Monday, 23 September 2019

Reasons to Diet #20 - Scales have not dropped

Number 20:

Today's first reason to stick to my diet is that the scales have not dropped much on recent weigh ins. It makes me really fed up. Sometimes, the weight staring back at me is so harsh, that it puts me in a bad mood for the day.

Sometimes it doesn't bother me what I weigh, as sometimes I can block it out. Then I weigh in and see it, and realise I have been kidding myself that I have been dieting, kind of half halfheartedly trying instead of really trying, but the scales do not lie.

When the scales have dropped, it feels great. When they haven't, for any reason - sometimes it just doesn't budge when I have really tried, its a horrible feeling. My reason to diet is that I want the scales to drop so that I can get that good feeling, instead of the scales not dropping and how that makes me feel. 

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