Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Reasons to Diet #22 - Fed up of being fed up

Number 22: 

This reason for sticking to my diet is because I am fed up of being fed up about my weight and my body. I go on a diet, lose a bit, go on holiday or to the wedding - whatever the event that prompted the weight loss.

I pile it on again, and it all starts all over again. I never maintain - I only ever lose or gain. The more fed up I get, the harder I try, but then when I get to the end of the path, I go overboard everytime. I put it on and I feel fed up. I eat what I want, but then I feel fed up when I am fat.

So, that's reason number 22 - I do not want to be fed up about this anymore. It is just ridiculous and it has to stop.

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