomorrow, I shall post a new scary film review each day, culminating in my top 10 by Halloween.

What's your scary Halloween film? :)

Making of a longboat - make some mess!!

I loved making this longboat.  I made a right royal mess though in the process. Check it out!

Loads of paper, brown paper, card, scissors, sellotape and tape. Enormous fun - totally bought out the child in me, and its not going away ever again. Grown up is over-rated. :)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Viking Longboat - a long, long boat

The long boat - a long, long boat!! Here he is from Step 1 to Step 12. Almost finished!! :)

Step 12 - Raise the mast
Step 11 - Time for the Oars
Step 10 - boats are wooden
Step 9 - dragons have spikes
Step 8 - losing the edge
Step 7 - Give it Some Body
Step 6 - A tall tail
Step 5 - Put your head on straight
Step 4 - Heads and tails
Step 3 - The Body
Step 2 - A dragon's tail
Step 1 - Its all in the head