Sunday, 30 November 2014

Last Day of the month - huge comping day

It will be a little quiet on the blog today. Its the end of the month comping marathon.

No doubt some will pop up on here. Why don't you give one a go? :)

I'm a boxset night owl!!

I am a boxset night owl. I confess. I am watching yet another episode of Lost. I really do not know why I persist in this.

I mean, I have 3 more series to get through. Anyone would think I am racing the clock! I stay up for "just one more". Well past the point when I should ordinarily retire to bed.

But no. I say "lets watch one more". Cue 1.20am. Still going. :)

Legs rubbing again

When I gain weight, obviously I can tell in my appearance. Then I can tell by my clothes.

By the time I have gained the amount of weight I have now, its a case of thigh rubbing. Its not pleasant. My legs really rub and when its hot weather, they rub bad. I need to get myself under control and get this damned weight off.

Seriously, its getting beyond a joke. Even in loose jumpers and leggings, I can no longer hide the fact I am getting bigger.

Something must be done. Now.

Lost in Lost

Good grief. This is possibly the oddest program of all time. Just when I thought I had a handle on it, weird stuff starts that blows you away.

We are 2 episodes from the end of series 3. This guy Jacob has put in an appearance now, or rather hasn't.  You can't actually see him, only hear in. WTF??

Now we have visions of someone's death. Constant flash backs. Possibly flash forwards? Its brill. Just confusing much!

The last day of November 2014

Reflecting back over the past year, its amazing how much I've packed in. These sort of reminiscences are usually saved up for New Years, so I am starting early I know.

I've had 2 holidays - Gran Canaria and Tunisia. I've been on a spa break to Hoar Cross Hall. I've been on a weekend to Sheffield. I've been to Doncaster a few times, and Manchester a few times.

I've been to see Rod Stewart. I've been to see Robbie Williams and a stay over in Manchester. I've been to Wimslow, Uttoxeter, Burton on Trent, Nantwich, Crewe, Stafford and Stone.

I've done lots of walking - along canal paths, across the downs fields, up field and down dale. Consall Valley, Ilan Valley - lots and lots of walking.

We've been for some lovely meals at new places - The Wayfarer in Stone, the Bleeding Wolf at Scholar Green, The Blacklake Inn at Hilderstone. Yum!!

I've lost weight, gained weight, lost weight and gained even more!! I have rented a house, bought a house, given notice on the rental and moved. I own a house again, with a mortgage.

I've been at risk of redundancy, post deleted, post placed, and now moved again. I've been on training, and delivered training.

I've been to the gym, had personal training. I've discovered whisky. I've really started to enjoy blogging. I've starting "my week with" music interest and its sparked a love of music all over again.

I've got into my comping, I've broken my laptop, broken my tablet. I've found some little niche businesses - had swarovski converse for one thing as a result!! I've read great books, watched great films. I've been to the cinema a couple of times.

I've made contact with old friends, and seen more of my family. I've ridden a bike for the first time in years. I've sold a bed, won a bed. I've viewed houses, applied for jobs.

I've done homework with little G. I've made craft projects with her. I've had ups, and I've had downs.

I have lived :)

Saturday, 29 November 2014

26 sleeps until Christmas

26 sleeps to go. Not even a month now. Less than 4 weeks. I have bought my Christmas cards today. 3 packs of them.

Every year I intend to write my cards so that they actually reach everyone. My mum complains every year that I haven't given her enough time to pass them onto my family.

This year I have actually bought them in November. I shall write them this week. My mum will be most shocked. My family will be receiving their cards this year !! First for everything!

Edwina Currie on I'm a Celeb - Fab!

That is one formidable woman on I'm a Celeb. I have just been laughing my head off at her singing whilst doing a trial.

What a warrior! I certainly wouldn't like to cross her!!

My Single of the Week - how successful #6? Ready for Your Love

My single of the week number 6 was Gorgon City with 'Ready for Your Love' featuring MNEK.

So how did it fare in the UK singles chart? Well, it reached number 4. It was one of those songs that stuck around forever though.

Check out my review here. You can find loads more over at My Music page here. Happy listening :)

Day Three of My Week with the Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly

Day Three of My Week with the Foo Fighters and today it is 'Learn to Fly'.

This was the first single from their album There is Nothing Left To Lose released in 1999. It reached number 21 in the UK singles chart.

The song is fab. Not as heavy and snarly as their later stuff. This is actually quite light sounding. Its still guitar and drums, but sounds more alternative rock than hard rock. Dave Grohl can really sing, and sounds great on this one. What he doesn't do is the big heavy riffs and screaming vocals. Much more easy listening, still a great record.

The best bit by far is this video. Its the band getting on a plane. They also play other parts - such as Dave Grohl as a pigtailed teenage girl and a camp flight attendant!! Jack Black and Kyle Gass aka Tenacious D are smuggling drugs and said drugs end up in the coffee. Cue much hilarious scenes of the passengers high on drugs!! The pilots are incapable of flying the plane, so the band have to step up to learn to fly.

This is a fun, upbeat track and the award winning video is just amazing. Brilliant track. Go take a listen if you haven't heard it before. Let me know what you think.

For more music you can find loads more at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

Don't miss my single of the week - Tom Odell

My single of the week this week is from Tom Odell with the beautiful Real Love.

My Christmas wish list

Santa, here is my Christmas list :

  • Ugg boots
  • Coco mademoiselle perfume
  • Slippers
  • Black or white dressing gown
  • Chandelier light fitting
  • Audi TT!!!
  • Crystal wine glasses
  • Body butter
  • Gig tickets
  • Teddy bear
  • Ebooks
  • Gym kit
  • Swarovski earrings, bracelet or necklace
  • Pandora charms
  • Clinique stuff
I have been a good girl Santa! :)

Friday, 28 November 2014

Day Two of My Week with the Foo Fighters - The Pretender

Day Two of My Week with the Foo Fighters and today its 'The Pretender'.

'The Pretender' was released as a single in 2007. It was the first single from their album Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace also released that year. It reached number 8 in the UK singles chart, so in that regards, one of their biggest hits.

I would say for this song to brace yourself. Its not for the fragile. It is a big stomping rock song, which fools you at the offset with a gentle melodic intro. It starts with Grohl quietly singing, with a bit of guitar and strings. Then it kicks in with a huge, big, head banging, anthemic, belting rock song with huge guitars and snarling shouty vocals. Wow.

This is an awesome song. I love how it tilts from one edge of the spectrum to the other, quiet, loud, quiet loud, gentle, hard, gentle, hard. It blew my mind on first listen, and continues to do so. Dave Grohl has the most powerful voice. It makes you wonder how he ever became a drummer sounding like that vocally.

The video is the band in a large white room with a big red screen behind them and stark bright lighting. A riot policeman stands in front of them looking like he's going to charge at them. More police arrive and as the song drops to the quiet point again they do in fact charge. The red screen explodes in a rain and the police are overpowered. The band play on, until the end. I'm not entirely sure what its all about, but it looks fab and sounds epic.

What a song this is. I had actually forgotten how utterly brilliant it is. I'm having a bad day as I write this, very grumpy before I played this (loudly) and now I feel better. Its released my angst as it were. Powerful stuff!!

So there we have it. Day two - done. Fabulous. Go take a listen and let me know if it made you feel good. Check out Day One plus loads more over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

New Carpet ordered - excited much!!

Finally the work is done on the security lights and burglar alarm. This means at last I can get rid of the ghastly carpet on the stairs, hall and landing.

Its not cheap carpet - its really thick bouncy stuff. Apparently it would cost approx £50 per metre to buy it, although quite why anyone would buy such a frankly offensive carpet is beyond me. I'm sure it was all the rage back in the day. Ahem.

Seriously, it is horrible. Brown and beige and flowery. Ugh. Each to their own and all that but I could not live with it. So a lovely new one is coming on Tuesday. Hoorah!!

We have opted for a plain colour, with a sort of fleck - its lovely. I hadn't really budgeted for it, but I just cannot tolerate it a day longer than I had to, so it had to go.

Tuesday it is. Hip hip!! Will post some pics when its done. Excited much? Yes indeedy :)

My Singles - how did they do?

Clean Bandit - Rather Be (feat Jess Glynne) - reached number 1.
Lorde - Royals - My Single of the Week - reached number 1.
Happy - Pharell Williams - reached number 1.
Wilkinson - Afterglow - reached number 8.
Sail by Awolnation - reached number 17.

My Singles of the Week

Singles of the week:

Tom Odell - Real Love
Parra for Cuva - Wicked Games
Ben Howard - I Forget Where we Were
Charli XCX - Break the Rules
DJ Fresh feat. Ellie Goulding - Flashlight
The Magician - Sunlight (feat. Years and Years)
Meghan Tailor - all About That Bass
Ten Walls - Walking with Elephants
Calvin Harris & John Newman - Blame
Taylor Swift - Shake it Off
David Guetta - Lovers on the Sun
Saint Motel - My Type
Zhu - Faded
Milky Chance - Stolen Dance
Rixton - Me and My Broken Heart
Budapest - George Ezra
Little Mix - Salute
Lana Del Rey - West Coast
Indiana - Solo Dancing
Coldplay - Magic
Kaiser Chiefs - Coming Home
Katy Perry - Dark Horse feat Miley Cyrus - Feelin Myself
Vance Joy - Riptide
Gorgon City - Ready for your love (feat MNEK)
Clean Bandit - Rather Be (feat Jess Glynne)
Lorde - Royals - My Single of the Week
Happy - Pharell Williams
Wilkinson - Afterglow
Sail by Awolnation

Warning - this post contains lots of exclamations!!!!!!!!!!!

I am having a bad day today! Actually, strike that, go back and start again. I am having a bad few days!!! Since Wednesday in fact.

I shall spare you the details, but suffice it to say all is not well in my little world at the moment. Nothing to do with me or my actions. One of those situations where life just throws crap at you and all you can do is take it in the face. Nowhere to hide, nothing to be done about it!!!!!

I am not a defeatist though, so am battling away but its ever so exhausting. I shall persevere - no choice really but its making me extremely grumpy so be warned!!!!!

Told you there were lots of exclamation marks. Here's a few more for good measure though !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minions minions minions

I need minions. No, I'm not about to launch a world domination quest. I haven't become a megalomaniac.

I need Despicable Me minions. The soft toys. Yellow ones and evil purple ones. For Christmas for the step daughter. (Also a secret indulgence for me - I love minions!)

So I have my quest. I just need to find somewhere that stocks them now. Most places seem to have the yellow ones, but not the evil ones. You can't have good without bad!!

Any ideas?

Its Black Friday

I confess to not knowing what Black Friday actually is. So I've looked it up. Basically, it was traditionally the Americans. They would open up on the day after Thanksgiving and open the Christmas shopping season by offering discounts.

Its crept in over here. No bad thing. You can bag some real bargains. The trick is knowing early enough what you want to buy. I have no idea but other people do!! :)

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Competition @ 100 followers !

Don't forget that I shall be running a little competition just for my followers when I hit 100 of you.

We are up to 68. I will make it something lovely :)

Almost month end

Its almost the end of the month again. That means lots of competitions are closing soon. I will post the lovely ones that are all about fashion or travel, music or interests here on my blog.

Why don't you give it a go? Let me know if you win :)

28 Sleeps until Christmas

Call me a big kid. Its only 4 weeks until Christmas. 28 days, 4 exact weeks. That means it will be Christmas Day 4 weeks from now.

How exciting? I'm getting into the mood of it now. The weather turning cold is making me feel more festive. I'm buying my cards this weekend, and for the first year they might actually all arrive on time!!

Are you excited yet?

What I'm Watching This Week

This week I'm watching:

  • The Apprentice. I never get tired of this. Not one bit. Last week it was a new drink. This week it was a sales challenge. Big ticket items or mass low value items. Watching them bicker and butt ego to ego is unbelievable at times. This series more than ever though, its nigh on impossible to guess who Sir Alan is going to fire next. Brilliant watching. 
  • The Leftovers. Am now up to episode 9 so nearly caught up. Still weird. The last episode was showing what they were all doing when those that disappeared, well, disappeared. There is murder, sex, adultery, cults and a very dark priest played brilliantly by Christopher Ecclestone. Still no clue what's happening, but great to watch!
  • The Missing. 3 more episodes to go in this fantastic drama starring James Nesbitt. Ken Stott's character definitely has something to do with it but in all honesty, I am suspicious of everyone in it now!! Fabulous drama, fantastic actors, great storyline. 

Bounty Mums Love

Bounty Mums Love

Happy Thanksgiving :)

To our American friends I wish a Happy Thanksgiving ! :)

Day One of My Week with the Foo Fighters - My Hero

Day One of My Week with the Foo Fighters and to kick us off its the fabulous 'My Hero'.

'My Hero' was released as a single in 1998. It was the third single from their second album 'The Colour and the Shape'.

This is a rock song make no mistake. Its all big guitars and drums, Dave Grohl snarling and singing in his fantastic rock vocals. He just packs so much power in those vocals, that it makes you want to mosh.

The song is all about the everyday hero. Its depicted in this video which accompanied the song as a man rushing back into a fire to rescue a baby, a dog and a precious photograph. You don't see his face, as he is that man. The everyday hero.

As he rushes back in through the smoke, Grohl and the band are inside, playing the song. It is a powerful song this one. It is what has now become the Foo Fighters distinctive style. It reached number 21 in the UK charts, so it was quite a success. Its much better than the position reflects but not everyone likes rock.

I think this is a fantastic song. It sounds as good now as it did back then. Go take a listen, let me know what you think.

For more, check out My Music page here. Happy listening :)

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Apprentice & IACGMOOH clash!!

Wednesdays are all about The Apprentice. Its annoying that it now clashes with I'm a Celeb Get Me Of Here.

My other half is made on I'm a Celeb, whereas I want to watch The Apprentice. I've ended up recording The Apprentice and am just now starting to watch it.

This is frustrating as I don't want to find out who went out before I see it!! I am therefore carefully avoiding the news feeds on blogs, facebook, twitter etc.. !!

Don't tell me who went out, I want it to be a surprise!! :(

My Single of the Week - Tom Odell - Real Love

My single of the week this week is the wonderful 'Real Love' by Tom Odell.

This is a beautiful song, with Tom's gorgeous voice at its very loveliest. You can check out the video by clicking here to watch the gorgeous Tom sing away with his talented backing musicians. I love piano and strings, so this song takes me to somewhere special.

I have another reason for loving this song - not just because the song itself is lovely. Its the song from the new John Lewis ad for Christmas 2014. Yes, the one with the penguin. Monty the penguin to be precise. It gave me a renewed love of this song and now I love it all the more (and I want a penguin for Christmas too).

I had no idea this was a cover version. Its actually a John Lennon song originally. There's a little story to it as well, in that it was almost lost and only by chance was handed to the surviving Beatles long after John's death. It makes it all the more appealing - a lost treasure now resurrected. Lovely story for a lovely song.

This is the perfect choice for the ad, and a gorgeous song for Christmas. Go and have a listen and think happy thoughts about love, and penguins.

You can check out more of My Music by clicking here. Happy listening :)

(published on youtube by TomOdellVEVO)

My Party Blues - Perfect Party Outfit

My Party Blues

Get the Blues this party season - literally! 

Here's how to put the perfect blues number together (you can find them all at Debenhams): 

1. Reger by Janet Reger Designer navy satin lace suspenders
2. Snow leopard faux fur coat Miss Selfridge
3. Swesky Ladies sterling silver/cubic zirconia choker necklace
4. Little Mistress Blue plunge neck lace hem dress
5. Faith Blue suede envelope clutch bag
6. Faith Navy rhinestone studded high court shoes
7. Reger by Janet Reger Designer navy satin lace plunge bra and Designer navy satin lace thong

And Enjoy!

Happy Christmas x

My Week with the Foo Fighters

My Week with the Foo Fighters begins today, but before we commence lets have a closer look at these guys and find out a bit more about them.

The Foo's are an American band. Formed in 1994 in the aftermath of Nirvana, by original drummer Dave Grohl. Who knew the vocal talent this long haired drummer possessed and how different things might have been.

Since their early days, there have been some line up changes, with only Grohl being consistent. In 2014, the year of studio album number 8, the line-up is Pat Smear, Nate Mendel, Taylor Hawkins and Chris Shifflet along with Dave Grohl.

Eight studio albums - their 8th 'Sonic Highways' released November 2014, very current as I write this. Going backwards album 7 was released in 2011 - 'Wasting Light'.

Album number 6 'Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace' was released in 2007. Album 5 'In Your Honour' was released in 2005. Album number 4 'One by One' was released in 2002.

'There is Nothing Left to Lose' was their 3rd album and was released in 1999. Album 2 'The Colour and the Shape' was released in 1997. The Foo Fighters released their debut album 'Foo Fighters' in 1995.

Almost 20 years of the Foo Fighters, and until writing this I had never heard of a Foo Fighter. Bit of trivia - apparently they are UFO's. Who knew?

So 8 albums under their belt, which is pretty impressive. Dave Grohl is kind of a god-like figure, having started the Foo Fighters with the incredible success of the band Nirvana to his credit. He had written a lot of material in his Nirvana days, and after Kurt Cobain's death saw the band dissolve, Grohl headed back to the studio and hence was born the Foo Fighters.

From what I have read and heard, Grohl never intended to launch a new band for longevity. I think he was just a talented artist who needed to work. Work he did - wow, what a success as a lead! From drummer to one of the biggest rock stars - epic doesn't quite cover it somehow.

That's not to say things have gone smoothly. It must have been horrendous when Kurt died. It seems things have been pretty turbulent between the various Foo line-ups too judging by the line-up changes. What is clear here though, is the underlying talent of Grohl.

Dave Grohl was born in Ohio, but has travelled around the states as his bands evolved. He has also had massive success as an individual outside these two mega-watt bands, both as a vocalist and as a drummer. This man has no end of talent. He is also funny, and lets be honest, very attractive - those leather trousers.....

Back to the band. (breathe). The Foo Fighters are a rock band. They aren't just noisy and in your face rock though. They can do slow numbers, they do quiet intro's building into big choruses, they do quiet verses and big powerful choruses - they vary it is what I'm trying to say. Their songs sound different to one another. They are also brilliant live.

The Foo's have won their fare share of awards too - Grammy's and MTV awards to name but a few. They have released 8 studio albums, 32 singles, and various EPs and video albums. They have stretched over almost 20 years, and are still going strong.

I'm looking forward to my week with this huge rock band. The difficult part being how to decide which 7 singles to choose!!

Day One beckons - decisions decisions. Excited much.

Check back for the first of the seven, but if you really can't wait, you can whet your appetite over at My Music page. Just click here. :)

New carpet ordered - whoop!!

It is disturbing how excited I am to be replacing this particular carpet. Its coming on Tuesday next week. The carpet its replacing feels lovely and thick under your feet, but is an old thing indeed.

Its floral, and it is a brownish-beige shade. Its just ghastly. I didn't replace it straight away, as the electrician needed to pull it back to get under the floorboards to fit the burglar alarm.

Now that's done, there is no reason to wait any longer. Even Tuesday feels to long away - I just want to rip it up now!!

So Tuesday is the arrival of the lovely new one. I love that new carpet smell, so I am very excited.

Moving house is tricky. Its a balance of what you need to do and what you would like to do, and at the end of the day it all comes down to 1 - money, and 2 - time.

We are doing alright so far though, so am pleased with the progress we are making. Saying goodbye to that carpet is a definite progress!! :)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

First of the Christmas shops ordered

I don't usually even contemplate Christmas requirements until well into December. I have just finished my online shopping order, and have added the lager and beer for Christmas!

3 packs of 15 cans each of cider and lager - that's 90 cans!! It was on offer -3 for £24 which is pretty flipping good if you ask me. So I have popped it on the order.

The plan is to buy a few Christmas bits and bobs on each weekly shop between now and then, so its not so painful doing it all in one go!!

I have never started in November before. Am getting organised in my old age! (Maybe)...

Made it to the gym

I finally managed to make it to the gym this evening. I didn't exactly do the most inspiring of workouts. I mean it wasn't exactly cave woman or worthy of my PT's seal of approval.

What it represented though was that first painful, tentative, and difficult toe back into the water. The first session back is always hard. Especially when you have a somewhat expanded girth about you!

I jogged a steady mile after a short walk to warm up. Then I did 100 cals on the cross trainer. 250 cals burned in total. It felt hard though. Things were moving that were most definitely not so wobbly and jiggly on previous sessions.

I can't complain though. I have stuffed my face thoroughly in recent weeks, and am showing the cost about my person!!

Not to worry though. I have made my return to the gym. Things can only get better.

My Week with the Foo Fighters begins today

Today is the first day of my week with the Foo Fighters. Pop back later when I choose my first song, and also post more about this great band.

Looking forward to it.

If you can't wait, you can check out loads more at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

Monday, 24 November 2014

Last chance - Parra for Cuva - my single of the week

Just one more day to check out this week's single of the week. Parra for Cuva with Wicked Games - check it out here.

Harry Brown on now - Channel 5

One of the best films ever. Harry Brown starring Michael Caine. Been on since 10, but you can catch the second half, and its still fantastic.

Venturing to the gym tomorrow - oh no!!

Its absolutely got to be done. No more putting it off. No more no more no more. It is the gym tomorrow.

I know its going to be hellish. I also know that putting it off is not going to make it any easier whatsoever. I need a serious dose of will power though, as am really battling with my own self to get there.

Any and every excuse is being deployed, but what am I really accomplishing by not going? The only person suffering is me - I cannot fit in my clothes, and I look crap. So, tomorrow it is :(

My Blog - what's happened this week

Taking a little look back over last week and its been another busy one.

Except for Sunday. Sunday was all about Lazy Sunday.  I was also compiling some Top 10s over on My Films Reviews page here.

I realised how close to Christmas it was, and chose a new single of the week - Parra for Cuva with the fabulous Wicked Games

I watched some great TV, listened to some great music.

I also looked back on my photos in a bid to inspire myself to get back into the gym.

Now its a whole new week. What will this week have in store? Come back soon to find out!! :)

Ant & Dec - the best bit of IACGMOOH!

Seriously, these 2 should be cloned and shipped to every country around the world. The cure for world peace for sure.

They are pure entertainment!!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lazy Sunday

I have decided to have a lazy Sunday. We usually have a list of things to do, places to go, and spend weekends charging about like something possessed.

Well not this Sunday. Even the other half is in agreement today, which is a first. We have done a few little chores - washing on, dishes etc.. but nothing on a grand scale.

Yes, jobs are still there to be done, but we hoovered and dusted all through yesterday, so everything is spotless. Anything else is more of the we want to do than we need to do, so it can wait.

Today, we are watching Homes Under the Hammer, drinking coffee and generally just chilling out.

I can't see many more of these days between now and Christmas happening - too much to do, too little time. So I am going to very much enjoy today whilst it lasts.

Don't forget my single of the week

Don't miss my single of the week from Parra for Cuva with Wicked Games.

My Top 10 film lists

I have Top 10 lists of my favourite films in each genre. Here they are:

Top 10 Dramas

Top 10 Actions

Top 10 Scary

Top 10 Spooky

Top 10 Sci-Fi

Top 10 Thrillers

Top 10 Family

32 sleeps until Christmas

32 sleeps until Christmas! How exciting. How nerve wracking!!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

John Lewis Christmas Penguin Ad

Oh how cute is this penguin!! John Lewis' new Christmas Ad is so adorable. The music is beautiful - Tom Odell - Real Love.

I have absolutely got to have a penguin for Christmas. (not a real one, that would be cruel).

If you haven't seen it, you can watch it by clicking here. Courtesy of John Lewis on Youtube. 

Gorgeous. :)

My Top 10 Drama's

Here are my Top 10 Dramas:

Number 1: Shawshank Redemption
Number 2: Pride & Prejudice
Number 3: The English Patient
Number 4: Gravity
Number 5: The Green Mile
Number 6: The Hurt Locker
Number 7: LA Confidential
Number 8: Gangs of New York
Number 9: Sleepers
Number 10: Silver Lining Playbook

My Top 10 Action Films

Here are my top 10 Action films:

Number 1: Die Hard (all of them)
Number 2: Mission Impossible (all of them!)
Number 3: Jaws
Number 4: Lethal Weapon
Number 5: The Transporter (all of them)
Number 6: Top Gun
Number 7: The Matrix
Number 8: Con Air
Number 9: Desperado
Number 10: Speed

My Top 10 Scary Films

Here are my Top 10 Scary Films:

Number 1: The Shining
Number 2: Salems Lot
Number 3: 28 Days Later
Number 4: Drag Me to Hell
Number 5: Insidious
Number 6: The Descent
Number 7: Carrie
Number 8: The Conjuring
Number 9: Paranormal Activity
Number 10: The Blair Witch

My Top 10 Sci-Fi Films

Here are my Top 10 Sci-Fi's:

Number 1: Iron Man
Number 2: X-Men
Number 3: Alien
Number 4: Harry Potter
Number 5: Pitch Black
Number 6: Terminator
Number 7: Star Wars
Number 8: Lord of the Rings
Number 9: Sunshine
Number 10: Oblivion

My Top 10 Thrillers

Here are my Top 10 Thrillers:

Number 1: Goodfellas
Number 2: Basic Instinct
Number 3: Taken
Number 4: Wanted
Number 5: Heat
Number 6: Casino
Number 7: Silence of the Lambs
Number 8 :Fatale Attraction
Number 9: Se7en
Number 10: The Usual Suspects

My Top 10 Family Films

Here we are then, my Top 10 Family Films:

In at number 1: The Goonies
Number 2: ET
Number 3: Toy Story
Number 4: Matilda
Number 5: Mrs Doubtfire
Number 6: Jurassic Park
Number 7: Big
Number 8: Mary Poppins
Number 9: Shrek
Number 10: Back to the Future

My top 10 films

I have posted a few reviews here on my blog but by no means are they my top 10!

So now, I shall post my top 10 films in each category. I find with films, some stay on your list, whereas others are a little shorter lived. You know what I mean - classics are always classics, but others make it on the list because I have seen them recently.

It might be fun to look back on my list 12 months from now and see if its changed. So without further ado, check out my top 10s.

Scary & Spooky Films

Scary / spooky Films:

Black Swan
Drag Me to Hell
Fright Night
Jeepers Creepers
Paranormal Activit
Salems Lot
Sleepy Hollow
The Blair Witch Project
The Conjuring
28 Days Later
World War Z

Action & Sci-Fi Films you must see


After Earth
Thor: the Dark World
Titanic - classic film
White House Down

Good Thrillers to Watch


Alex Cross
Basic Instinct
Consenting Adults
Jack Reacher
Sleeping with the Enemy
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Family Films to watch

Family Films:
Despicable Me 2
Jack and Jill
Oz The Great and Powerful
The LEGO movie
The Odd Life of Timothy Green


I need to get back to the gym back on my diet, and stop the rot. If I am not careful, I shall be big again. Am already heading that way.

Looking back through my pics, I have yo-yoed with my weight. I definitely look a million times better a slimmer self, than a larger self.

I want to get to goal. I need to remind myself how far I have come. I look better above though than the pyramid pic!! 

Its really hard though. I am not someone who enjoys exercise. I enjoy it when I've done it. I don't enjoy doing it!! 

Has to be done though. ! 

Busy weekend - again!!

Leaving do, family visits, housework, shopping - and its only 5.30pm on a Saturday. Good lord I am exhausted already!!

Finally sitting down and relaxing for half an hour before it all starts again!! Are you having a good weekend ?

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Almost the weekend, C'mon Friday!!

Its Thursday evening. Just one more get up and then its the weekend.

This weekend for us, its a leaving do first up. A man we have worked with is retiring after 30+ years. That's straight from work.

Then its picking up G from my mums before heading home. Saturday, my cousin is coming over to see our new house. So it will be all go getting fresh flowers, and primping and preening.

Sunday, we are off to choose a new carpet for the hall, stairs and landing.

Lots to do. What are your plans for the weekend?

Before and After (ish)

In August 2014 we went off on our hols to Tunisia. I was about one stone heavier than my goal weight. 

 Looking back to August, I wish I had enjoyed it more. I have piled weight on since. 

That said, I am nowhere near getting to this point again!! This was about 7 years ago when I was at my heaviest ever weight. 

I need to get back on my diet, as there is no way I can allow myself to get this big again. I need to be the after version of myself, not fast heading back to before !! 

Good reminder to myself of why I need to go to the gym, stop eating crap and cut out the wine. 

My Next Week with is.... The Foo Fighters!!

I have decided and my decision is - The Foo Fighters!!

Check back for an introduction to them, before we launch on our 7 days with this great American rock band. Excited!!! :)

All My Singles of the Week

Singles of the week:

Parra for Cuva - Wicked Games
Ben Howard - I Forget Where we Were
Charli XCX - Break the Rules
DJ Fresh feat. Ellie Goulding - Flashlight
The Magician - Sunlight (feat. Years and Years)
Meghan Tailor - all About That Bass
Ten Walls - Walking with Elephants
Calvin Harris & John Newman - Blame
Taylor Swift - Shake it Off
David Guetta - Lovers on the Sun
Saint Motel - My Type
Zhu - Faded
Milky Chance - Stolen Dance
Rixton - Me and My Broken Heart
Budapest - George Ezra
Little Mix - Salute
Lana Del Rey - West Coast
Indiana - Solo Dancing
Coldplay - Magic
Kaiser Chiefs - Coming Home
Katy Perry - Dark Horse feat Miley Cyrus - Feelin Myself
Vance Joy - Riptide
Gorgon City - Ready for your love (feat MNEK)
Clean Bandit - Rather Be (feat Jess Glynne)
Lorde - Royals - My Single of the Week
Happy - Pharell Williams .
Wilkinson - Afterglow
Sail by Awolnation

My Week with 1 - 17

17 Weeks of My Week with. Here are the great artists I have chosen so far. I do feel I know more about them now, and have really enjoyed listening to their output.

Week 17 - Justin Timberlake
Week 16 - Calvin Harris 
Week 15 - Madonna
Week 14 - Arctic Monkeys
Week 13 - REM
Week 12 - Coldplay
Week 11 - Britney
Week 10 - The Rolling Stones
Week 9 - Rihanna
Week 8 - Robbie Williams
Week 7 - Kings of Leon
Week 6 - Pink
Week 5 - Take That
Week 4 - Beyonce
Week 3 - Oasis
Week 2 - Stereophonics
Week 1 - Blondie

Stay tuned for who is next.

What I'm Watching this Week

There is some great TV on at the moment, plus boxsets - just how do you find the time to go out when there are so many reasons to stay in?

This week I am watching:

  • The Leftovers. I am behind on my Leftovers, and am just now on Episode 6. Its as intriguing and strange as ever. This episode has begun with an investigator paying to be shot in the chest. Still not so much about those that disappeared as those left behind. Justin Theroux is as brooding and dark as ever, and the cult 'The Guilty Remnant' become ever more bizarre. I am yet to work out just exactly what is going on, but its really captivating in its weirdness. Few more episodes to catch up on with this one. 
  • The Missing. Episode 4 of 8. James Nesbitt is so excellent in this dark story of a missing child. As the father of the missing boy, he is beginning to be revealed as not so whiter than white. The plot flits back to the time of the incident, and back to now as he struggles to find fresh leads. However, a significant development is playing out, as footage from a neighbour filming a football event has shown his son at the window of the house opposite before a male is seen pulling him away. Now a white van has been caught on camera at the house too, leading to further lines of enquiry for the politically manoeuvred low key investigation. Various characters seem shady and its anyone's guess who done it. 
  • Coronation Street. Watching Steve McDonald going through some mental health issues - aka midlife crisis in the form of a totally impractical car, making cocktails instead of working his shift and generally behaving oddly is compelling viewing. Not so much Gail and her who could care less storyline which is a tad cloying. However the departure of Peter, Gary's shenanigans and Tracy post Rob, are more than enough to make up for it. 
  • Lost. Now well into Series 3. We have the others, secret hatches, and nearly all the characters having some link to one another. Such a complicated plot line, but am hanging in there. Sawyer and Kate's relationship is developing into something real, but as Kate tries to convince him to help her find Jack, the strain is palpable. Very sinister, but really enjoying it. Especially the camper van driving through the rain forest courtesy of Hurley. 
  • I'm a Celeb. Goodness me. 4 days in and 2 celebs gone already. Gemma Collins is just utterly talentless. Who goes into the jungle and thinks they are going to get a ham sandwich? I mean did she not watch the programme before agreeing to go on it? Then the sad news about Craig Charles departure. That is really sad - Gemma should hang her head in shame for being such a diva. The best part, as always, is Ant and Dec. 
I'm also beyond excited to keep seeing the trailer for Broadchurch which returns in the New Year. Can't wait for that one. 

Don't miss my Single of the Week

My single of the week this week is Wicked Games by Parra for Cuva. Check it out and let me know what you think.  Happy listening :)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Who shall I spend my next week with?

It is that time again. Decision time. Last week it was the fabulous Justin Timberlake. Now how do I follow that?

I'm trying to decide who it will be and there is just so much choice!! Do I go for a bit of rock royalty? Foo Fighters maybe? Or vintage - The Beatles or glam rock Bowie? Or Queen?

Maybe a bit old school - Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston or perhaps Sir Elton?

Then again, I quite fancy The Who or ACDC, or maybe some 70's style - ABBA or Kate Bush.

I absolutely love U2, but then there is Eminem, Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, and a bit of a fav of mine, Mr George Michael.

But I could go poptastic with Lady Gaga or Katy Perry? The Spice Girls or Bananarama?

Its so hard to decide. I will make my mind up - soon!!

Back into my comping!

After a pause in proceedings, I am now happily ensconced once again in my comping hobby. You may well have spotted a few shared here on my blog.

I shall keep them relevant to the topics I post about - travel, music or home and beauty, but do feel free to have a little go yourselves.

Let me know if you get lucky :)

20K milestone - thank you x

Well, I have reached a lovely milestone. 20,000 views of my little blog. I'm very impressed and want to say a huge thankyou to all of you who have taken the time to have a little look.

20K!. Wow. I am now up to 68 google + followers, which is also lovely. Again, thank you.

From small acorns to mighty oaks grow. I do enjoy writing about life, music and lots of things that interest me, but its nice to know a few of you out there are enjoying it with me.

Onwards and upwards, and thanks again! x

My Single of the Week - Parra for Cuva - Wicked Games

My single of the Week for this week is the haunting 'Wicked Games' by Parra for Cuva featuring Anna Naklab.

This is of course a cover version of the well known original 'Wicked Game' by Chris Isaak back in 1990. As cover versions go though, its rare that the cover beats the original hands down, but such is the case here - note the subtle title change to games plural.

This was released in the UK singles chart around the end of October, although depending on the chart, the date seems to vary which is a little odd not that it matters much - its a beautiful record regardless when it actually was officially released!!

The clue is in the title with this one - its haunting, its beautiful, but it is absolutely not a love song. 'I don't want to fall in love". Which leads me onto the video. On the face of it, its two children, playing together, then growing up to be in love with one another. If you look closely though, the little boy is playing wicked games - first monopoly, then adult version of wicked games. Watch it, and see if you can spot it. Tut.

Perfectly matches the song though - seemingly innocent, but no such thing under the surface. I have never heard of Parra for Cuva, or indeed featured artisit Anna Naklab, but I can say this is a wonderfully skilled output for an unknown (to me).

From what I can establish, Parra for Cuva is a German Producer. Its all gorgeous guitar and Anna's breathtaking vocals. Its the sort of song you can play over and over again. Seems to have been around quite a while before its release date, as I first heard this some months back, but it still sounds as mesmerising. I don't seem to get tired of this at all.

This is a truly beautiful song, with a quirky darker edge, and does credit to the original. Go take a listen, and drop me a comment to let me know what you think.

You can check out more singles and music over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening. :)

(video published on youtube by Spinnin' Records)

My week being trained - like I have been unleashed!

This week I have been sent on training in readiness for my new job. I have to say its unleashed an enthusiasm for life and work that I had actually forgotten I had in me!!

I used to feel limitless, I used to be really undeterred and unfazed by life, although perhaps a little reckless on occasion. 

However, over the last few years I have felt a little flat. Now I feel revved up and ready to go. This is excellent news, as usually, when I feel this way, I start to really focus on all aspects of my life, as feeling positive is contagious. 

Not sure if this was the intended outcome of my training, but I am very pleased! 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My Week with Justin Timberlake is over

Its been a longer week with Justin Timberlake than planned as I got delayed due to moving house and my laptop konking out on me, but finally, the week is over. 7 days, 7 songs, and now to decide which of my 7 is in the top spot.

Here we go then:

In at number 1 it is : Sexy Back
Number 2: Take Back the Night
Number 3: Cry Me a River
Number 4: 4 minutes
Number 5: Mirrors
Number 6: Holy Grail
Number 7: Rock Your Body

My top choice is of course the fabulous Sexy Back. You can see the reviews by clicking on the links for each  one. It was hard to choose, as I actually do think JT is fab, and I love all 7 tracks this week.

But now its all over. The big question now is - who is next? Check back to find out, but in the meantime, you can find all my previous choices over at My Music page here. Happy listening :)

Back on form

Its been a few weeks, but I finally feel like I am back on track. I have been very organised in some regards, and utterly like a crazy chicken in others!!

That's me all over. I can't be middle of the road - its all or nothing!!

Tonight I am home early, and am taking the chance to get everything back under control. Sort my pennies, organise my to do list and feel more like I know what's happening.

That's the plan anyway. Here goes.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Very tired at the moment :(

I think its the after effect of it all. What a few weeks I have had! I have pushed myself so hard, and now I am flagging.

I am just so very very tired. Mentally, I feel like I am operating in a fog. My mind is so full of things to do that I can barely see the wood for the trees!!

Physically, it was hard work doing the move, and at one point I had bruises everywhere from corners on boxes, door handles - you name it, I banged it.

I have aches and pains, and I have piled weight on which is adding to the problem.

It was worth it, but boy am I tired. The worst is still to come too as I have to get back into the exercise and get my body back in shape.

Right now though, I just want to sleep. Zzzzz. Night night. :)

My Week with Justin Timberlake Day Seven - 4 Minutes

Day Seven of My Week with Justin Timberlake and for my final choice its '4 Minutes'.

Technically, this is a Madonna track, but it heavily features Justin Timberlake, so I wanted to include it in my week with JT. Its a fabulous song, and these two icons together is, in my humble opinion, pretty spectacular.

Its taken from Madge's album Hard Candy and was released in 2008. As well as JT, it also features Timbaland. JT is more of a duet than a featuring, as he is in it just as much as Madonna.

The basic gist seems to be about saving the world, "4 minutes to save the world" to be exact, but its not downbeat. Its a dance track and a positive one at that - kind of urgent and buzzing. Its got a real thumping bass to it, and a kind of stomping rhythm.

Madonna and Justin's vocals work really well together, and this is a slick, well produced track. Its also got loads of electronic bleeps and sounds, plus Timbaland resulting in a really unique sound.

Not surprising that this hit the top spot in the UK singles chart - Madonna's 13th. Not long after this, Justin took a break from music to pursue his acting career.

The video starts with Timbaland, then Madonna and JT appear. They both look amazing as they climb out of windows, in, out and over cars as they run. They show some impressive dance moves together, and its as good visually as it is musically.

I really like how they add "tick tock tick tock tick tock" adding a bit of drama. Brilliant track, which brings these two megastars together.

And that's it. My last song from JT on my week with him. Let me know what you think. You can check out my previous choices over at My Music page by clicking here. Happy listening :)

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Weekends go so fast!

Already it is Sunday!! Just wanted to quickly post on where we are. 

So, I finished Gone Girl. Review coming - just this to say - fab. such a great read, no wonder its a great film. 

Need to tell you all about the new place, and share some gorgeous views!!

One more song with JT before I choose my next week with. 

Need to choose a single of the week. 

Nothing on the exercise front - am fast gaining weight. Loving every minute!!

So many things to talk about, so little time, such is life. Happy happy happy! x

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Ben Haenow on X Factor. Wow, just wow.

Cry me a River is the most fabulous song anyway, and I already love it. But dear god this boy has given it a sexiness, a rawness that's made me tingle a bit!!

Wow, just wow.

My Week with Justin Timberlake Day Six - Take Back the Night

Day Six of My Week with Justin Timberlake and today it is 'Take Back the Night'.

Take Back the Night was released in 2013, and it was from his album of the same year, The 20/20 Experience - 2 of 2.

This track wasn't one of JT's highest charting, but its one of my personal favourites, hence choosing it for my week with JT. It reached a modest 22 in the UK charts.

This is a laid back, R&B, kind of Michael Jackson style number. Its classic Justin - just enough funk and sass to make it fun and not dull. His vocals would do credit to MJ - effortless, with just a little swagger. It could easily be overdone, but his stylish coolness makes it work.

The video is the same as the song makes you imagine. Justin looking stylish, effortlessly cool and just plain cool. He dances on the street, he goes to a club - he looks sexy, he sounds sexy.

Yes, this was a modest hit. Yes, its not new, its not ground breaking, it sounds like what it is - a JT song. Is that a bad thing? No, of course its not. Sometimes, its ok to just be who you are and give us what we expect.

I love this track. Let me know what you think. One more track to go and then our week with the lovely Justin Timberlake will be over.

You can check out my previous choices by clicking here to find them and loads more at My Music page. Happy listening :)

Relaxing on a Saturday evening

Its my second Saturday in my lovely new house. Last Saturday, we had the family over, which was lovely. It was also packed full of rushing around, finishing decorating, cleaning, shopping then the famile arrived.

Then there was stuff all over, I wasn't relaxed as such, as though I love them to bits, I was conscious of the stuff. its weird - its like I've been reincarnated as a cleaning obsessive. Everything has a place and everything in its place and all that!!

So imagine the stress of mess so soon in. I got used to it, but this Saturday is just us. Me, my man and little G. We are staying in and just enjoying our home. (Plus its cold and misty out there!).

I shall shortly indulge in a tipple or two. I am feeling happy and content. x

Friday, 14 November 2014

Left my job today :)

It was my last day at work today. 2 weeks of training now beckon, then the new job starts 1st December.

What an emotional few weeks. Moving house and changing job - I do not do things by half !!

Pinot is helping. Much. :)

This week on the Eternal Hopeful

This coming week we shall be:

  • watching some great TV
  • finishing My Week with Justin Timberlake
  • Choosing my new Single of the Week
  • Setting foot back in the gym
  • Updating you on the new house
  • Planning for the future
  • Getting the first tentative steps ready for Christmas

Children in Need

Oh my goodness. Literally had this on for seven whole minutes before it made me cry!!

I have already donated £12, so not like I don't support it, I just struggle watching these gorgeous little kids being ill. Life just isn't fair for these little ducks to suffer so much. 

Really gets to me, but make sure you donate!! 

My adventure continues - my last day today

I start a new job from Monday (although I have 2 weeks training first) so today is my last day with my lovely team.

We did presents and cards yesterday, so today is the clear out. Just over 3 years of stuff to sort through. No mean task!!

Mixed emotions. Excited, nervous, sad and happy. :)

Thursday, 13 November 2014

+1 issues - sharing them again :)

All my older posts seem to have lost their +1s. I've had to reshare them to my google + page, so bear with me !!

The joys of IT !

Yay - my laptop is fixed :)

So its back to me, all fixed again, I hope. Second time lucky.

Sorry for the delay - I shall crack on with the usual from tomorrow - finish my week with JT, what i'm watching, a new single of the week and all the usual fun.

Its been frustrating. Back to normal - almost :)

Thursday, 6 November 2014

No laptop -again!

Service should have returned to normal by now. Sky was set up yesterday and the internet is up and running. I opened my laptop only to find its died again.

It tries to start, fans kick in, then a click and a black screen. It's only 4 weeks since it came back supposedly repaired. Same exact issue. So it's been sent off again meaning I am sans laptop again. Pah :(

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

NPower messed my bill up -again!!

Honestly I despair. I logged in to change my address and give my final meter readings. Imagine my surprise when I see a whopping £569 added to my account for no reason I can establish!

Then they have billed me today advising that my monthly dd will increase from £115 to £242 per month!

This is a long story going back to May when they first messed up and continuing since despite several calls and emails!!

Very annoyed and whilst I was going to transfer property I now just want to close my account. Not happy. :(

Have you missed me? X

Hello lovelies. It's been an eventful few days! We are now moved in to our new house and almost unpacked!!

I will fill you in on the fun soon. Just tried kick my laptop in but it won't start so looks like that's off to the laptop repairs -again!

At least I have my sky tv and wifi working! One step forwards. It's been quite an adventure and it's not over yet!!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Going AWOL for a few days :(

Hello lovely peeps. I'm moving tomorrow, which means I have no internet for a couple of days.

It switches off here tomorrow, and is being set up on Wednesday. However, if last time is anything to go by, we had 2 weeks with no TV or internet.

Fingers crossed its only 2 days this time. Don't forget about me!!! :)

My last night in the house :)

Tonight is the very last night I will stay in this house. Its been a long journey. 

I decided to sell up, and it happened quicker than I expected. Cue scrambling around for somewhere. Nowhere at that time that I wanted to buy. So we decided to rent. 

That was harder that expected too. But we found this place. It was lovely, we loved it - then. Now though, we know different. 

But tonight, is the end. 14 months later. I cannot wait until tomorrow night. 

Painting, manual labour and cleaning

Today has been a marathon. Cleaning the new house, moving more stuff from the old house, doing job.

My fingers are sore, my hands raw from bleach, my body aching. How do I feel? Great. I love this house!!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Don't forget to check out My Single of the Week from Ben Howard

Just click here to check out my single of the week choice for this week from the fabulous Ben Howard.

Just click here. :)

Louis Spence beats The Chaser!

Shame on you Shaun, beaten by Louis Spence!!! What a funny guy Louis  is, genuinely loving him.

He's energetic, mad as a hatter, and pure entertainment. Yes, he is flamboyant, over the top and very theatrical, but that's just him. Brilliant, just brilliant on The Chase. :)

C'mon Louis!!

He's beating the Chaser!! C'mon Louis!! Sean Wallace - you will never show your face again if he gets through!!

Louis Spence on the Chase - Fabulous!!

Oh my lord - whoever thought of asking Louis Spence to be on The Chase is a genius!

I have never seen anyone dance during the cash builder, warm up before starting, and keep twirling. Proper made me laugh out loud.

I hope he beats the Chaser!! :)

Up and at them for another day of manual handling :)

Up early and raring to go - this is a first for me. I am not a morning person, not at all.

This morning, I set the alarm and was wide awake before it even went off. Another day of manual handling is beckoning.

I am thoroughly enjoying it though, whereas last time, it was an ordeal.

Off to load up the car now. Happy days :)

Worked so hard today

I am tired and aching and satisfied. I have worked very hard today.  The days ahead are full of labour, but because its for the house, the lovely new house, I do not mind one bit :)