Saturday, 28 September 2019

Reasons to Diet #25 - I want to be in control

Number 25:

Reason 25 for sticking to the diet is that I want to be in control and not my body. My mind needs to rule, not my hunger or cravings.

This is the problem - I get the strongest desire to eat crap and drink wine. Or a lovely cold beer and a burger, or crisps, or cheese or cake. Its never good stuff. I give in and then I enjoy it for a few minutes, and then within minutes, I am feeling fat and horrible, and the impact lasts for days.

I am tired of being ruled by cravings for fatty foods and I want to be in control. The longer I stick to the plan, the more I form new habits to replace the unhealthy ones and the better I feel mentally because then I am in the driving seat and in control.

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