Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Reasons to Diet #21 - I Want to go to Posh Restaurants

Number 21:

Reasons to diet 21 - I want to go to posh restaurants!!

What I mean is, that I want to get dressed up in glamorous clothes looking amazing and go out to posh restaurants. I do go out, to lovely places, but I always feel frumpy.

I end up overeating- starters, mains and puddings, washed down with wine. Calorific? Hell yes. Taste good? Damn right!!

The problem is the getting ready and how I feel about me. I want to look nice, to feel confident. I do not want to look like the person who orders everything on the menu!! I want to be that person that people look at eating a three course meal thinking where does she put it, rather than blimey she should rein it in a bit!!

So that is today's reason, so that one day, I will look like the person I want to be :)

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